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Academic Scheduling

The mission of the office of Academic Scheduling is to provide optimum scheduling of courses in all delivery formats to serve the needs of a diverse population of students. A major component of this mission is to improve the methods by which we inventory our courses and programs and to make the scheduling and inventory of these programs and courses available to the community in both printed and online formats.

Instructional Method

To search the instructional method (how a class is taught) for your class please use the Browse Classes feature in the Registration section in the Pace Portal. Continue to search frequently for any changes.

Instructional Modality Definitions

  • On-campus (ONCMP): Course is taught with only traditional in-person, on-campus class meetings. Allocation of classroom space is prioritized for programs that require the use of on-campus equipment (e.g., College of Health Professions, STEM labs) or in-person pedagogy.
  • Web-assisted (WA): Course is taught with both on-campus sessions and online components.
  • HyFlex or Hybrid-Flex (HYFLX): Course is taught in a combined approach with some physical, on-campus participation and some remote Zoom participation. Instructors work with students to determine the attendance location. Visit the Hyflex website for more information.
  • Online: Course is delivered fully remotely with no on-campus components. Courses may be:
    • Asynchronous (ASYNC): Course is taught online with students participating at their own times. There will be assignments, quizzes/tests, projects and/or discussions that students have the flexibility to complete within a set period each week.
    • Synchronous (SYNC): Course is taught online in real time using Zoom. Students will be required to participate at set times from their own home/residence hall or remote location.
    • Mixed (MIXAS): Course is taught using a combination of real-time Zoom sessions and self-paced or asynchronous activities.

For Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) purposes:

HyFlex is not considered to be an in-person modality, and Web-assisted can be considered an in-person modality if (1) the section meets at least 50% in-person, (2) instructors make the attendance policy clear in their syllabi, and (3) attendance is formally taken (Qwickly Attendance via Brightspace is acceptable).

Final Exam Announcement

All final exams are scheduled for the last day of class, during regular class time, in its assigned classroom. However, please confirm the final exam information with the instructor of each class. For additional information, please visit the Final Exam Schedule.

Late Start Dates

Visit the Late Start Dates webpage for information on upcoming semesters.

Contact Us

Please submit a Help Desk Ticket through the Academic Scheduling queue for assistance.