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CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS)

Scheduling Course Sections with CLSS

CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) is an academic course section scheduling tool by Leapfrog Technologies (CourseLeaf) that the University now uses to plan and schedule sections of courses for an upcoming semester. It streamlines the class schedule maintenance process while assisting with the planning, developing, and updating of the class schedule. CLSS provides schools and departments an intuitive path to manage the section creation process from beginning to end.

Benefits of CLSS:

  • Improved workflow: Send and obtain approvals quicker
  • Manages instructor workload / prevents double-booking
  • Visualization of conflicts for instructors and classrooms
  • Full integration with Banner
  • Enforcement institutional schedule rules
  • Improved reporting functionality
  • Reduction of data entry errors


Please note: CLSS is for academic staff use only. Access must be approved by a Department Chairperson or school/college Associate Dean.