Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA)

Pace University recognizes that adults often come to school with a great deal of experience and knowledge gained outside of a formal academic setting. Students interested in exploring the possibility of earning college credit for that knowledge should meet with an Adult and Continuing Education adviser to explore the options available. When an adviser determines that a student may be eligible for experiential credit, the student will be encouraged to enroll in prior learning assessment course (INT 196B). This course will guide the student through the process of writing a portfolio that will be submitted for evaluation to the appropriate academic departments. A faculty evaluator reviews the portfolio and, if college-level learning is demonstrated, approves the granting of credits. Credits earned through portfolio assessment are entered on a student's transcripts as transfer credit. Students must be enrolled in a degree program; up to 36 credits may be applied to the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Science in Professional Computer Studies, and Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Studies. Students may also apply up to 15 prior learning assessment credits to the other bachelor's degrees with permission of the advisers of the school in which the degree is offered. The portfolio process may not be completed once the student has obtained 96 credits toward a degree. Pace University also accepts selected CLEP exam credits and Military Guide to Educational Credits, Directory of the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction, and Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.