Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Filing a Complaint About the University

For all types of complaints concerning the University, the first course of action is to attempt to resolve the complaint directly with the University administrative office responsible for handling the complaint. The University makes every effort to resolve student complaints using the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to review the Policies and Procedures page of the Student Handbook for information regarding the resolution of complaints and issues.

The Student Grievance Procedure, details the procedure for issues related to programs, facilities, services and student relations.

The Sexual and Interpersonal Wellness Policies and Procedures page, contains links to the:

Additionally, students are encouraged to contact the below listed offices to address inquiries and resolve complaints:

The New York State Education Department (NYSED), which oversees higher education in New York State, requires all Universities to offer a procedure for resolution of complaints that have not been resolved satisfactorily internally (within the University). View the NYSED’s complaint process.