Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Smoking Policy

Pace University is committed to the improvement of the health and safety of students and employees. Smoking is not permitted in any building, shelter, indoor and outdoor athletic facility, indoor and outdoor seating area including and not limited to athletic fields, at open-air presentations or performances, outdoor dining areas, and University owned or operated transportation.

Pace University prohibits smoking or carrying of any ignited tobacco containing products, within a 50 foot perimeter, to all facilities owned, operated or leased by Pace University, at any University-sponsored event or program, or in any vehicle owned, operated or leased by Pace University.

Anyone who exercises their rights, or attempts to exercise their rights, pursuant to this Smoke-Free Policy, shall not be retaliated against by Pace University.

For faculty and staff, complaints concerning violations of this policy should be directed to the Employee Relations department in the Division of Human Resources. For students, complaints concerning violation of this policy should be directed to the Dean for Students. Complaints about smoking in Residence Halls should be directed to the Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Director in that building.

Compliance with the smoke-free workplace policy is mandated for all employees and persons visiting the University, and is not negotiable. Anyone who violates this policy is subject to discipline in accordance with the applicable disciplinary procedure.

All deans, directors, chairs, and department heads are responsible to enforce this Smoke-Free Policy and apply existing disciplinary policies as appropriate.