Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Policy Governing Occasional Drivers of University Vehicles

This policy has been adopted to ensure that occasional drivers of University vehicles (refers to all vehicles that are owned, rented, leased, or borrowed for use by the University) are adequately qualified and trained, and follow proper procedures. The policy is designed with the ultimate goal of adequately protecting the safety of drivers and passengers of University vehicles. All University employees and students who occasionally drive University vehicles for University business, events or activities are subject to this policy. This policy does not apply to University employees or contract employees that drive University vehicles as a major function of their job responsibilities, such as those employees working for the Pace Transportation Department.

All students seeking to drive University vehicles must apply through and be accepted by the Pace Transportation Department. The application and approval process requires that the student sign a statement that they have read, understood and agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions set forth in this policy, including: minimum eligibility requirements for driver authorization; administration of policy; rules and regulations for vehicle use; and accident/moving violations reporting and investigation. Students who violate this policy subject themselves to withdrawal of privileges under the policy and possible disciplinary action. The full text of this policy can be found on the Pace University Transportation website.