Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Introduction and General Information


You have joined a vibrant, engaging academic community in which intellectual, personal, and interpersonal goals for students are fostered and maintained in formal study, campus life, and community service.

At Pace, you will have many opportunities for personal growth in nonacademic workshops and discussions with faculty and staff members about how to manage your own obligations and needs. If personal problems occur, counselors are available to help.

Your goals may include building leadership skills and becoming more self-confident, assertive, resourceful, creative, and understanding about opinions and values of others. You will be supported in reaching these goals by a vast campus network that includes various student-run organizations and activities, public-service opportunities, fraternities and sororities, as well as athletics, recreational, and residential life programs.

Because Pace's admirable student body is socially, ethnically, and racially more diverse than the student population at many other universities, you can participate in a broad range of multicultural experiences that will help you learn to live and work with people whose backgrounds are different from yours.

We are delighted that you have chosen to attend Pace University. The Student Affairs staff looks forward to getting to know you.

With a warm welcome,

Todd M. Smith-Bergollo
Senior Associate Dean for Students, NYC

Alerie Tirsch
Associate Dean for Students, Pleasantville