Two pace students in One Pace Plaza

Student Theater

Plays, concerts, and performances by professionals and amateurs are an important part of the cultural life at Pace University and each campus has its own facility.

Located in lower Manhattan, Pace's highly regarded Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts theater features the award-winning "Inside the Actors Studio," presentations by Pace students and by nationally known dance, musical, and drama groups. The Schimmel Center is also the site of lectures by prominent figures in the arts, government, and business, and houses an art gallery that features exhibitions by established and emerging artists. Smaller performances are frequently performed at the Schaeberle Studio Theater, a 72-seat lab theater located at 41 Park Row.

In Pleasantville, the Willcox Hall auditorium/gymnasium is used for staging concerts, dances, lectures, and plays.

In Briarcliff, the auditorium in Woodward Hall is used by the theater department and theater clubs for stage productions and movie nights. Inside the Actors Studio, BRAVO Network Beginning fall 2005, the BRAVO Network will begin broadcasting the award-winning series "Inside the Actors Studio" from Pace’s Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts. Theater majors will have the opportunity to attend tapings and participate in question and answer sessions with guests.

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