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Pace University Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology

The Pace University Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology (I.T.) is posted on the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) web page. Information Technology (I.T.) at Pace University encompasses the use of all campus computing, networking (data, voice, and video), document services, educational media, and management information systems technologies. These I.T. resources support the instructional, research, and administrative activities of the University.

Users of these services and facilities have access to valuable University resources, to sensitive data and to external networks. Consequently, it is important for all users to behave in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner. In general, appropriate use means understanding the intended use for Pace I.T. (and making certain that your use complies), respecting the rights of other Pace information technology users, maintaining the integrity of the physical facilities, and obeying all pertinent license and contractual agreements.

It is the responsibility of each Pace student to read and abide by the terms of the Appropriate Use Policy for I.T.