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The Passionate Educator, my pace path, student profile, Rachel Vetterman

The Passionate Educator

Rachel Vetterman ’22 transferred to Pace to pursue a combined degree: a BA in Childhood Education and an MSEd in Special Education. She’s passionate about supporting all the students she’s worked with, but it was one moment on the job that really changed her perspective.
10/19/2020 • 10:26am
The Vice President, my pace path, student profile, Gabriela Wojcik

The Vice President

Gabriela Wojcik ’21 is a first-gen American who transferred to Pace eager to explore all the opportunities her Communication Studies major offered. She’s the current vice president of Tau Sigma, and she hopes to guide other transfer students, too.
10/16/2020 • 6:22pm
 Talking Points with Richard Schiff

Talking Points with Richard Schiff

On Tuesday, October 20, Emmy Award-winning actor and political activist Richard Schiff will talk all things politics with Pace President Marvin Krislov. Schiff will also discuss his role in the hit drama series The West Wing, and how life often imitates art.
10/16/2020 • 3:29pm
Brown Bag Lunch with Provost

Brown Bag Lunch with the Provost

Join Pace Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD, and Interim University Dean for Students Rachel Carpenter for a working lunch! They’ll be networking on Monday, October 19 (NYC Campus), and Wednesday, October 21 (PLV Campus). Come snack and chat.
10/16/2020 • 3:23pm
LGBTQA+ October Workshops

LGBTQA+ October 2020 Workshops

On Thursday, October 22, and Thursday, October 29, the LGBTQA+ Center will be hosting inclusivity and allyship workshops exclusively for Pace students! Join in the discussion.
10/16/2020 • 3:13pm
FTVC 2020 Film Fest

FTVC 2020 Film Fest

You’re invited on Friday, October 16, to view three short films by the Acting for Film, Television, Voice-overs, and Commercials Class of 2020! Join them for this special screening of their work and enjoy a few great flicks while you’re at it. This event is not to be missed.
10/12/2020 • 12:12pm
The Coding Finalists, The Coding Champions, my pace path, student profile,

The Coding Champions

These four Pace students just won IBM’s Call for Code 2020 challenge. How did they make it big? What does it take to reach the finish line? And how did they manage to coordinate with a 12-hour time difference between them? They’ll tell you!
10/12/2020 • 11:50am
A Conversation with H. Holden Thorp

A Conversation with H. Holden Thorp

Join H. Holden Thorp, PhD, on Tuesday, October 27, for a discussion on his experience as an editor, author, and expert on higher ed. He will be sharing his important research as well as facilitating a discussion to learn more. You won’t want to miss it!
10/12/2020 • 11:45am

PaceSafe App Contest

Calling all Pace students: Want a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card? Complete the daily health screening questionnaire on the PaceSafe mobile app every day for 14 days straight and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.
10/09/2020 • 3:05pm
Virtually Visit Haub Law: Fall 2020

Virtually Visit Haub Law: Fall 2020

Thinking about law school? Haub Law is currently offering virtual campus tours and information sessions to answer all your questions like how to apply, what to expect, and much more. You’ve got this.
10/08/2020 • 2:14pm
Virtual Poetry Festival 2020

Virtual Poetry Festival 2020

Craft talks. Writing workshops. Poetry readings. Starting Friday, October 23, this two-day virtual poetry festival will be jam-packed with events for you to attend and flex your creativity. Get inspired!
10/08/2020 • 2:11pm
Diverse Career Paths in Investment Banking

Diverse Career Paths in Investment Banking

On Wednesday, October 21, you’re invited to sit in on a panel discussion with three Pace alumni who are top executives at JP Morgan. Learn more about their unique career paths and what’s available at one of the largest and best financial service companies in the world.
10/08/2020 • 2:08pm
Mental Health During COVID-19

Mental Health During COVID-19

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during periods of high stress. That’s why, with the help of the Counseling Centers, we’ve put together a quick list of self-care tips and resources to make each day more manageable. We’re here for you!
10/08/2020 • 11:36am
2020 Social Justice Week Events

2020 Social Justice Week Events

You called and we answered: on Monday, October 26, Pace will play host to a week-long lineup of social justice events curated by and for the Pace Community. From talks to workshops to much more, you’re invited to help us foster advocacy on-campus.
10/08/2020 • 11:11am
Diversity Campus Climate Survey

Diversity Campus Climate Survey

We are well underway in our work toward creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for everyone at Pace. Take part in this necessary work by letting your voice and your unique experiences be heard in this 100% anonymous survey.
10/08/2020 • 11:08am
The Digital Journalist, my pace path, student profile, Jj Perdido

The Digital Journalist

You’ve probably heard the name Jj Perdido ’23. He’s a long-time writer and current sports editor for the Pace Chronicle, an Orientation Leader, an Alpha Chi Rho brother, and a first-gen mentor—to name only a few roles he’s held. This wordsmith has some wise words to share!
10/02/2020 • 7:20pm
Celebrating Justice Virtual Event

Celebrating Justice Virtual Event

Join us virtually on Thursday, October 8, to celebrate the necessary and transformative work of the Pace Women’s Justice Center (PWJC), a free legal service to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. Through outreach and training, PWJC saves lives and effects change.
10/02/2020 • 3:12pm
Job Alert: Associated Press

Job Alert: Associated Press

The Associated Press is offering a unique (and paid!) opportunity to work with their team during the 2020 General Election. Training starts Monday, October 19, so apply now!
10/02/2020 • 2:18pm
Alumni Entrepreneur Series

Alumni Entrepreneur Series

Throughout Fall 2020, you’ll get the chance to meet a few incredible recent Pace graduates who have gone on to launch their own robust businesses and take their respective industries by storm. Find out more about how they leveraged their Pace degree and see where your Pace Path might take you!
10/02/2020 • 2:15pm
Race for Pace: Setter Virtual 5K

Setter Virtual 5K and Fun Run

Join us virtually for a good cause! Friday, October 16, through Sunday, October 25, the Pace Community will unite for a 5K run from our respective sidewalks, treadmills, hiking trails, or otherwise. It’s a great way to stay connected while we can’t be together. Are you in?
10/02/2020 • 2:06pm
Fight the Flu 2020

Fight the Flu 2020

It’s flu season, and now more than ever, we each have a responsibility to keep our community safe by taking a few necessary precautions to prevent the spread of influenza virus. Read on for tips and information about how to get your flu vaccine!
10/02/2020 • 2:03pm
Career Services Roundup: October 2020

Career Services Roundup: October 2020

Virtual career fairs. Interview and resume workshops. Employer spotlight sessions. Networking opportunities. What will your next opportunity be? Find out with Career Services’ invaluable connections this semester.
10/02/2020 • 10:24am
Events Roundup: October 2020

Events Roundup: October 2020

Black health matters writing session. Debunking LGBTQA+ coming out myths. Talks on voter suppression. Dating and domestic violence workshops. Love in the Time of Corona. Pace students have a lot to say. Will you join in the discussion?
10/02/2020 • 9:59am
Celebration of Dean Marijo Russell-O’Grady

Celebration of Dean Marijo

For more than 22 years, Dean Marijo was crucial to the development of a student-centered culture at Pace. We invite you to a virtual celebration of her life on Sunday, October 11.
10/02/2020 • 9:51am
CCAR 2020 Election Events

CCAR 2020 Election Events

Voting matters. It's time to make your voice heard. Get involved in the 2020 Election and make a difference with the Center for Community Action and Research through workshops, watch parties, info sessions, and so much more.
10/01/2020 • 9:12pm
The Behavior Analyst, my pace path, student profile, Mikayla Martin

The Behavior Analyst

Mikayla Martin ’23 is a passionate advocate for destigmatizing mental health. She wants to leverage her experience and empathy by becoming a licensed behavior analyst, and to help as many people as possible. Little known fact: did you know she was born in Germany?
09/25/2020 • 4:22pm
Transfer Student Appreciation Week

Transfer Student Appreciation Week 2020

Starting Monday, October 19, we’re kicking off National Transfer Appreciation week with both virtual and socially distanced events. From Career Services workshops to advising and registration tutorials to the Transfer Student Social, we’re all about celebrating our Pace transfer students!
09/25/2020 • 3:24pm
Game Programming with Unity

Game Programming with Unity

Ever wanted to learn how to make games? What about pick up a few coding skills? On Friday, October 9, you’re invited to sign up for an exclusive Seidenberg coding workshop. No previous experience required!
09/25/2020 • 2:48pm
Leadership in Tech Series: October 2020

Leadership in Tech Series: October 2020

Meet with leading tech experts on Monday, October 12, and Thursday, October 15, who just so happen to also be Pace alumni! You’ll learn more about how to break into a career in cybersecurity and the fashion and lifestyle industries.
09/25/2020 • 2:37pm
Writing Center Workshops: Fall 2020

Writing Center Workshops: Fall 2020

The Writing Center has gone fully online this semester, and they’re delivering weekly workshops in order to guide you through any writing assignments you might need help on. Come join the discussion and pick up a few new skills.
09/25/2020 • 2:32pm
The Athletic Activist, Kendra Cooper-Smith, my pace path, student profile

The Athletic Activist

Women’s basketball member Kendra Cooper-Smith ’23 comes from a family of activists, and she’s all about challenging herself both on and off the court. That’s why she was recently named a 2020 Millennium Fellow!
09/18/2020 • 11:27am
Important Information: COVID-19 Testing

Important Information: COVID-19 Testing

This week, Pace will begin an ongoing program of community monitoring, which means weekly testing for COVID-19 and 24-hour results. We also have a COVID-19 dashboard, updated daily, so that we can better protect our community—together.
09/17/2020 • 5:07pm
Meet the Greeks: Fall 2020

Meet the Greeks: Fall 2020

Reps from the NYC Campus fraternities and sororities want to meet you on Tuesday, September 22! Find out more about their philanthropy work and how to get involved during this special meet-up.
09/17/2020 • 5:04pm
New Jobs Alert

New Job Opportunities

There are new opportunities waiting for you this Fall 2020 semester! Apply today for the chance to be a Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Peer Facilitator or Student Alumni Ambassador.
09/17/2020 • 4:49pm
Round Table Event with AIG

Round Table Event with AIG

Calling all majors! On Wednesday, October 14, Pace alumni who currently work at AIG will be part of an exclusive panel to discuss upcoming job and internship opportunities. Find out more about diverse career paths in insurance.
09/17/2020 • 4:35pm
2020 Jefferson Award Nominations

2020 Jefferson Award Nominations

Do you know someone whose tireless community service efforts are changing Pace—or even the world? Nominate a #PaceU student, faculty, or staff member for a Jefferson Award! The deadline is Friday, October 9, 2020.
09/17/2020 • 4:32pm
The Eclectic Creator, my pace path, student profile, Nate Shectman

The Eclectic Creator

Nate Shectman ’23 has many talents. From advertising to marketing to film to graphic design, he’s combining all his interests in unique ways in hopes of one day working for an ad agency. But did you know he comes from a family of actors?
09/11/2020 • 10:59am
Fitness Online: Fall 2020 Roundup

Fitness Online: Fall 2020 Roundup

Sign up for weekly yoga sessions, cardio classes, esports leagues, and more—all hosted online! There are countless ways to remain active while staying socially distant. Let’s get moving together.
09/10/2020 • 5:07pm
2020 Learning Outcomes Reception

2020 Learning Outcomes Reception

On Wednesday, September 16, hear from ten Pace students who participated in the Wilson Center’s funded internship program about what they learned from their unique experiences working for a variety of social enterprises and nonprofit organizations in the NYC metro area.
09/10/2020 • 4:59pm
Social Justice Week: Fall 2020

Social Justice Week: Fall 2020

Pace is furthering its commitment to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion by hosting a Social Justice Week from Sunday, October 25, through Friday, October 30, in memory of DJ Henry. Submit your proposals and get involved!
09/10/2020 • 4:49pm
The State and Future of Lower Manhattan

The State and Future of Lower Manhattan

Tonight, you’re invited to discover more about the future of downtown New York City in the era of COVID-19 in a special talk with Pace President Marvin Krislov and many notable guest speakers. This is one of Pace’s campuses, and it affects all of us!
09/10/2020 • 4:36pm
Media Literacy Workshop

Media Literacy Workshops

Articles, videos, memes, and more! Pace Library is teaming up with faculty to bring you three workshops in September 2020 that will challenge what you know—and think you know—about the media in our current news climate.
09/10/2020 • 4:33pm
Small Business Development Center, SBDC Workshop Series: Fall 2020

SBDC Workshop Series: Fall 2020

Thinking of launching your own business venture? Pace’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is offering a ton of free workshops to help you get started on financing, guarding against fraud, selling products, and more.
09/10/2020 • 4:22pm
Art Faculty Exhibition

Art Faculty Exhibition

Get inspired on Thursday, September 17, at the latest Art Faculty Exhibition! You’re invited to attend a special online reception as well as schedule viewing appointments to attend in-person at the Art Gallery on 41 Park Row. Let’s get creative.
09/10/2020 • 4:16pm
The Rising Scholar, Debra Perlman, student profile, my pace path

The Rising Scholar

Honors College student Debra Perlman ’21 is always on the move. She participated in Pace’s NYC Design Factory, attended the 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit, and worked two major internships, but at first, she had trouble choosing a major.
09/04/2020 • 11:27am
Career Services Roundup: September 2020

Career Services Roundup: September 2020

Virtual Career Fair. Employer spotlights. Networking sessions. Cover letter and resume workshops. Recruitment sessions. Your next opportunity is here with Career Services! They’re hosting a ton of events and development sessions to get you market ready.
09/03/2020 • 7:16pm
Virtual Campus Activities Fair (NYC)

Virtual Campus Activities Fair (NYC)

What will your Pace legacy be? On Thursday, September 10, join SDACA’s virtual fair to learn more about all the student-run orgs on the NYC Campus. There’s something for everyone, and even opportunities to start your own club!
09/03/2020 • 6:26pm
Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

By signing up for our Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, you’ll get to choose your own mentor from our Pace alumni network, get an exclusive peek into the industry of your choice, and even hone your interviewing skills.
09/03/2020 • 6:12pm
Opportunity at Pace 2021

Opportunity at Pace 2021

Fellowships. Scholarships. Research funding. There are so many ways to get involved, and the Office of Student Success is here to help you explore and apply for them! Start early, because deadlines are approaching.
09/03/2020 • 5:50pm
Live with Pace Alumni

Live with Pace Alumni

Recent graduates from the Class of 2020 are sitting down with successful Pace alumni to hash out details on their career trajectories since their days here on campus. Join them for their Instagram Live sessions to hear more!
09/03/2020 • 5:41pm
The Mentor Manager, Natasha Fallen, student profile, my pace path

The Mentor Manager

First-gen student Natasha Fallen ’23 is ambitious: she’s pursuing a BBA/MBA in Public Accounting, worked as the HR manager for the Pace Perk Café, and acted as a mentor for several programs, but did you know she also played a lead role in Les Misérables?
08/28/2020 • 9:38am
30th Annual Komen Race for the Cure

30th Annual Komen Race for the Cure

This year, the Komen community will race together, apart. Join the Pace University Team in the fight against breast cancer at the 30th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which will be held on September 12–13 as a live-streaming event.
08/27/2020 • 9:07pm
Face covering competiton weekly themes now through october 11

Pace Face Covering Competition

Put your best face (covering) forward for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! All you have to do is submit a photo of your face covering to match the theme each week and use #OurSafePace. That’s it. Ready to win big?
08/27/2020 • 8:21pm
Dean’s Round Table Series: Fall 2020

Dean’s Round Table Series: Fall 2020

Your next networking opportunity is here! Join Lubin and their lineup of guest speakers at the highly anticipated Round Table series. You’ll receive expert advice from c-suite leaders in business, and even get a chance to ask questions.
08/27/2020 • 7:48pm
Study Abroad Fair: Fall 2020

Study Abroad Fair: Fall 2020

Join reps from Pace’s Education Abroad office on Wednesday, September 9, for an all-day virtual study abroad fair! You’ll get to choose from a variety of live video sessions and hear from 35 partner universities abroad, Pace alumni, faculty leaders, and more!
08/27/2020 • 7:39pm
Events Roundup: September 2020

Events Roundup: September 2020

Food trucks. Escape rooms. Dance workouts. Paint nights. Self-care and wellness check-ins. Study abroad fairs. Meet and greets. The Fall 2020 semester is in full swing here at Pace. Be sure to get involved!
08/27/2020 • 5:47pm
The Passionate Founder, student profile, Maryam dimson

The Passionate Planner

Founder of Urban Sound Maryam Dimson ’20 has been spearheading efforts to launch a masterclass dance series on the NYC Campus to great success. She’s always worked to help others, and she even wants to launch her own event planning company someday!
08/21/2020 • 3:28pm
Mandatory Online Training

Mandatory Online Training

Is there a difference between cleaning and disinfecting? What are some of the most common COVID-19 symptoms? Help us keep our community safe by completing Pace’s mandatory online training for the Fall 2020 semester.
08/21/2020 • 10:27am
Face Coverings at Pace

Face Coverings at Pace

If you are planning to be on campus this fall, it is critical that you wear your face covering. Here's what you need to know about Pace's face covering policy and how you'll receive your University face covering.
08/20/2020 • 4:43pm
Library Updates: Fall 2020

Library Updates: Fall 2020

The Mortola and Birnbaum Libraries are here for you! Learn more about hours, building use, safety, and important policies for the fall semester. Please be sure to review thoroughly before heading out for that next study session.
08/20/2020 • 3:22pm
Dining Options for Fall 2020

Dining Options for Fall 2020

Dining on campus is an integral part of student life at Pace. From food to feedback and from gluten-free to GrubHub and sanitization, here's what you need to know about on-campus dining at Pace.
08/20/2020 • 3:05pm
Schedule an Appointment with OSA

Schedule an Appointment with OSA

Skip the wait on the phone or via email with the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) and Financial Aid by scheduling an appointment—they’ll call you! All you have to do is register online and a Pace representative will call you at the time you choose. That’s it.
08/20/2020 • 2:56pm
Fighting Food Insecurity: Fall 2020

Fighting Food Insecurity: Fall 2020

Three nutritious meals a day is a human right. Visit the Pace Mobile Food Pantry (PLV Campus) or the Provisions Food Pantry (NYC Campus) for a selection of fresh food to take with you.
08/20/2020 • 2:41pm
LGBTQA+ Fall 2020 Events

LGBTQA+ Fall 2020 Events

Let’s queer it up! Join Pace’s LGBTQA+ Centers on both campuses this semester for movie nights, lunch meetups, self-care workshops, and much more.
08/20/2020 • 2:36pm
ōMA Fall 2020 Events

ōMA Fall 2020 Events

Social justice reading club. Interrogating whiteness workshop. Movie nights. NYC tours. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) wants to inspire and empower you with all the events they’re offering this semester!
08/20/2020 • 2:26pm
Welcome Back Events: Fall 2020

Welcome Back Events: Fall 2020

Campus involvement fairs. Walking tours. Anti-hate campaigns. Food trucks. Outdoor movie nights. Join us as we kick off the fall semester with SD(A)CA and a few exciting events!
08/20/2020 • 2:06pm
face coverings: what you need to know man in face covering and blue tee shirt

Face Coverings at Pace

If you’re planning to be on campus this fall, it is critical that you wear your face covering. Here’s what you need to know about Pace’s face covering policy and how you’ll receive your University face covering.
08/14/2020 • 1:59pm
Staying Social While Distancing

Staying Social While Distancing

Dyson College is serving up a detailed list of proven tips and tools while we all continue to practice social distancing leading up to the Fall 2020 semester. Be sure to check in with yourself and reach out! We’re here for support.
08/07/2020 • 12:31pm
Sneak Peek at SDACA and SDCA

Sneak Peek at SDACA and SDCA

Looking to get involved? What about starting your own club? The Centers for Student Development and Campus Activities are here to help! Through activities, leadership programs, and more, they’re your one-stop-shop for all things campus life.
08/07/2020 • 12:29pm
Setter Spotlight: Business Leaders

Setter Spotlight: Business Leaders

Lifestyle beauty expert. Personal fitness trainer. Fashion icons and branding strategists. These are some of the Setter student business leaders and visionaries making waves both at Pace and beyond. Keep an eye on their work!
08/07/2020 • 11:55am
Millennium Fellow Class of 2020

Millennium Fellow Class of 2020

Nine Pace students were recently named 2020 Millennium Fellows! They were selected among more than 15,000 applicants from over 135 nations. Talk about Setter spirit! Join us in congratulating their achievement.
08/07/2020 • 11:33am
Fall 2020 Class Modalities Explained

Fall 2020 Class Modalities

Have questions about your Fall 2020 classes? Not sure what HyFlex means? Need a crash course on web-assisted details? We got you. Check out our handy guide on all the instructional modalities Pace is offering this upcoming semester.
08/07/2020 • 10:50am
Convocation 2020

Convocation 2020

It’s almost time! Mark your calendars for Friday, August 21, as we welcome the Class of 2024 to the Pace Community with our annual Convocation celebration.
08/07/2020 • 10:44am
Inventing the Impossible

Inventing the Impossible

On Thursday, August 13, world-renowned cyber-illusionist Marco Tempest marries magic, technology, and psychology during a special virtual event just for the Pace Community.
08/04/2020 • 2:39pm
How Can I Help

What Can I Do?

Pace’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collaborated with campus partners to create a list of resources to help members of the Pace Community take action against systemic racism, as the University further establishes its commitment to being anti-racist across all facets of the institution.
07/24/2020 • 2:50pm
Career Tips from Lubin Alumni

Career Tips from Lubin Alumni

You don’t have to be a Lubin student to get exclusive career advice from their alumni! Hear from a successful CEO, an engineering lead at Google, and a director of faculty appointments at a nearby college. That’s the #LubinLife.
07/24/2020 • 2:26pm
Winning a Hackathon, sunflower hack recap, Brittany Benjamin

Winning a Hackathon

Brittany Benjamin ’22 was among the talented coders who won a top prize at Pace’s first-ever Sunflower Hack event, and she recounted the ups and downs of that unique experience in a new Seidenberg blog post.
07/24/2020 • 2:12pm
Setter Spotlight: Content Creators

Setter Spotlight: Content Creators

From artistic and lifestyle YouTubers to an Editor-in-Chief to a professional wedding photographer, Pace Setters are launching their brands and creating original content across the web. Be sure to like and subscribe!
07/24/2020 • 2:08pm
Downloading the Pace Safe App

Download the Pace Safe App

Stay safe and connected this upcoming fall semester using the Pace Safe app. Features include incident reporting, COVID-19 Self-Assessment, a "Friend Walk," events and training, notifications, and more. We’re here to help!
07/14/2020 • 9:49am
Community Briefing for Students and Families

Community Briefing for Students

Fall 2020 is fast-approaching. Join Pace senior leadership on Monday, July 20, to learn more about our reopening plans in light of COVID-19, and to get your questions answered about the process. We hope to see you there!
07/10/2020 • 10:24am
Pace ID card

May We See Your ID?

If you’re a new student, a returning student, or a faculty or staff member, here’s what you need to know about Pace’s ID Card Offices, receiving your ID, requesting a replacement ID, and more.
07/10/2020 • 9:33am
Setter Spotlight: Honors College

Setter Spotlight: Honors College

Being a Pace Setter means being ambitious, and the Pforzheimer Honors College students know that better than most. They are part of a tight-knit community of doers and scholars, and they have a LOT to say. Study up on their advice!
07/09/2020 • 5:19pm
Pace Voices with Alumni Relations

Pace Voices

Your Pace connections don’t end after you graduate! All current Pace students are invited by Alumni Relations for two special virtual events on Wednesday, July 15, involving a successful Pace alumni and Haub Law faculty member.
07/09/2020 • 4:59pm
Find Your Place at Pace, first day at Pace University

Find Your Place at Pace

As you prepare to embark on your first day at Pace when our doors open (both online and in-person!) on Monday, August 24, take a moment to hear from current Dyson College students about how they overcame stress and made the most of it.
07/09/2020 • 4:50pm
Sneak Peek at Diversity Programs

Sneak Peek at Diversity Programs

Office of Multicultural Affairs. LGBTQA+ Center. People of Color Collective. Resources for DACA and undocumented students. Pace is committed to facilitating and celebrating diversity across our campuses. Join us!
07/09/2020 • 4:45pm
Fall 2020: Returning to Campus

Fall 2020: Returning to Campus

Pace University will open all three campuses for in-person, online, and hybrid classes for the fall semester, with classes beginning in New York City, Pleasantville, and the Elisabeth Haub School of Law on Monday, August 24, 2020.
06/30/2020 • 11:26am
Virtual Events Roundup: July 2020

Virtual Events Roundup: July 2020

Prom night. DIY dorm decor. Trivia challenges. Important info sessions. Pace is going strong this summer as we gear up to reopen for the fall semester! Join the incoming Class of 2024 for all our PaceBound events.
06/30/2020 • 10:01am
graphic of a smartphone with an envelope

PaceBound Students: You've Got Mail

Are you headed to Pace this fall? Awesome! It's important that you regularly check your brand-new Pace email account. Here's what you need to know about accessing your account, logging in, and more.
06/26/2020 • 3:34pm
student profile, Nicolina Barone, my pace path

The Publishing Leader

English and Communications major Nicolina Barone ’24 has been writing as early as second grade, and she has her eye on an MS in Publishing. But did you know she’s been organizing a local cultural event with her family for years?
06/19/2020 • 5:04pm
Interactive Summer Sessions, Pace faculty

Interactive Summer Sessions

Race in America. Coping with New Infectious Disease Outbreaks. Digital Privacy for Journalists, Activists, and Others. Join Pace faculty as they tackle these and other timely topics in one-time virtual interactive sessions.
06/19/2020 • 2:26pm
Setter Spotlight: Athletics

Setter Spotlight: Athletics

Pace student-athletes know what it takes to succeed—both on and off the field or court. They work hard, support each other, and leave an indelible mark on the community. Hear more about their experiences at Pace!
06/19/2020 • 1:58pm
Join SetterSync!

Join SetterSync!

Discover unique opportunities, join student-run clubs and organizations, and stay in-the-know about all the latest happenings on your campus with SetterSync. It’s a brand-new platform exclusively for Pace students!
06/19/2020 • 1:33pm
Sneak Peek at CCAR

Sneak Peek at CCAR

Get involved both locally and globally by joining the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR). CCAR works hard to coordinate Pace’s participation in several national civic engagement initiatives. Effect change right now!
06/19/2020 • 1:25pm
PaceBound Essential Guide

PaceBound Essential Guide

Welcome to Pace! We’re so excited to meet you in Fall 2020. In the meantime, check out this handy guide for incoming Setters to familiarize yourself with all things student life, resources, opportunities, and more.
06/12/2020 • 3:50pm
Express Pass to Internships

Express Pass to Internships

Join Career Services starting Tuesday, June 23, for a six-session virtual workshop series designed exclusively for incoming Pace students. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to jump start your career plans!
06/12/2020 • 3:28pm
Meet the OLs, Orientation Leaders

Meet the OLs

Are you #PaceBound? Come meet your Orientation Leaders (OLs)! They will be guiding you through your transition to Pace by answering your questions, directing you to important resources, and much more.
06/12/2020 • 3:20pm
Setter Spotlight: Greek Life, going Greek at Pace

Setter Spotlight: Greek Life

College can be a home away from home for many students, and our Setters involved in Greek Life know that better than most. Learn more about their unique experiences as fraternity brothers and sorority sisters at Pace!
06/12/2020 • 2:57pm
Virtual Events Roundup: June 2020

Virtual Events Roundup: June 2020

Socials, hangouts, movie nights, trivia challenges, info sessions. There’s so much to do while you gear up for the fall semester. Join us for all our exciting PaceBound virtual events exclusively for incoming students.
06/12/2020 • 2:23pm
PaceBound Fall 2020 Checklist

PaceBound Fall 2020 Checklist

Ready for the fall, #PaceBound Setters? We can’t wait to welcome you! Be sure to review our handy checklist to make sure you’re all set before you arrive. There are many exciting things to see and do leading up to the big day.
06/12/2020 • 1:31pm
Career Services’ First Destination Survey

Grads: What’s Next?

Career Services wants to know: what’s next? Do you have a job lined up? Are you planning to go to grad school? Fill out the First Destination Survey today and be entered for a chance to win big.
05/14/2020 • 5:26pm
my pace path, student profile, kealy costigan

The Passionate President

Kappa Delta Pi President Kealy Costigan ’20 has a passion for advocacy work. She’s pursuing a dual degree in childhood education (undergrad) and special education (master’s), hoping to create a safe space for ALL her future students.
05/14/2020 • 5:24pm
class of 2020 virtual celebrations

Class of 2020 Virtual Celebrations

We’re commemorating the Class of 2020 on Wednesday, May 20, with a special virtual celebration you’re invited to take part in. Stay connected while sharing photos, fond memories, and more using #PaceGrad2020!
05/11/2020 • 9:54am
Fulbright US Student Program

Fulbright US Student Program

Applications for the Fulbright US Student Program are now open! If you're interested in pursuing an English-teaching assistantship or individually-designed research project abroad, this is your chance. Submit by Friday, July 10.
05/08/2020 • 3:27pm
my pace path, student profile, Jackie DelliSanti

The Athletic Educator

Basketball star Jackie DelliSanti ’20 may be stepping off the court as an undergrad student, but she’s continuing her education at Pace to pursue a master’s in special education. Talk about serious game!
05/07/2020 • 5:17pm
2020 Pace Business Plan Competition

2020 Pace Business Plan Competition

Are you an aspiring CEO? Submit your big business idea by Friday, May 15, and you just might win the grand prize: $500, not to mention bragging rights. All great startups have to start somewhere.
05/07/2020 • 4:12pm
Finals Resources Roundup

Finals Resources Roundup

Therapy dogs, tutoring, library support, Counseling Center support—with finals coming up during an already stressful time, we’ve compiled a list of resources you might need to finish out Spring 2020 strong. We’re here for you!
05/07/2020 • 4:10pm
New Updates to Pass/Fail and More

New Updates to Pass/Fail and More

There’s still time to make a decision on your status in a class! The deadline has been extended to Saturday, May 16 (withdraw), and Tuesday, May 26 (pass/fail), for Spring 2020. Please make sure you fill out the appropriate form.
05/07/2020 • 3:29pm
Celebrating Seniors with Pace Athletics

Celebrating Seniors with Pace Athletics

Pace Athletics celebrated Senior Day by honoring their stellar lineup of student-athletes who will be graduating May 2020. Hear from the coaches of the baseball, softball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse teams!
05/07/2020 • 3:15pm
President Krislov's Town Call with the Class of 2020, Thursday, May 7, at 12:30 p.m.

Town Call for the Class of 2020

President Krislov hosts a town call especially for the Class of 2020 on Thursday, May 7. Come with your questions and be prepared to chat. He'll be joined by Provost Quiñones, Pleasantville's Dean for Students, NYC's Assistant Dean for Students, and a few more familiar faces.
05/04/2020 • 8:41am
my pace path, student profile, Kadija Shaw

The Client Relations Manager

Kadija Shaw ’21, recently elected PLV President of SGA, has been hard at work as the client relations manager for Pace Connect. She’s leveraging her business savvy with her human resource management experience.
05/01/2020 • 10:31am
Fact-Checking Workshop

Fact-Checking Workshop

Build the skills necessary to identify fake news with Pace Library’s free fact-checking workshop! This 15-minute session will help you learn how to assess the credibility of online articles and boost your digital confidence.
04/30/2020 • 2:39pm
Alumni On-Air

Alumni On-Air

Listen in and read up on a few of our media expert Pace alumni! From breaking news to the latest health and wellness information to pop culture and sports updates, there’s a social Setter for you to follow.
04/30/2020 • 2:27pm
How to Stay Productive During Quarantine

How to Stay Productive During Quarantine

Seidenberg content writer Brittany Benjamin ’22 just shared a few ways she’s keeping busy while social distancing (and yes, that includes scheduling time for self-care). Build your skills, revamp your resume, and more.
04/30/2020 • 2:24pm
Virtual Events Roundup: May 2020

Virtual Events Roundup: May 2020

Coffee and tea meetups. Job recruiter Q&As. Wellness discussion groups. Creative writing workshops. All that and more this month! Be sure to check back, too. We update our virtual event roundups every week.
04/30/2020 • 2:19pm
Advocacy at Pace Q&A

Advocacy at Pace Q&A

Learn about the CARES Act on Tuesday, April 28, when Government and Community Relations teams up with CCAR for a virtual Q&A. They will be answering your questions and providing info on Pace’s advocacy efforts.
04/27/2020 • 9:39am
One Pace Strong: Submit Your Story

One Pace Strong: Submit Your Story

Are you a first responder? Nurse? Cashier? Postal worker? Volunteer? There are many people from the Pace Community who are currently on the front lines of COVID-19, and we want to share your stories. Tell us what you’re facing.
04/23/2020 • 4:29pm
Post-Grad 101

Post-Grad 101

Get the lowdown on post-grad job searching, networking, and more from Pace alumni on Monday, April 27, and Wednesday, April 29. They’ll be joined by the Career Services team to answer all your burning questions!
04/23/2020 • 2:53pm
Artist Talk, Sebastian Hernandez

Artist Talk: Sebastian Hernandez

On Tuesday, April 28, multi-disciplinary artist Sebastian Hernandez will be sharing their experience and influences including queer theory, brownness, feminist theoretical analysis, and their Aztec and Mexica heritage.
04/23/2020 • 2:50pm
Cooking With Chartwells

Cooking With Chartwells

Want to spice up your cooking routine? Join Chartwells’ Senior Executive Chef Roberto Abud and Senior Director of Dining Services John Olsson for a weekly cooking class that will inspire and inform your next at-home recipe.
04/23/2020 • 2:41pm
Research to Practice

Research to Practice

Sit in on an exclusive two-part faculty presentation on Monday, April 27, and Tuesday, April 28, to learn more about the research of these Dyson professors their and exploration of issues facing nonprofits and social enterprises.
04/23/2020 • 2:36pm
Writing Center Virtual Tutoring

Writing Center Virtual Tutoring

Writing a paper? Need help tackling an upcoming assignment? Schedule an appointment with the Writing Centers today! Pace’s tutors are on hand to assist regardless of what stage you’re at in the writing process.
04/23/2020 • 2:33pm
History Is Now

History Is Now

The University Archives and Pace Libraries are documenting how the Pace Community is experiencing and coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic—and you can help! Consider donating any related materials like drawings, photos, and more for preservation.
04/23/2020 • 2:25pm
Setter Success

Setter Success

The names are in! Mellison Arguson ’19 was just announced as a Fulbright award finalist, while Liza Bell ’20 and Arize Lee ’17 are alternates. We’re proud to be Pace Setters! Congratulations to our incredibly hard-working students.
04/23/2020 • 2:22pm
my pace path, student profile, Luca del deo

The Spiritual Educator

Luca Del Deo ’21 came to Pace with a mission: educate and guide his fellow students through meditation classes, and continue his studies into a variety of spiritual traditions so that he may better understand the human condition.
04/23/2020 • 2:19pm
my pace path, student profile, Mackenzie Dolishny

The STEM Scholar

Computer science major Mackenzie Dolishny ’20 had no coding experience when she first came to Pace. She worked hard to catch up, landing internships at the likes of IBM and American Express, and even a full-time job at Microsoft.
04/17/2020 • 1:27pm
Summer Research Award Program 2020

Summer Research Award 2020

Apply by Friday, May 8, for a chance to earn a $1,000 stipend to conduct faculty-mentored research this summer! Projects can be strictly research-based or even artistic—get creative, and grab this opportunity while it lasts.
04/16/2020 • 5:03pm
Be the Match

Be the Match

For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Take the first step to being someone's cure. Become a marrow donor today! Register with Be the Match and they will send a swab kit directly to your home.
04/16/2020 • 4:52pm
​2020 Graduate Admission Virtual Info Sessions

2020 Graduate Admission Info Sessions

PaceU’s Office of Graduate Admission hosts virtual information sessions throughout the academic year. Learn more about Pace’s graduate degree programs, what Pace has to offer, and what it takes to apply.
04/16/2020 • 4:46pm
Virtual Programs Submissions

Virtual Programs Submissions

Attention all PaceU student clubs and organizations! If you’re interested in hosting a virtual event and you’d like to see it promoted by us across Pace’s social accounts, now’s your chance. We’re accepting submissions!
04/16/2020 • 4:40pm
Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

By signing up for our Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, you’ll get to choose your own mentor from our Pace alumni network, get an exclusive peek into the industry of your choice, and even hone your interviewing skills.
04/16/2020 • 4:38pm
Wildlife Rehabilitation Webinar

Wildlife Rehabilitation Webinar

Learn when to intervene—and when to stay away—when you encounter a wild animal. Wildlife expert Patrick Moore will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, April 22, with more information about respecting nature!
04/16/2020 • 4:36pm
Amateur Night 2020

Amateur Night 2020

The contestants are in! P.A.C.E. Board is featuring all the Amateur Night performers on their Instagram account, and they are throwing it DOWN. From dance routines to spoken word to vocal performances, these Setters have serious talent.
04/16/2020 • 4:35pm
Faculty-Led Programs: Fall 2020

Faculty-Led Programs: Fall 2020

Earn credits, explore your passions, and expand your world through one of our faculty-led study abroad programs! Enroll by Friday, May 1, for the chance to travel to Belgium, Costa Rica, South Africa, the UK, and more in January 2021.
04/16/2020 • 4:27pm
President Krislov's Town Call With Pace University Students Thursday, April 16 at 12:30 p.m.

President Krislov's Town Call

President Krislov hosts a town call especially for Pace students on Thursday, April 16. Come with your questions and be prepared to chat. He'll be joined by Provost Quiñones, Pleasantville's Dean for Students, NYC's Assistant Dean for Students, and a few more familiar faces.
04/10/2020 • 3:58pm
my pace path, student profile, Aissatou Gningue

The Ardent Accountant

Aissatou Gningue ’22, majoring in both public accounting and political science with a minor in pre-law, is eyeing a career at the United Nations one day. For now, though, she’s racking up internships and launching her own student club.
04/10/2020 • 12:23pm
ōMA Online: Virtual Programs

ōMA Online: Virtual Programs

Discussions on social justice. Art competitions. Food assistance. Knitting sessions. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) is going virtual with all their events in Spring 2020, and you’re invited! Join them as they continue to bring Pace together.
04/09/2020 • 4:43pm
2020 Kelly Herbert Writing Award

2020 Kelly Herbert Writing Award

Submit an LGBTQA+ essay for a chance to win $500! Topics may explore queer identity, issues, realities, life, and love. You have until Friday, April 24, to submit. The winner will be recognized at this year’s virtual Lavender Graduation ceremony!
04/09/2020 • 4:28pm
2020 Research Day

2020 Research Day

Present your research and artistic projects at the first-ever virtual Research Day! Submissions are due by Monday, April 20, for all Pace undergrad students who are interested in participating in this exciting collaborative event.
04/09/2020 • 4:25pm
Virtual Programming Series

Virtual Programming Series

Have you heard? The centers for Student Development and Campus Activities on both campuses are joining forces to offer Pace students ways to get involved (virtually!) every week. We’re talking collab Spotify playlists, Netflix watch parties, and more.
04/09/2020 • 4:21pm
Setter Stories, Pace Athletics

Setter Stories

Pace Athletics is celebrating a few incredible student-athlete stories from the past year. From growing up on a Native American reservation to traveling from Serbia to being deployed to Afghanistan twice, our students truly have the Setter spirit.
04/09/2020 • 4:13pm
Cyber Setters Spirit Week

Cyber Setters Spirit Week

It’s Spirit Week, #PaceU! Win prizes by participating in a TikTok competition, posting your #ThrowbackThursday photos or videos, boosting your motivational playlist, and of course, showing off your Pace swag.
04/09/2020 • 4:07pm
Remote Living: Pace Goes Virtual

Remote Living: Pace Goes Virtual

You’re an important member of the Pace Community. That’s why, in partnership with several offices and departments, we’re launching a site with all the resources, links, and event information you’ll need to stay connected right now. Join us!
04/09/2020 • 4:02pm
Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Sexual Violence Awareness Month

The Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault (PAASA) at Pace are raising awareness about sexual violence through deep discussions, artwork, empowering messages, and even a virtual Take Back the Night event.
04/03/2020 • 1:21pm
my pace path, student profile, Alyssa trimm

The Designer-of-All-Trades

Kappa Delta sister Alyssa Trimm ’20 specializes in a variety of areas. From film to English writing and literature to extensive experience in design, she’s ready for any challenge—and she’s also a huge Jeopardy fan.
04/03/2020 • 11:23am
Virtual Events Roundup: April 2020

Virtual Events Roundup: April 2020

Dance party with DJ Zeke. Movie watch party. Creating your DIY vision board with Pace Women in Tech. Everyday Activism with CCAR. We’re rolling out all the virtual events for April 2020 to keep you connected, Setters!
04/02/2020 • 4:31pm
Mental Wellness Workshops

Mental Wellness Workshops

Meditation. Avoiding burnout. Self-care during quarantine. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Intuitive eating. Mental wellness is just as important as physical, and we curated a list of virtual self-care workshops just for you.
04/02/2020 • 2:15pm
Become an English Language Institute Partner

Become an ELI Partner

Pen pals are a wonderful way to make new friendships that could last a lifetime, and the English Language Institute (ELI) at Pace wants to connect you with one! Sign up for their conversation program to start writing today.
04/02/2020 • 2:02pm
Share Your Living Room Performances

Share Your Living Room Performances

Are you on TikTok? Have you been posting a ton of videos to pass the time? Share your performances with SDACA while you social distance for a chance to be featured on their Instagram! Let’s see what you got, PaceU.
04/02/2020 • 1:52pm
Earth Month 2020

Earth Month 2020

Dyson College is celebrating Earth Month by highlighting strategies you can take to help the environment right now—even as we social distance. Take a virtual tour of an art gallery, check out their book recs, and more ways to get involved.
04/02/2020 • 1:45pm
young african american man in business clothing at a desk looking at a laptop

Going Remote with Career Services

Career Services has transitioned all of their career-readiness services to virtual formats. Get connected now for help with resumes, 30-second pitches, internship placements, and jobs after graduation. Plus, help for parents who have lost work as a result of COVID-19.
03/31/2020 • 11:14am
President Krislov's Zoom Chat with Undergraduate Students Thursday, April 2 at 3:00 p.m.

President Krislov's Zoom Chat

President Krislov hosts his first interactive Zoom chat especially for Pace's undergraduate students on Thursday, April 2. Come with your questions and be prepared to chat. He'll be joined by Provost Quiñones, Pleasantville's Dean for Students, and NYC's Assistant Dean for Students.
03/27/2020 • 5:42pm
my pace path, student profile, Peyton Wejnert

The Corporate Athlete

Basketball star and finance major Peyton Wejnert ’20 boasts the best of both worlds: he’s competitive on and off the court, securing a coveted position at PwC for the fall. His secret? “Mental toughness.”
03/26/2020 • 4:26pm
laptop, smartphone, student success, remote learning

Student Success During Remote Learning

We might not be on campus right now, but the student success professionals are still here for you! Pace’s Learning Center, student advising, and tutoring are now available online. Check it out.
03/26/2020 • 3:24pm
Deals and Freebies While Social Distancing

Deals and Freebies While Social Distancing

While most of us are practicing social distancing and staying inside as much as possible, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the situation! Here are 15 free and inexpensive ways to stay connected and keep busy.
03/26/2020 • 2:40pm
Virtual Event Roundup

Virtual Event Roundup

Pace is now virtual, and many departments as well as student clubs and organizations are getting creative about how to stay connected. Hop in on one of their Zoom meetings, brush up your Adobe skills with a tutorial, and more!
03/26/2020 • 2:04pm
Free eBooks and Textbook Returns

Free eBooks and Textbook Returns

Until Monday, May 25, you officially have access to a huge resource: free ebooks! See if your textbook is listed, and be sure to take advantage of free shipping in order to send back any textbook rentals you might have.
03/26/2020 • 1:54pm
Fitness Online: Health and Wellness

Fitness Online: Health and Wellness

Social distancing and keeping pace with your exercise routine can be tough in 2020. Join Pace's Health and Wellness Committee for virtual workout classes every week that include kickboxing, yoga, and even a weekly step challenge with prizes.
03/26/2020 • 1:39pm
Important Information for Residential Students

Important Info for Residential Students

If you’re a residential student at Pace, review our guide with all the information you will need regarding move-out, forms, updates, and procedures. We’re stronger together, and we’re here to assist you as we all adjust to these new changes.
03/20/2020 • 4:51pm
Free Internet for Students

Free Internet for Students

Now that you’re plugged in for remote learning, take a look at all the deals available to you as a student. You may qualify for free internet access, not to mention unlimited data and free public hot spots for a limited time.
03/20/2020 • 4:09pm
Advocacy and Social Justice Resources

Advocacy and Social Justice Resources

Know the facts, engage with issues related to the coronaviurs (COVID-19), safely take action, and learn more about advocacy work while maintaining social distancing. You can make a difference! Follow these guidelines from the CCAR team.
03/20/2020 • 3:39pm
Math Anxiety Online Workshops

Math Anxiety Online Workshops

Feeling anxious about math class or an upcoming exam? Build your confidence starting Monday, March 30, in one of these online workshops to help you succeed in a remote learning setting.
03/20/2020 • 3:13pm
Dining Services, Spring 2020

Dining Services: Spring 2020

Both Kessel Café (PLV Campus) and Café 101 (NYC Campus) are rolling out new dining hours to ensure the health and safety of all Pace students. Check out their list of takeout options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
03/20/2020 • 10:54am
Remote Library Resources, Spring 2020

Remote Library Resources: Spring 2020

The Pace Libraries may have closed their physical doors, but they’re far from closed online. Get the help you need during Pace’s remote learning period through digital workshops and a brand-new site exclusively for students in need of Library support!
03/20/2020 • 10:14am
Coping Emotionally with COVID-19, counseling center

Coping Emotionally with COVID-19

To help ease some of the high stress and uncertainty amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, the Counseling Center is checking in with a handy mental health guide. Try their breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, apps to download, and more.
03/19/2020 • 3:51pm
Returning Student Room Selection Process

Returning Student Room Selection Process

If you’re planning on dorming again in Fall 2020, please make sure you submit your housing application by Friday, March 27 (PLV Campus), or Monday, March 30 (NYC Campus) in order to secure your spot—along with your roommates!
03/05/2020 • 4:43pm
2020 Summer Funded Internships

2020 Summer Funded Internships

Billion Oyster Project. 9/11 Tribute Museum. Women Make Movies. Control Arms. Looking for an internship? Apply by Sunday, April 19, to be considered for the Wilson Center’s popular summer funded internship program!
03/05/2020 • 2:27pm
student profile, my pace path, Holly Rae Phillips

The Executive Manager

Holly Rae Phillips ’20 served as SGA’s Lubin Prez and Executive Parliamentarian, won awards with the Mock Trial team, and even interned at the White House. But did you know she played Bobby Cannavale’s daughter on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire?
03/05/2020 • 12:35pm
Submit Your Photos for Commencement

Submit Your Photos for Commencement

Interested in having your favorite college memory captured in the 2020 Commencement video? Submit your Pace pics by Wednesday, April 22, for a chance to be included in a video shared right before the ceremony for everyone to see!
03/05/2020 • 12:19pm
LGBTQA+ Research and Activist Praxis Symposium

LGBTQA+ Research and Activist Symposium

Pace’s first-ever LGBTQA+ Research and Activist Praxis Symposium is here! Submit a proposal by Friday, March 27, in order to present your work regarding LGBTQA+ and intersecting topics. We’ll see you at the Symposium on Friday, April 17.
03/05/2020 • 12:17pm
Pace’s Got Talent

Pace’s Got Talent (PLV)

This is your moment, Pace U! Apply by Friday, March 13, to perform any and all of your talents at the Programming Board’s annual Pace’s Got Talent event. You’ll compete not only for bragging rights, but for the grand prize: $100.
03/05/2020 • 12:13pm
2020 Setter Leadership Awards

2020 Setter Leadership Awards (NYC)

The annual Setter Leadership Awards are almost here. Nominate outstanding individuals and organizations for their exemplary leadership by Thursday, March 12. Get the recognition you deserve!
03/05/2020 • 12:11pm
Faculty Art Show

Faculty Art Show (PLV)

Join the Art Department on Wednesday, March 11, for an exclusive exhibit of original art by Pace faculty! There will be hors d’oeuvres and a raffle where you could win a free Bluetooth speaker or sound-activated LED lights.
03/05/2020 • 12:06pm
March Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pace University is closely monitoring the evolving public health situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Read on to learn more about the University's updated travel policies, support offered by University Health Care, and more.
03/05/2020 • 12:02pm
my pace path, student profile, nathan siegel

The PR Specialist

Presidents Scholar Nathan Siegel ’20 is a specialist in communications with several internships and Pace Press credits to his name. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work the premiere of Netflix’s Black Mirror that solidified his passion for PR.
02/28/2020 • 11:15am
safety and security events, safety and security training

Safety and Security Events: Spring 2020

Be prepared for a variety of emergency situations thanks to the Pace Safety and Security Training series. Learn potentially life-saving medical procedures, how to respond to unexpected hazards, and much more this spring. Stay safe!
02/27/2020 • 3:50pm
pace summer housing

Pace Summer Housing 2020

Did you sign up for summer classes? What about eyeing an internship? Pace offers housing even when most people are on break. Register to dorm on the PLV or NYC campus for access to a variety of Pace facilities, not to mention a central locale.
02/27/2020 • 3:48pm
Career Services Roundup, march 2020

Career Services Roundup: March 2020

Prep for the big Job and Internship Fair coming up on Wednesday, April 1, by grabbing a free outfit at the Pop-Up Career Closet, workshopping your resume and cover letter, perfecting your pitch, and so much more.
02/27/2020 • 3:46pm
PrideWorks 2020

PrideWorks 2020 (PLV)

The annual conference for LGBTQA+ youth and allies is coming to Pace! On Wednesday, March 18, join us for a day of workshops and seminars along with keynote speaker Nyle DiMarco, a model, actor, and Deaf activist.
02/27/2020 • 3:37pm
Athletics Roundup, pace athletics

Athletics Roundup: March 2020

It’s all about our intrepid Pace Setters this spring! Root, root, root for our baseball and softball teams, and cheer on our women’s and men’s lacrosse as they defend our turf against the competition.
02/27/2020 • 3:34pm
PLV Events Roundup

PLV Events Roundup: March 2020

Test your abilities at Guess That Song trivia night, challenge yourself at Fear Factor, compete in Silent Library, and come face-to-face with the wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center. The PLV Campus is bringing the heat!
02/27/2020 • 3:11pm
nyc campus events

NYC Events Roundup: March 2020

Battle of the Clubs. The Bachelor watch party. Let’s Talk About It series to combat mental health stigma. SDACA’s highly anticipated Culture Fest. Spring is coming, and so are events on the NYC Campus!
02/27/2020 • 2:19pm
mortola library game nights

Mortola Library Game Nights (PLV)

Are you a Monopoly whiz? What about an Apples to Apples enthusiast? How about a Settlers of Catan strategist? The Mortola Library is hosting several game nights! Friday, March 6, is the next one. Come for pizza and plenty of competition.
02/27/2020 • 12:00pm
my pace path, student profile, Alexander Romans

The Late-Night Artist

Alexander Romans ’21 only started painting last summer, but he’s already taking the art world by storm. Known as Harris-Lee Rose, he’s been featured in art exhibitions both locally and internationally, and he’s even posting videos of his late-night painting sessions.
02/18/2020 • 3:02pm
first-generation college students, first-gen proud campaign

First-Gen Proud Campaign

Are you a first-generation college student? Want to share a little bit about your story with the entire Pace Community? We want to hear from you! Submit to be featured on Orca screens across both campuses.
02/18/2020 • 12:45pm
The Future of Meat?, resilience summit, dyson

The Future of Meat? (NYC)

Did you know Americans eat four times as much meat than the global average? On Friday, March 6, Dyson will examine this phenomenon at a one-day conference focusing on sustainability in the era of global heating.
02/18/2020 • 12:02pm
Black Excellence Banquet, plv campus, black student union

Black Excellence Banquet (PLV)

The fifth annual Black Excellence Banquet is here! Join the Black Student Union on Saturday, February 29, as they celebrate black excellence and all their important accomplishments on the PLV Campus.
02/18/2020 • 11:50am
Julio Down by the Schoolyard, ppa, pace performing arts

Julio Down by the Schoolyard (NYC)

Starting Tuesday, February 25, join Pace Performing Arts as they perform a new play examining the fear and outrage that ignited in Jackson Heights following the murder of Julio Rivera, a gay Puerto Rican man.
02/18/2020 • 11:06am
my pace path, student profile, Angie Siguenza

The Financial Executive

SGA’s Executive Vice President Angie Siguenza ’21 is a first-gen student who speaks three languages, landed a spot in the prestigious Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Camp, and, oh yeah, she even boxes.
02/13/2020 • 4:17pm
Dyson Seminars, Spring 2020, humanities and social sciences

Dyson Seminars: Spring 2020 (NYC)

From the social construction of New York to Spain’s “Pact of Silence” to the identity of Canadian Kashubs, Dyson is inviting expert speakers to deliver seminars that will expand your cultural awareness in humanities and the social sciences.
02/13/2020 • 1:10pm
tacos, taco tuesday, food events

Order Up! Tasty Events

Did somebody say Taco Tuesday? Pace is serving up a ton of tasty events that will sate any sweet (or savory) tooth. We’re talking cupcakes, snacks, and one big banquet you won’t want to miss.
02/13/2020 • 1:01pm
Pace at Night

Pace at Night: Spring 2020

Movie nights. Fashion show. Paint n’ sip. Hypnotism. Open mic. Pace is open late, so if you’re looking for fun events to attend after your study sessions, look no further. There’s always something happening on campus!
02/13/2020 • 12:49pm
Job Alert: Associated Press

Job Alert: Associated Press

Get paid to work with the Associated Press during the 2020 US Primary and General Elections! Training begins Thursday, February 27, so punch that ticket and cast your name into the fray.
02/13/2020 • 12:34pm
Pace Votes 2020

Pace Votes 2020

With the US presidential primaries heating up, CCAR is offering a one stop shop for all your voting needs. Join them on Wednesday, March 25, and Wednesday, April 22, to engage in the discussion and get your questions answered!
02/13/2020 • 12:28pm
Commencement, Class of 2020, singers and speakers

Be a Commencement Singer or Speaker

It’s your turn to share with the class—the Class of 2020, that is. Auditions are now open for Commencement singers and speakers! Schedule by Friday, March 13, for an opportunity to address your fellow graduating Setters.
02/13/2020 • 12:13pm
All Black Affair, black student union

All Black Affair (NYC)

Celebrate the Black Student Union’s 50th anniversary at Pace on Friday, February 28. It’s all about black tie, black-owned businesses, and black excellence.
02/13/2020 • 12:11pm
Brown Bag Lunch with the Provost

Brown Bag Lunch with the Provost

Free for lunch? Come hang out with Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD, on Wednesday, February 26 (NYC), or Monday, March 2 (PLV). There will be refreshments and great discussions.
02/13/2020 • 11:54am
Nick Louisma, my pace path, student profile

The IT Entrepreneur

First-gen student Nick Louisma ’20 wanted the best of both worlds when he came to Pace: a major in information systems with a minor in business. Now, he’s honing his skills in cybersecurity while hoping to one day earn his MBA.
02/06/2020 • 12:41pm
SunflowerHack 2020

SunflowerHack 2020 (NYC)

Calling all coders: Pace Women in Tech will be hosting an all-day hackathon on Saturday, February 29. No previous coding experience required! Just bring your laptop and get ready to compete for prizes.
02/06/2020 • 10:18am
lgbtqa+ and social justice center, spring 2020 events

Creating Community: Spring 2020 (NYC)

The LGBTQA+ and Social Justice Center is back in action with weekly discussion groups, workshops, events, and more. Brighten up your spring semester and join them as they continue to facilitate safe spaces on the NYC Campus.
02/06/2020 • 10:16am
Opportunities at Pace 2020

Opportunity at Pace 2020

From a storytelling fellowship to a travel fund for academic conferences to a social impact leadership development program, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of opportunity! Bring your A-game and apply now.
02/06/2020 • 9:53am
Lubin Round Table, guest speaker series, Spring 2020

Lubin Round Table: Spring 2020

Your next networking opportunity is here! Join Lubin and their lineup of guest speakers at the highly anticipated Round Table series. You’ll receive expert advice from c-suite leaders in business, and even get a chance to meet them.
02/06/2020 • 9:38am
Pride Hoops Night 2020, Pace Athletics

Pride Hoops Night 2020 (PLV)

Break out the blue and gold with your pride flags, Setters! On Tuesday, February 11, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will be proudly celebrating the LGBTQA+ community here at Pace during their doubleheader.
02/06/2020 • 9:26am
president marvin krislov, pace university president

From the Desk of the President

Spring 2020 is here! Pace President Marvin Krislov has a few words for all returning students about what to expect in the semester—and years—ahead.
02/06/2020 • 9:22am
Mindfulness Month Spring 2020

Mindfulness Month: Spring 2020

Therapy dogs. Sip n’ paint. Adult coloring books. Dodgeball. LGBTQA+ mental health workshop. February is all about mindfulness techniques as you embark on the spring semester. Take advantage!
02/06/2020 • 9:09am
Pace Jobs, Spring 2020

Pace Jobs: Spring 2020

Looking for a J-O-B? Pace University offers employment opportunities to students who are interested in working on campus. Read on to learn more about available opportunities and how to get started.
02/06/2020 • 9:04am
2020 summer sessions at pace

Summer Sessions 2020

Design for the Internet. Propaganda. Problem-Solving Using LEGO Robotics. Whatever your interest, there’s a class for you! Choose from a variety of online classes and take advantage of this unique opportunity to get ahead.
01/30/2020 • 5:21pm
st. julia clair, student profile, my pace path

The Wise Wordsmith

To-be double alumna Julia St. Clair ’20 has written personal essays, screenplays, teleplays, and even acts in her spare time—all while pursuing an MS in Publishing. But did you know she’s also a Grateful Dead fan?
01/30/2020 • 3:50pm
IPE, Night of Original Works, International Performance Ensemble

IPE’s Night of Original Work (NYC)

Starting Friday, February 7, Pace’s International Performance Ensemble will present their original work developed by students in the BA in Acting and BA in Directing programs. Celebrate their successes before they graduate!
01/30/2020 • 11:57am
Undergrad Research Program

Undergrad Research Program

The limit does not exist on topics you can get funded to research. Attend an info session on either Friday, February 21 (PLV Campus), or Thursday, February 27 (NYC Campus), to learn more about Pace’s Undergrad Research Program.
01/30/2020 • 11:44am
Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is proud to host the 20th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration on Tuesday, February 18 (NYC Campus), and Wednesday, February 19 (PLV Campus). Join the discussion honoring his indelible legacy.
01/30/2020 • 11:36am

Art Exhibit: Digestive Systems (NYC)

How we produce and consume food on a daily basis isn’t something we often have to think about. Starting Tuesday, February 4, the Art Department invites you to explore this process in a breakout new art exhibit.
01/30/2020 • 11:32am
pace food pantries, vegetables

Pace Food Pantries: Spring 2020

Three nutritious meals a day is a human right. Visit the Pace Mobile Food Pantry (PLV Campus) or the Provisions Food Pantry (NYC Campus) for a selection of fresh food to take with you.
01/30/2020 • 11:28am
Debating for Democracy Conference

Debating for Democracy Conference

On Friday, February 28, CCAR will host an all-day conference exploring the strategy of successful grassroots campaigns. Learn how best to promote your message from the experts. Free bus service from the PLV Campus!
01/30/2020 • 11:13am
Valentine's Day, Valentine's Week 2020

Valentine’s Week 2020

You’re invited to celebrate—or scorn, we don’t judge—Valentine’s Day at events on both campuses. Crush a love ballad at karaoke, enjoy a movie screening, sate that sweet tooth with chocolate-covered strawberries, and more.
01/30/2020 • 11:10am
ōMA Spring 2020 Events

ōMA Spring 2020 Events (NYC)

Pledge Against Oppression. Social Justice Reading Club. Shades of Women Color Collective. Urban Male Initiative. Pace’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) have a Spring 2020 event lineup you won’t want to miss.
01/30/2020 • 10:57am
Laurianne Gutierrez, my pace path, student profile

The Political Reformer

Laurianne Gutierrez ’21 is proud of her Filipino heritage. She pursued political science because of it, co-launching the Pace Students Against Gun Violence organization and winning an award for her gun reform petition to Senator Chuck Schumer.
01/23/2020 • 2:04pm
oscars, oscar viewing party, new york city events

NYC Events Roundup: January–February

Behind the scenes with David Dobrik. Oscars screening party. Taco Tuesday. Sip n’ paint. Hypnotist performance. Open Mic Night. Graduation countdown party. Spring 2020 is here, and you’ll find plenty of ways to keep busy on the NYC Campus.
01/23/2020 • 11:18am
pancakes, breakfast, pleasantville events

PLV Events Roundup: January–February

Pancake breakfast. Lunar New Year celebration. Dodgeball tournament. Campus Involvement Fair. Sex positivity promotion. Come kick off Spring 2020 at one of the many events happening on the PLV Campus!
01/23/2020 • 11:08am
spring into entrepreneurship

Spring Into Entrepreneurship (NYC)

Bring all your biggest and brightest ideas to the table, PaceU, because the Entrepreneurship Lab and Small Business Development Center are rolling out a ton of unique opportunities in Spring 2020! Learn how to launch the next big business.
01/23/2020 • 10:41am
career fair, career services, networking

Career Services Roundup: January–February

It may still be cold out, but the opportunities at Career Services are heating up. Meet directly with reps from a variety of industries, attend the Multimedia Fair, get down to business at LinkedIn Lab, and so much more.
01/23/2020 • 10:33am
athletics roundup, pace athletics, women's basketball

Athletics Roundup: January–February

Fresh off winter break, the men’s and women’s basketball teams invite you to cheer them on, and of course, to attend their annual Pride Hoops Night where they celebrate Pace’s LGBTQA+ community. Setters never stop!
01/23/2020 • 10:15am
Alternative Spring Break 2020

Alternative Spring Break 2020

If you’d like to give back and volunteer your time to those in need during your spring break, look no further. CCAR is rolling out info sessions on Friday, January 31, and Wednesday, February 5, on both campuses for a unique—and fulfilling—opportunity!
01/23/2020 • 9:57am
study abroad fairs

Study Abroad Fairs: Spring 2020

Portugal. France. Ireland. Japan. Germany. Switzerland. Where will YOU choose to go on your study abroad adventure? Attend an info session on Tuesday, February 4 (NYC), or Wednesday, February 5 (PLV), to find out.
01/23/2020 • 9:52am
to-do list, coffee, pencil, note taking

On Track for Spring

When is the last day to add a class? How do I add a minor? Can I still switch my major? If you’ve got any of these questions, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about important dates and deadlines and get the how-tos on advising.
01/23/2020 • 9:49am
state of the university address

State of the University Address 2020

On Monday, February 3, join the Pace Community for President Krislov’s annual State of the University Address, as he discusses Our Strong Future.
01/23/2020 • 9:40am
state of the university address our strong future monday, februrary 3, 2020

2020 State of the University Address

President Krislov is coming to your campus on Monday, February 3, 2020, to discuss where things stand at Pace today and how we’re charting a path forward.

01/10/2020 • 5:55pm

PaceCast: Setter Service

For the latest episode of PaceCast, President Krislov chats with CCAR Associate Director Heather Novak, Executive Director of the Pace Women's Justice Center Cindy Kanusher, and Jefferson Award for Public Service winner Laurianne Gutierrez ’21 about the importance of service on campus.
12/19/2019 • 4:38pm
John Carlo Bautista, student profile, my pace path

The Risk Analyst

John Carlo Bautista ’21 rose up the ranks working at Pace Mart, PLV’s student-run business, to become HR Manager. As an aspiring risk analyst with professional experience across several industries, he’s got his future planned out.
12/05/2019 • 4:28pm
US College Student Survey 2021

US College Student Survey 2021

Got 10 minutes? Share your Pace experience by taking the Times Higher Education US College Student Survey. Your participation will help prospective students all over the world decide where to pursue their degree.
12/05/2019 • 12:53pm
commencement 2020

Getting Ready to Walk

There are only a few months left until Commencement! If you’ll be walking in May 2020, be sure to note the deadlines for registration and ordering your cap and gown. We can’t wait to celebrate you on the big day.
12/05/2019 • 11:20am
Pace Magazine, Fall 2019

Pace Magazine: Fall 2019

Are you keeping up with Pace Magazine? Catch the latest issue featuring 15 alumni-owned businesses including Nom Wah (Wilson Tang ’00), Woops! (Gal Danay ’09 and Pooja Chandnani Danay ’09), Drive Change (Jordyn Lexton ’12), and more!
12/05/2019 • 11:15am
Student Film Screening, Fall 2019

Student Film Screening: Fall 2019 (NYC)

Lights. Camera. Setters! On Monday, December 16, Film and Screen Studies students will unveil the work they wrote, produced, and directed themselves. Come meet the next generation of visionary filmmakers.
12/05/2019 • 11:14am
Pace Athletics, basketball games, plv campus

Study Break with Pace Athletics (PLV)

Pizza, hot dogs, soda, and supporting your Pace Setters! On Tuesday, December 10, take a break from studying at the back-to-back Men’s and Women’s Basketball games. You just might win a free t-shirt, too.
12/05/2019 • 11:12am
Leadership Excursion 2020

Leadership Excursion 2020

Student Affairs invite you to join them on their fourth annual Leadership Excursion the weekend of Saturday, February 15. This year they’ll be exploring the historic monuments, museums, and attractions in Philadelphia.
12/05/2019 • 10:56am
Inside the Actors Studio, Treat Williams, Alec Baldwin

Inside the Actors Studio: Treat Williams

Iconic television personality Alec Baldwin will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Wednesday, December 18. Join us when he interviews celebrated actor, writer, and aviator Treat Williams.
12/05/2019 • 9:04am
Bulldog dressed as a doctor the dogtor will see you now therapy dogs at pace university

Therapy Dogs 2019

Finals are here. You’re stressed. You’re feeling under the weather. Lucky for you, the dogtors will see you…in both NYC and PLV.
11/26/2019 • 2:15pm

Your Thoughts on Pace

Want to tell The Princeton Review about your experience as a Pace student? Want to win $50 in Flex Dollars? Eager for an Amazon gift card? Here’s your chance to do it all.
11/26/2019 • 10:39am
finals week 2019 resources book laptop coffee notebook desk area

The Final(s) Countdown

With study season in full swing, consider this a friendly check-in. Are you taking advantage of the Counseling and Tutoring centers? What about stress management sessions at the library? We’re here for you during finals!
11/22/2019 • 3:14pm
dining services at pace

Eat Up 2019

Dining on campus is an integral part of student life at Pace. From food to feedback and from gluten-free to GrubHub, here are some of the improvements we’ve made when it comes to on-campus dining.
11/22/2019 • 2:15pm
Hifza Rahim, Sushmitha Muddat, Manushi Dave, my pace path, student profile

The Winners’ Circle

Grad students Hifza Rahim ’19, Sushmitha Mudda ’20, and Manushi Dave ’20, just won the top prize at A+E Networks’ 2019 Interactive Case Competition for their new streaming model pitch. And they beat out Ivy Leagues!
11/22/2019 • 11:56am
Midnight Breakfast at Pace University Cartoon of coffee toast bacon and eggs

Breakfast Club: Midnight Edition

Join your fellow Setters for one of Pace’s tastiest traditions: the end-of-semester midnight breakfast! Events are happening on December 5 (NYC) and December 9 (PLV). What a way to wrap up the Fall 2019 semester!
11/21/2019 • 4:38pm
career services roundup: december 2019 illustration of laptop open on a lap

Career Services Roundup: December 2019

Before you head out for winter break, be sure to brush up your resume and get your cover letter reviewed at a Career Services workshop this month! They’re offering tips and tricks for interviewing, too, just in time for an opportunity in the new year.
11/21/2019 • 3:00pm
nyc events round up: december 2019 microphone

NYC Events Roundup: December 2019

We’re ramping up to winter break with events like comedy shows, an ’80s aerobics class, acoustic night, ice skating, and plenty of parties—with food! Let’s close out the fall semester in a BIG way.
11/21/2019 • 1:22pm
PLV events roundup: december 2019 photo of sheep

PLV Events Roundup: December 2019

Beat the chill (and chill out!) with paint night, a Nature Center animals meet-up, open mic night, fall play performances, and a pizza party extravaganza that might convert you to pineapple toppings. Maybe. We’re not promising anything.
11/21/2019 • 1:18pm
DancesPace 2019 with date and time information

DancesPace 2019

PPA’s commercial dance students let it all jazz, tap, and hip hop out for their annual showcase starting Friday, December 6. This annual showcase features a semester’s work of craft and dance.
11/21/2019 • 1:16pm
winter break information

See You in Spring!

As the Fall 2019 semester comes to a close, here is the information you need to know as a residential student on Pace’s NYC and PLV campuses. Read on for info about check-out, hall closure, spring move-in, and more!
11/21/2019 • 1:14pm
setter success stories

Setter Success Stories 2019

We’re celebrating recent wins and successes from our P4K dance participants, SOE grad students, Model United Nations team, grad student media mavens, and yet another national championship from the College Federal Reserve Challenge team. Setters never stop!
11/21/2019 • 1:01pm
'tis the season at pace 2019 happy snowman

2019 Holiday Celebrations at Pace

’Tis the season, Setters! We’re ramping up to winter break with a whole slew of spirited events to get you in the holiday spirit. Ice skating in Central Park, the 15th Annual Holiday Bazaar, a party inspired by The Office, and more.
11/21/2019 • 12:52pm
lovid, thread through the eye, art installation

LoVid: Thread Through the Eye (NYC)

Join dynamic art duo Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus, better known as LoVid, on Tuesday, December 3, for a showing of their latest art installation that combines digital and analog processes. There will also be a lecture!
11/21/2019 • 12:44pm
pace tournaments, challenges

New Challenger Approaching

Bring your A-game to a chess tournament, Smash Bros. challenge, or dodgeball face-off for the ultimate bragging rights—or simply to have a good time. All skill levels are welcome! Setters have serious game.
11/21/2019 • 12:37pm
good food for a good cause, baked goods, cookies

Good Food for a Good Cause

Setters are serving up cookies, cupcakes, and more for a good cause! Join in Active Minds’ efforts to combat mental health stigma, help HeForShe in their fundraising efforts, and meet with Alpha Chi Rho to raise awareness about autism.
11/21/2019 • 12:27pm
imposter syndrome talk

Let’s Talk About It: Imposter Syndrome (NYC)

Imposter syndrome is a very real phenomenon that many students face. Learn more on Monday, December 2, when Pace Women in Tech take on this important topic and share their experiences as women in STEM.
11/21/2019 • 12:24pm
Inside the Actors Studio, Lupita Nyong’o, Uzo Aduba

Inside the Actors Studio: Lupita Nyong’o

On November 25, you’re invited to a taping of Inside the Actors Studio with guest host and award-winning actress Uzo Aduba. She will be joined by Lupita Nyong’o, an award-winning actress, producer, and NYT bestselling author.
11/19/2019 • 10:28am
joseph allen, student profile, my pace path

The Artistic Athlete

Art major Joseph Allen ’20 has used his graphic design talents to build his brand as a fitness trainer. Now he’s a sought-after instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, and he even got a feature on Good Morning America! It’s no wonder he’s known as “Fit to Conquer.”
11/15/2019 • 11:01am
library resources, mortola library, birnbaum library

Library Resource Roundup

It’s not just about late-night study sessions at Pace. Uncover all the secrets the Birnbaum and Mortola libraries have to offer—from resources to events to little-known nooks, there’s something to learn and discover if you only read between the lines.
11/14/2019 • 4:02pm
International Education Week 2019

International Education Week 2019

It may be International Education Week, but here at Pace, we believe in global learning all year long. Join us for a meet and greet, learn new phrases in another language over lunch, and more. Where will your Pace education take you?
11/14/2019 • 3:01pm
planned parenthood, panel

Talk with Planned Parenthood (PLV)

Join the Student Government Association TONIGHT when representatives from Planned Parenthood provide important information on all the services and resources available to you. Pizza will be served!
11/14/2019 • 12:35pm

Get Your Head in the Game

Dodgeball. Hip hop class. Fitness boot camp. Volleyball night (with food!). Step up, Setters—if you’re looking for a challenge this semester, look no further. These events will help work off stress and keep you focused.
11/14/2019 • 12:30pm
Spoken Word Night, aman batra, poetry

Spoken Word Night with Aman Batra (PLV)

Nationally recognized writer and performance poet Aman Batra is visiting on Tuesday, November 19, to share her work! Stop by for an evening of creativity and inspiration from a talented poet in the biz.
11/14/2019 • 12:23pm
Stacie Morgan, stem, ups, networking

Lunch and Learn with Stacie Morgan (NYC)

Grab your lunch and get ready to talk tech. Senior App Development Manager Stacie Morgan is visiting TODAY to discuss her innovative work at UPS and her experience in STEM. She’s a Pace alumna, too!
11/14/2019 • 12:15pm
Safety and Security Training

Safety and Security Training (PLV)

Pace Safety and Security will be hosting an important training session on Tuesday, November 19. Learn what to do in the event of a weather-related emergency, and receive a free preparedness kit to get you started.
11/14/2019 • 12:01pm
Ballet Hispánico

Ballet Hispánico (NYC)

Join the Rotaract club on Friday, November 22, for a powerful performance at the iconic Apollo Theater. Ballet Hispánico will challenge stereotypes and lift up the voices of Latinx women through dance.
11/14/2019 • 11:54am
opportunity at pace, scholarships, fellowships

Opportunity at Pace 2019

Looking for a scholarship? What about a fellowship program? How about becoming an Orientation Leader this summer? We got you covered! There are many opportunities to receive funding for your work—just be sure to note the application deadlines.
11/14/2019 • 11:44am
my pace path, student profile, Angelina Prevete

The Impactful Accountant

Public accounting major Angelina Prevete ’22 has planned conferences, launched a volunteer opportunity that won her an award, and even interned at Estée Lauder—twice! Look out, world. Prevete is making a serious impact.
11/07/2019 • 2:55pm
Faculty-Led Programs, study abroad, map

Faculty-Led Programs: Spring 2020

Earn credits, explore your passions, and expand your world. Apply by Friday, November 15, for the chance to travel to China, Costa Rica, England, France, Sweden, and more destinations. You could earn up to 6 credits!
11/07/2019 • 11:37am
pacecast, podcast

PaceCast: Diversity and Inclusion

At Pace, Opportunitas is for every single student, faculty, and staff member who walks through our doors. President Krislov chats with our Chief Diversity Officer Tiffany Hamilton to discuss the ways Pace is embodying this mission.
11/07/2019 • 11:22am
pace means business

Pace Means Business

Looking to break into business? Catch a workshop from the Small Business Development Center, join the Entrepreneurship Lab for an exclusive panel, and hear from Greek life alumni about their successes after graduation.
11/07/2019 • 11:07am
p.a.c.e. board unleashed, concert

P.A.C.E. Board Unleashed 2019 (NYC)

Hey, we just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s this event, so grab tickets maybe? Hot girl summer rides again on Thursday, November 14, as Megan Thee Stallion and Carly Rae Jepsen take the stage.
11/07/2019 • 11:04am
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019

Join us on Wednesday, November 20, when the Pace Community gathers to honor and remember those we have lost due to anti-trans violence. There will be discussion groups and a healing art installation for all who wish to attend.
11/07/2019 • 11:01am
strengths night, CliftonStrengths test

Strengths Night 2019 (PLV)

Developer. Achiever. Includer. Relator. Do you know your CliftonStrengths? Enter the lottery by TONIGHT for the chance to participate in SDACA’s Strengths Night! There will be food and trainings. Discover your hidden talents.
11/07/2019 • 10:58am
Amélie, pace performing arts

Amélie (NYC)

Based on the romantic comedy of the same name, Amélie is a musical about a dreamer who finds her voice. On Wednesday, November 20, PPA invites you on her journey—and to discover possibility around every corner.
11/07/2019 • 10:55am
welcome to the wood, a midsummer night's dream, pace performing arts

Welcome to the Wood (NYC)

Starting Wednesday, November 20, Express Yourself by exploring the depths of desire in PPA’s Madonna-inspired spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ay me, let’s Get Into The Groove with DJ Puck!
11/07/2019 • 10:49am
pace makes an impact, community service

Pace Makes an Impact

Each year, Pace contributes more than $1 billion to the New York metropolitan area’s economy and about 60,000 volunteer hours to local organizations. These are just a few of the big numbers complied by Pace’s Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship.
11/07/2019 • 10:45am
my pace path, student profile, sukh singh

The Veteran Educator

Marine Corps veteran Sukh Singh ’21 is passionate about advocacy and service. Through his work with the Student Veterans Association and Alpha Phi Delta, he hopes to one day become an educator just like the ones who inspired him.
10/31/2019 • 4:01pm
thanksgiving at pace, table, fall, seasonal

Thanksgiving at Pace 2019

Gift market. Craft-making. Friendsgiving. Plenty of food. Come together and give thanks with your fellow Setters! There are Thanksgiving-themed events on both the NYC and Pleasantville Campuses, and you’re invited.
10/31/2019 • 1:32pm
ccar, Center for Community Action and Research, volunteerism

CCAR Events: November 2019

There are so many ways to give back to the community. Join the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) when they smash stereotypes, volunteer at Fashion for Action or Feeding Westchester, combat food insecurity, and more.
10/31/2019 • 1:23pm
NJ Transit train

Save on NJ Transit Monthly Passes

Did you know that as a full-time Pace student, you’re eligible to purchase monthly NJ Transit tickets at a 25 percent discount? You can buy it online! Grab your monthly pass and start saving right away.
10/31/2019 • 12:45pm
Hands-Only CPR Training

Hands-Only CPR Training (NYC)

A lifesaving technique is within reach. Learn hands-only CPR on Tuesday, November 12, from a team of experienced medical experts. You could help gain precious time for someone experiencing cardiac arrest.
10/31/2019 • 12:43pm
Dr. Nelli Gluzman, meetup

Meet Dr. Nelli Gluzman (NYC)

Pace alumna Dr. Nelli Gluzman ’06 didn’t follow a traditional career path. On Wednesday, November 13, hear more about how she went from graduating with a BS in Mathematics to founding a medical group for children.
10/31/2019 • 12:41pm
athletics roundup, pace athletics, women's soccer

Athletics Roundup: November–December 2019

It’s another busy season for Pace Athletics! Show your Setter pride and support the football, field hockey, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams.
10/31/2019 • 12:37pm
NYC Events Roundup, stage, shows, theater

NYC Events Roundup: November 2019

Lights up, NYC Campus! Catch a comedic play, enjoy an evening of music, swing by two movie screenings, and more. There’s so much to do during the whole month of November.
10/31/2019 • 12:18pm
PLV Events Roundup, cake decorating

PLV Events Roundup: November 2019

Smashing pumpkins. Cooking competition. Hot chocolate bar with all the tasty toppings you could want (plus donuts). The PLV Campus is in full fall swing—don’t miss out on these seasonal events!
10/31/2019 • 12:08pm
Career Services Roundup

Career Services Roundup: November 2019

Brush up on your resume, update your LinkedIn, participate in a first-gen career round table, meet reps in the STEM fields, and so much more! We’re rounding up all the opportunities from Career Services for November.
10/31/2019 • 11:46am
know your rights november 12 nyc campus illustration of diverse people

Know Your Rights (NYC)

Immigration reform is one of the most important issues of our time. On November 12, Pace’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and outside experts will discuss your rights and what you need to know in the current political climate.
10/25/2019 • 1:36pm
my pace path, student profile, kamari stewart

The Digital Journalist

Digital journalism major Kamari Stewart ’20 always gets the scoop. She’s double minoring in politics and public relations, and she recently landed a coveted internship at NBCUniversal working on the TODAY show.
10/24/2019 • 4:03pm
p4k, pace 4 kids dance marathon

Register for the P4K Dance Marathon! (PLV)

We’re busting a move on Saturday, November 16, to raise money for children at Westchester Medical Center. Join us! There will be food, prizes, and plenty of opportunity to throw down on the dance floor—all for a good cause.
10/24/2019 • 12:23pm
fabulosity 2019

Fabulosity 2019 (PLV)

Did someone say drag show with an all-you-can-eat candy bar? Join Pride at Pace on Thursday, November 14, for their annual drag show featuring Pace performers! You could win prizes, too.
10/24/2019 • 12:18pm
Dr. Deborah McCauley

A Talk with Dr. Deborah McCauley (PLV)

How are we keeping endangered wildlife healthy in their native habitat? On Wednesday, November 20, veterinarian Dr. Deborah McCauley will discuss her crucial work with endangered wildlife all over the world.
10/24/2019 • 12:08pm
National First-Gen Day Celebration

National First-Gen Day Celebration (NYC)

On Friday, November 8, first-generation Pace students, faculty, and staff are invited for refreshments and a special activity that will be displayed for everyone to enjoy. We’re first-gen proud!
10/24/2019 • 12:05pm
Political Dynamics in Southeast Asia

Political Dynamics in Southeast Asia (NYC)

What role are religious communities and leaders playing in civic life in Southeast Asia today? Learn more on Friday, November 8, during a full-day conference and exclusive screening of the documentary Exiled.
10/24/2019 • 11:56am
Conway Shui, talk, networking

Leadership Talk: Conway Shui (NYC)

Senior Vice President of Executive Search at CBS Conway Shui is visiting on Wednesday, November 6, to share his extensive expertise. Learn about what recruiters look for in candidates and how to leverage your talent!
10/24/2019 • 11:31am
January 2020 Intersession

January 2020 Intersession

Latin American Cinema. The Social History of Sports. Men and Masculinities. Gender, Race, and Class. International Finance. Catch up on credits by registering for January Intersession. You could earn 3 credits in 4 weeks!
10/24/2019 • 11:20am
pace athletics, together we will

Pace Athletics: Together We Will Campaign

Big news from Pace Athletics! Their new campaign, Together We Will, is committed to investing in the future of our Setter student-athletes thanks to the efforts of Pace teams, coaches, and staff. On and off the field, Pace Athletics make it happen.
10/24/2019 • 11:03am
my pace path, student profile, Connor Morgan

The Skilled Cinematographer

Communication Studies major Connor Morgan ’21 has some serious Setter spirit. He’s the cinematographer behind many of the Pace-branded videos you’ve seen on social media. Did you know he’s also a wedding videographer, too?
10/17/2019 • 4:37pm
Refreshments Roundup 2019

Refreshments Roundup 2019

Smashing pumpkins (and stereotypes). Pepero Day. Pizza and trivia. “Wine” down with mocktails. We hope you’re hungry, because there are a ton of food-related events coming up at Pace. Dig in!
10/17/2019 • 12:51pm
diwali, nyc campus

Diwali 2019 (NYC)

Celebrate Diwali on Friday, October 25, with Pace International! They’re pulling out all the stops for the festival of lights with Indian cuisine, a live DJ, and plenty of dancing. President Krislov will be there, too. Just saying.
10/17/2019 • 12:18pm
Town Hall: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Town Hall: Alcohol and Other Drugs (NYC)

According to a recent study, 5.1 million young people reported binge drinking at least once in the last month. On Wednesday, October 30, reps from the medial field and nonprofit agencies will discuss how we can combat this growing epidemic.
10/17/2019 • 12:16pm
One Day Immersion 2019

One Day Immersion 2019 (NYC)

You’re tomorrow’s industry innovators. On Friday, November 1, get the chance to network with top executives in media, entertainment, and technology for one powerful day of opportunity and insight.
10/17/2019 • 12:15pm
Poets @ Pace: Fall 2019

Poets @ Pace: Fall 2019 (NYC)

Celebrated poets Michael Lally and Nadia Owusu ’05 will be visiting on Monday, November 4, to give an exclusive reading. Come get inspired, participate in the Q&A, and enjoy some refreshments!
10/17/2019 • 12:13pm
IPE, Cult Classics and Post Mortem

IPE’s Cult Classics and Post Mortem (NYC)

Starting Friday, October 25, the Pace's International Performance Ensemble Class of 2022 will present their devised works developed entirely by students in the BA in Acting and BA in Directing programs.
10/17/2019 • 11:55am
National Transfer Student Week 2019

National Transfer Student Week 2019 (NYC)

Pizza. Networking. Workshops. Insomnia Cookies (yeah, really). Pace is celebrating National Transfer Student Week! Stop by to learn more about your unique advantage as a transfer student.
10/17/2019 • 11:53am
Leadership Conferences: Fall 2019

Leadership Conferences: Fall 2019

You’re on your way to becoming an influencer. We get that. Keep up the momentum by taking part in one of the many leadership conferences this fall. You can submit a talk, take part in a workshop, and so much more.
10/17/2019 • 11:49am
Thank a Donor Day 2019

Thank-a-Donor Day 2019

Help us express our appreciation to donors who support the education of Pace students on Tuesday, November 5, and Wednesday, November 6, by writing thank you cards! You’ll get a chance to win a Visa gift card.
10/17/2019 • 11:47am
spirit week, homecoming

Spirit Week: Homecoming Edition (PLV)

Pace’s PLV Campus is kicking Homecoming 2019 into high-gear with a series of Spirit Week events guaranteed to make you feel some serious Pace pride.
10/17/2019 • 11:25am
my pace path, student profile, Jessica Jiménez

The Pioneering Physician Assistant

Soon-to-be double alumna Jessica Jiménez ’19 first earned her BA in Psychology from Pace, only to pursue the competitive MS in Physician Assistant Studies, which she’ll be graduating from December 2019. Talk about ambition!
10/10/2019 • 1:23pm
pace gives back

Pace Gives Back

Clothing swaps. Pageant shows. Obstacle courses. Bra competition (you read that right). Setters are raising awareness about important issues and giving back in a big way this Fall 2019. Join them at these events!
10/10/2019 • 12:25pm
advising period

2019 Advising Period

Know what classes you’re going to take next semester? Registration for Spring 2020 is coming up fast. Make an appointment with your advisor before the rush! Their time slots fill up quickly the later it gets.
10/10/2019 • 12:22pm
election day resources

Pace Votes 2020

So you’re registered to vote. Now what? Learn more about the Presidential primaries and their policies, get the low-down on Election Day processes, jump on the #PaceVotes2020 initiative, and more!
10/10/2019 • 12:19pm
guys and dolls

Guys and Dolls (NYC)

What do a gambler, a missionary, a showgirl, and a dice game manager have in common? Find out starting Wednesday, October 23, when Pace Performing Arts puts on the celebrated musical comedy Guys and Dolls!
10/10/2019 • 12:07pm
fast-forward, documentary

Fast-Forward Documentary Screening

If you could step into old age right now, would it change your approach to aging? On Wednesday, October 30, join us for an exclusive documentary and panel discussion that could challenge your preconceived notions about getting older.
10/10/2019 • 12:05pm
flu vaccines

Register for a Flu Vaccine

Fall might be in full swing (finally), but so is flu season. Register for an appointment with University Health Care today! Flu vaccines are available now.
10/10/2019 • 11:57am
brown bag lunch with the provost

Brown Bag Lunch with the Provost

Join Pace Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD, for a working lunch! She’s hosting this exclusive networking opportunity on Wednesday, October 23 (NYC Campus), and Monday, October 28 (PLV Campus). Come snack and chat.
10/10/2019 • 11:55am
ethnic night

Ethnic Night (NYC)

You don’t have to hop on a flight to get a taste of European culture! Join SDACA on Tuesday, October 15, for a night of food and festivities that will introduce you to a variety of new places. Test your knowledge at trivia, win prizes, and meet new folks.
10/10/2019 • 11:54am
q-camp applications

2019 Q-Camp Applications

Queer and trans students across both Pace campuses are invited to a leadership retreat in November! Get your applications in by Friday, November 1, for a weekend-long trip to Fishkill, NY.
10/10/2019 • 11:48am
student profile, my pace path, Cristina Rosario Pérez

The Student-Achiever

From Puerto Rico to Pace, Cristina Rosario Pérez ’23 has overcome incredible odds in the wake of Hurricane Maria. She’s a passionate student-athlete with an interest in marketing, and she doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her goals.
10/03/2019 • 3:00pm
Halloween at Pace 2019

Halloween at Pace 2019

Movies, treats, and parties, oh my! At Pace, we don’t just celebrate Halloween once—across both campuses, you’ll find so many ways to get involved. Whether you’re into the spooky scene or just want to kick back with some candy corn, we got you.
10/03/2019 • 1:10pm
National Coming Out Day 2019

National Coming Out Day 2019

On Friday, October 11, Pace is celebrating National Coming Out Day in support of our LGBTQA+ community on both campuses! Express yourself at open mic, get featured in an art installation, and grab a rainbow bagel to keep you going.
10/03/2019 • 1:03pm
Pace Gets Creative

Pace Gets Creative

Art is everywhere at Pace. Contribute to an all-day LGBTQA+ art installation, sit in on an artist’s lecture exploring diasporic histories, paint to raise awareness about breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, and more.
10/03/2019 • 12:58pm
Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019 (PLV)

Pleasantville will be rockin’ on the weekend of Friday, October 25. We've got amazing food, the annual step and stroll show, the spirit parade, and a fierce athletics lineup. Register for Homecoming today!
10/03/2019 • 12:55pm
Desiree Reid, Executive in Residence

Fall 2019 Executive in Residence (NYC)

Pace alumna Desiree Reid ’82 is visiting on Thursday, October 17, to share her insights as one of the leading industry experts in business development, marketing, and branding. She has 20+ years of experience launching and growing brands!
10/03/2019 • 12:41pm
Graduate Open House 2019

Graduate Open House 2019

Grad school could be your next move. Join us on Wednesday, October 16 (NYC Campus), and Wednesday, October 30 (PLV Campus), to learn more about Pace’s 75+ advanced degree programs!
10/03/2019 • 12:39pm
Pace Talks

Talking Points (NYC)

The NYC Campus is getting chatty this month! Lend your voice to a TED Talk-style open forum, hear from a Tony Award-winning producer, get an in-depth look into a career in Hollywood from the experts, and more this October 2019.
10/03/2019 • 12:36pm
Creating a More Sustainable sPace

Creating a More Sustainable (s)Pace

There are so many ways to get involved in the sustainability movement here at Pace. Network with other like-minded environmentalists, catch a free documentary film screening, join one of the many student clubs, and so much more. Be the change you want to see!
10/03/2019 • 12:28pm
inside the actors studio hosted by latanya richardson jackson featuring special guest alfre woodard

Inside the Actors Studio: Alfre Woodard

Critically acclaimed actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Monday, October 14. Join us when she interviews Alfre Woodard, a prolific performer and passionate activist.
09/30/2019 • 4:22pm
Bryan Volpe, my pace path, student profile

The Motivational MD

Bryan Volpe ’20 is on the research team studying zebrafish in hopes of one day helping those affected by hearing loss. He’s also completed a staggering 561 hours at a local hospital—and he’s got his eye on med school.
09/26/2019 • 3:46pm
plv events, october 2019

PLV Events Roundup: October 2019

Go all in at Casino Night, face off against your friends with some kickball, dig in to some free sushi, have a field day (literally) for a good cause, and much more. These activities on the PLV Campus will keep you going all month.
09/26/2019 • 1:24pm
nyc events, october 2019

NYC Events Roundup: October 2019

Brush up that resume and break out your most profesh outfit, because the NYC Campus is hosting a ton of business events! Learn how to market yourself, sit in on a lecture series, grab some free coffee, and more.
09/26/2019 • 12:35pm
study abroad scholarships

2019 Study Abroad Scholarships

All set to study abroad this spring or summer? Got your bags packed for a faculty-led program? You could qualify for a scholarship! Deadlines are approaching fast, so be sure to apply soon.
09/26/2019 • 12:12pm
career services, october 2019

Career Services Roundup: October 2019

Brush up your resume, take a crash course on LinkedIn, hit up the Technology Fair, network with reps from big name companies, and more this month! Career Services is committed to making sure you’re market ready.
09/26/2019 • 12:07pm
writing workshops

Writing Workshops: Fall 2019

Create. Pitch. Submit. Pace artists of every discipline: come express yourself and see your work published in places like The Pace Press, The Pace Chronicle, the Alinéa Arts and Literary Journal, and APHROS Literary Magazine.
09/26/2019 • 11:58am
executive in residence, Kevin Bolen

Fall 2019 Executive in Residence (PLV)

Pace alumnus Kevin Bolen ’95 is visiting on Monday, October 14, to share his expert insights as principal for KPMG’s Strategic Growth Initiatives. Learn from the best who’s breaking new ground in business!
09/26/2019 • 11:54am
pace makes a difference day

Pace Makes a Difference Day 2019 (PLV)

Come together with us on Saturday, October 12, for the 12th annual Pace Makes a Difference Day! You’ll get to do good in the Westchester community and grab a free lunch for your generous efforts.
09/26/2019 • 11:51am
leadership opportunities

Take the Lead

Leadership Fair. Government and nonprofit networking. T-Bone auditions. If you’re looking to pick up a few leadership roles this semester, look no further! Many of these positions and opportunities will look great on a resume.
09/26/2019 • 11:45am
student success corner

Student Success Corner

Midterms are coming and so is the undergraduate registration period! Here’s your reminder to get in touch with your academic advisor, apply for graduation, or make that major change official.
09/26/2019 • 11:41am
inside the actors studio, laura dern, greta gerwig

Inside the Actors Studio: Laura Dern

Academy Award-nominated actress, writer, and director Greta Gerwig will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Wednesday, October 2. Join us when she interviews Laura Dern, a prolific storyteller set to star in Gerwig’s upcoming Little Women.
09/24/2019 • 10:57am

Meet and Greet (PLV)

You’re invited to a meet and greet in the Dean’s Lounge with the Dean for Students and her staff! Join us on Tuesday, October 1, for a cup of coffee and some snacks.
09/20/2019 • 3:30pm

Survey: Your Thoughts on Pace

We need your input! Pace University and our brand research partner, Mindpower, are conducting a survey of the Pace Community to gain deeper insights into how we all think and feel about Pace. Check your inbox on September 24 for your invitation to participate.
09/20/2019 • 1:11pm
nicole ojeda, student profile, my pace path

The Business Executive

International Management major Nicole Ojeda ’21 is the first in her family to go to college, and she’s risen the ranks on the NYC Campus. From executive secretary of Sabor Latino to executive president for SGA to vice president of Urban Sound, nothing can stop her!
09/19/2019 • 2:01pm
football, pace athletics, pace goes pink

Pace Goes Pink: Fall 2019 (PLV)

Catch a few great games and support an equally great cause on Saturday, October 5, and Saturday, October 12, when Pace Athletics goes pink to support breast cancer research. You’ll get some Setter swag!
09/19/2019 • 1:01pm
keeping pace, fall fitness events

Keeping Pace: Fall Fitness Events

Get into downward-facing dog with us as we tackle fall semester stress! There’s also a dance cardio class, combat fitness with veterans, martial arts session, and more. Let’s close out 2019 with a little stress-relieving fitness.
09/19/2019 • 12:19pm
hike with the dean

Hike with the Dean (PLV)

Lace up those boots, Setters, because you have a unique opportunity to hike with Dean for Students Rachel Carpenter! Explore different trails and snap plenty of Insta-worthy photos on Sunday, September 29, on a trail near Bear Mountain Bridge.
09/19/2019 • 12:03pm
cybersecurity in health care conference

Cybersecurity Health Care Conference (NYC)

Hear from high-profile cybersecurity experts on Thursday, October 3, at Seidenberg’s Third Annual Pace Cybersecurity Conference. The panel discussion will examine the biggest threats facing the health care industry today, as well as cutting-edge solutions.
09/19/2019 • 12:00pm
law day

Law Day 2019 (NYC)

If you’re considering law school after Pace, join us on Saturday, October 5, for a complete guide on admission, financial aid, recruiter networking, and more. There are so many resources available to you, and it all starts here. What, like it’s hard?
09/19/2019 • 11:57am
to clothe the naked, ppa

To Clothe the Naked (NYC)

Curtains up: Pace Performing Arts’ fall season begins Tuesday, October 1, with a compelling story about a young woman who dreams of becoming a character in a novelist’s new book. Tickets are available now!
09/19/2019 • 11:48am

PaceCast: Performing Arts Successes

Tune in for President Krislov’s latest episode of PaceCast where he chats with Pace’s School of Performing Arts’ current students, recent alumni, and distinguished faculty—all incredibly talented, and all with a story to tell.
09/19/2019 • 11:46am
careers in government and advocacy panel

Careers in Government and Advocacy (NYC)

The Wilson Center is hosting a panel discussion TONIGHT on career paths related to policy and legislation. You can make a difference! Hear from speakers currently working in government, nonprofits, and more.
09/19/2019 • 11:43am
karaoke, open mic, setter spotlight

Setter Spotlight 2019

Pace Idol. Feminist open mic night. Karaoke with a Disney twist. It’s your time to shine, Setters! Check out all the opportunities to take the mic in Fall 2019 on both campuses.
09/19/2019 • 11:41am
pride at pace, lgbtqa community

Pride at Pace: Fall 2019 (PLV)

Drag culture. Coming out. Queer career job search. Grab your coffee during common hour and join Pride at Pace for their LGBTQA+ Fall 2019 discussion series! They will be tackling important topics in an inclusive environment on the PLV Campus.
09/19/2019 • 10:55am
welcome back party

Welcome Back Party 2019

You’re invited to a welcome back party hosted by President Krislov and Provost Quiñones! Come celebrate the start of fall with food, fun, and karaoke on September 24 in PLV and October 1 in NYC.
09/12/2019 • 5:13pm
student profile, my pace path, kaitlyn houlihan

The Aspiring Judge

Kaitlyn Houlihan ’19 is set to graduate early this December with a major in political science and an eye on law school. She’s a passionate advocate for domestic violence survivors and wants to one day empower them as a judge.
09/12/2019 • 4:38pm
dark and moody photo of women dancing on the face of a clock with the words the wait room honoring women with incarcerated loved ones

The Wait Room (PLV)

Instability. Imprisonment. Isolation. The experiences women whose lives are impacted by the incarceration of a loved one are brought to the fore with this amazing dance production of The Wait Room.
09/12/2019 • 4:31pm
student-run success, plv campus, pace fit

Student-Run Success (PLV)

There are so many student-run businesses on the PLV Campus; from a late-night café to a mini convenience store to the most recent health food pit stop, Setters are what keep #PaceU running. Check them out!
09/12/2019 • 1:39pm
family weekend 2019

Family Weekend 2019

Pace is opening its doors—to your family! On Saturday, October 5 (PLV Campus), and starting on Friday, October 18 (NYC Campus), we invite you and your loved ones to enjoy some great activities, good eats, and more.
09/12/2019 • 12:58pm
lasting impressions exhibit, nyc campus

Lasting Impressions Exhibit (NYC)

Did you know 41 Park Row was originally built to house letterpresses for The New York Times? Step back in time on Tuesday, September 24, at the art gallery reception showcasing history through art.
09/12/2019 • 12:52pm
resident assistant, ra applications

2019 Resident Assistant Applications

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Resident Assistant (RA), now’s your chance! Guidelines and important dates have been posted for Fall 2020, so mark your calendars and be sure to attend a mandatory info session.
09/12/2019 • 12:42pm
patriotic cupcake with mini american flag and the words celebrating constitution day at pace university

Constitution Day 2019

We the people of #PaceU will celebrate Constitution Day by gathering together to honor our past and pioneer the future! Join us on Monday, September 16 (PLV Campus), and Tuesday, September 17 (NYC Campus), to mark this important historical event.
09/12/2019 • 12:36pm
elab, entrepreneurship lab, small business development center, nyc campus

Startup Your Semester (NYC)

Whether you’re looking to pitch an idea you’ve had or start a small business, there are a ton of ways to one day become your own boss. Get started with the Entrepreneurship Lab and Small Business Development Center events during Fall 2019.
09/12/2019 • 12:22pm
fundraising and food insecurity

Fundraising and Fighting Food Insecurity

Do good with good food! Donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Monday, September 16, by grabbing some Chipotle (NYC Campus), and check out the Mobile Food Pantry (PLV Campus) as well as Provisions (NYC Campus) to fight food insecurity.
09/12/2019 • 12:17pm

Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Hurricane Dorian has destroyed portions of the Bahamas and battered the US Coast leaving many of us asking ourselves, what can I do? Pace’s CCAR and ōMA have some recommendations on how to help.
09/06/2019 • 4:41pm

Screening: 1 Angry Black Man (NYC)

Join Pace University's Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) on Monday, September 23, for an exclusive free screening of the critically-acclaimed film, 1 Angry Black Man, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.
09/06/2019 • 3:20pm

Remembering 9/11

The events of 9/11 have had a profound effect on a generation of people around the world, but our University, located mere blocks away from the World Trade Center, felt the impact first-hand. Come together with us to remember, reflect, and honor those we lost at events being held on both campuses.
09/05/2019 • 3:26pm
my pace path, student profile, Will Giuseffi

The Film Editor

Will Giuseffi ’20 is one of the editors who worked on the award-winning PaceDocs film last year. He’s also a proud member of Alpha Chi Epsilon, an Eagle Scout, practices martial arts, and he just wrapped up a summer internship. Keep up!
09/05/2019 • 1:34pm
nyc events, september 2019

NYC Events Roundup: September 2019

The first semester back can be hectic, which is why student clubs and organizations on the NYC Campus are hosting events to de-stress; warm up with some b-ball, tie-dye with your friends, shake it off at karaoke night, and more!
09/05/2019 • 12:39pm
plv events, september 2019

PLV Events Roundup: September 2019

Water carnival. Paint night. Karaoke and mocktails. Even more finger-licking BBQ. These student clubs and organizations on the PLV Campus want to make sure you’re having fun while hitting the books. Don’t miss out on these awesome September events!
09/05/2019 • 12:26pm
jefferson awards

2019 Jefferson Award Nominations

Do you know someone whose tireless community service efforts are changing Pace—or even the world? Nominate a #PaceU student, faculty, or staff member for a Jefferson Award! The deadline is Friday, October 11, 2019.
09/05/2019 • 12:19pm
learning outcomes reception

Learning Outcomes Reception (NYC)

Wilson Center summer interns are back and they’re ready to share what they learned! See what they present on Wednesday, September 11, plus more info on this exclusive summer-funded internship program.
09/05/2019 • 12:18pm
creative writers' workshop

Creative Writers’ Workshop 2019 (NYC)

Are you a writer of color who believes the diversity you experience in your daily life should be reflected in literature? Join us on Wednesday, September 11, for an info session! Your story matters.
09/05/2019 • 12:15pm
seeking climate justice

Seeking Climate Justice

Students worldwide are coming together to lobby the United Nations to take decisive climate action. Learn how to get involved on Monday, September 9 (PLV Campus), or Tuesday, September 10 (NYC Campus), with renowned environmental lawyer Antonio Oposa Jr.
09/05/2019 • 12:12pm
group of people laughing with text that says 8 reasons to attend pace university's open house

8 Reasons to Attend Pace's Fall Open House

Attend a Pace Open House on Saturday, October 12, in New York City, or Sunday, October 20, in Westchester, and see what life as a Pace Setter is all about!
09/01/2019 • 9:52am
al pacino, ias, actors studio, ellen burstyn

Inside the Actors Studio: Al Pacino

Award winning actor Ellen Burstyn will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Wednesday, September 25. Join us when she interviews Al Pacino, one of Hollywood’s most celebrated talents.
08/29/2019 • 2:23pm
common hour conversation, ccar

Common Hour Conversation with CCAR

Gun control. Immigration. Food insecurity. Join CCAR for their Fall 2019 discussion groups set to address a number of important issues leading up to the 2020 US presidential election. Let YOUR voice be heard.
08/29/2019 • 1:15pm
textbook tips, buying textbooks, renting textbooks, resources

2019 Textbook Tips and Resources

Did you know that 80% of textbooks are available for rental? Or that the Pace Bookstore offers price matching for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more? Be sure to take note of these helpful tips when buying textbooks!
08/29/2019 • 1:07pm
study abroad fairs

Study Abroad Fairs: Fall 2019

On Wednesday, September 11 (NYC Campus), and Thursday, September 12 (PLV Campus), you’re invited to learn more about how you can study abroad. It’ll set you apart in the job market and give you an unforgettable experience. No FOMO here!
08/29/2019 • 1:05pm
the Office of Multicultural Affairs, ōMA, nyc campus

ōMA Fall 2019 Events (NYC)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) is committed to creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging on the NYC Campus. Meet with them on Thursday, September 19, as they unveil their events for the fall semester!
08/29/2019 • 12:52pm
safety and security training, nyc campus

Safety and Security Training (NYC)

You can never be too prepared. Join Pace Safety and Security on Tuesday, September 24, and Wednesday, September 25, for important training programs that will help you protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of an emergency.
08/29/2019 • 12:47pm
communiversity day, plv campus, westchester, pleasantville, hawk

Communiversity Day 2019

Pace University is opening its Pleasantville Campus to the community at large. We’re welcoming our friends and neighbors to join us and the harris project at our first-ever Communiversity Day on Saturday, September 28.
08/29/2019 • 12:05pm
meet the greeks, greek life, circle of greeks

Meet the Greeks: Fall 2019

Thinking about going Greek? On Tuesday, September 17 (NYC Campus), and Wednesday, September 18 (PLV Campus), you’ll get the chance to meet with reps from Pace fraternities and sororities!
08/29/2019 • 11:50am
jana ciric, student profile, my pace path

The Record-Breaker

Swimming and diving champ Jana Ciric ’20 broke six records during her tenure on Pace’s Division II team. You might have met her before—she’s a dedicated math tutor as well as a programmer, and she’s from Niš, Serbia.
08/29/2019 • 11:46am
brianna adkins, my pace path, student profile

The Founding Editor

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pretty Smart magazine, Brianna Adkins ’21 is always looking for ways to use her platform to uplift the voices of women and girls. But did you know she’s also a killer coder, too? Writing and tech are kind of her thing.
08/22/2019 • 3:36pm
career services roundup, jobs and internships

Career Services Roundup: September 2019

Need to polish your resume? Wondering if LinkedIn is still a thing? Want to land an internship? Career Services has got you covered! They’re rolling out a ton of workshops, career fairs, boot camps, and more to make sure you’re ready to seize a new opportunity with a great company.
08/22/2019 • 12:11pm
lgbtqa and social justice center, the center, nyc campus

Meet at the Center: Fall 2019 Edition (NYC)

Let’s queer this semester up! Starting Monday, September 9, the LGBTQA+ and Social Justice Center will be rolling out a ton of weekly discussion groups—and you’re invited. Join them for Out to Lunch, T-Time, QTPOC Corner, Healing Friday, and more.
08/22/2019 • 11:48am
welcome events, plv campus, pleasantville

Welcome Events 2019 (PLV)

A new semester means new beginnings, and on the PLV Campus, there’s always something to get involved in! Sing your heart out at karaoke, sample local cuisine, prepare to be amazed at a mind-reading magic show, and so much more.
08/22/2019 • 11:42am
intramurals, pace athletics

Intramurals: Fall 2019

Dodgeball. Ultimate frisbee. Flag football. Badminton. Don’t wait! You have until Friday, September 20, to register for the first round of intramurals. Get ready to serve up the competition this season with your fellow Setters.
08/22/2019 • 11:35am
athletics roundup, pace athletics

Athletics Roundup: September–October 2019

Break out your blue and gold because Pace Athletics is back! You’re invited to cheer on our knock-out teams; from football to volleyball to cross country to soccer to field hockey, this season is jam-packed. Are you ready to celebrate that Setter pride?
08/22/2019 • 11:08am
campus involvement fair

2019 Campus Involvement Fairs

WPAW radio. Queer Society. Profashionals. High Definition. On Tuesday, September 3 (PLV Campus), and Thursday, September 12 (NYC Campus), you’ll get the chance to meet reps from our more than 100+ student clubs and organizations. What group will YOU join this year?
08/22/2019 • 10:57am
ccar, Center for Community Action and Research, volunteerism

Volunteer with CCAR: Fall 2019

Plant trees at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, pack groceries for the New York Common Pantry, cheer on runners at the Miles for Meals 5k, and much more. This is your opportunity to give back to your community. Let’s do some good!
08/22/2019 • 10:49am
weeks of welcome, nyc events

Weeks of Welcome 2019 (NYC)

Fall Fest. BSU Block Party. Paint and Sip. Headphone Disco. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The NYC Campus is kicking off the fall semester in a big way with events happening almost every day throughout September. Join us!
08/22/2019 • 9:45am
sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training

Annual Training Updates

Beginning in 2019, on an annual basis, all Pace University students, faculty, and staff will be required to complete an online Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention training program. This month, be on the look-out for an email to complete your training.
08/20/2019 • 9:42am
5 Tips for Move in Day

5 Steps to Conquering Move-in Day

When is move-in day? Can you ship things ahead of time? What should you bring? How can you prepare? Moving into Pace’s residence halls can seem daunting, but we'll help you troubleshoot the big day.
08/13/2019 • 9:21am
5 reasons to study abroad girl on mountain

5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Croissants in Paris. The ruins of ancient Rome. Business in Beijing. Studying abroad isn’t just about the unforgettable travel experience. By living somewhere entirely new, you’ll set yourself apart in the job market post-graduation while still earning credits toward your degree.
07/26/2019 • 10:25am
5 tips for getting the most out of orientation group of students posing

Top Tips for Orientation

Class of 2023, put your paws up! As you head to campus, keep in mind these five ways to help make your Orientation experience as worthwhile as possible, which will help ensure that you’ll be ready and raring to go come move-in day.
07/19/2019 • 1:01pm
convocation 2019

Convocation 2019

Get ready, #PaceU, because we’re gearing up for Tuesday, September 3, where we’ll be welcoming the Class of 2023! Stop by on either the PLV or NYC Campus for a fun and informative day celebrating a new class of Setters.
07/09/2019 • 2:04pm
Your Feature in The Pulse

Your Feature in The Pulse

Every Pace student has a story. What’s yours? Submit for an opportunity to be interviewed by The Pulse editor who will write up an exclusive feature all about you. We’ll share it with the entire community on Pace’s social media!
07/02/2019 • 4:17pm

Pitch Your Story

Want to make your voice heard? Pitch to us for a chance to be published on! With over 220 million visitors per month, your message will reach a whole new audience. Talk about #influencer.
07/02/2019 • 4:13pm
first-year students, first-year guide, first semester at pace

2019 Guide to Your First Semester at Pace

Welcome, #PaceU Class of 2023! If you’re stressing about your first semester, never fear—check out our quick guide with info on how to find campus events, what student clubs and orgs to join, and more.
06/28/2019 • 12:45pm
inside the actors studio, james burrows, kelsey grammer

Inside the Actors Studio: James Burrows

Award winning actor Kelsey Grammer will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Tuesday, June 18. Join us as he sits down with James Burrows, one of TV’s most respected talents and co-creator of Cheers.
05/29/2019 • 4:27pm
my pace path, student profile, James Shefferman

The Content Producer

James Shefferman ’19 has been working since his first year at Pace. From video production intern all the way to manager of video content, he has quite a bit of advice for the next generation of Pace students.
05/16/2019 • 12:34pm
my pace path, student profile, katrina alonso

The Editor-in-Chief

The Pace Press opened doors for Katrina Alonso ’19 when she was a first-year student. Now its editor-in-chief, she’s been opening doors for others—particularly diverse voices, which has paved the way for greater representation.
05/16/2019 • 9:54am
pacecast, pace podcast

PaceCast: Graduation and Outcomes

Plug in, #PaceU! President Krislov is sitting down with PLV Director of Career Counseling Bless Vaidian and three graduating seniors to talk about their experiences and successes thanks to Career Services.
05/15/2019 • 3:36pm
fulbright us student program

Apply for the Fulbright US Student Program!

Broaden your perspective. Explore a new culture. See the world. Apply by Monday, July 8, in order to be eligible for a Fulbright grant! Lasting approximately one year, you can pursue an English teaching assistantship or study and research projects.
05/15/2019 • 2:42pm
stonewall riots, publishing industry, panel

Publishing Before and After Stonewall (NYC)

Join leading LGBTQA+ publishing professionals on Tuesday, June 4, as they compare notes on representation, cultural breakthroughs, their own career choices, and what you should be reading right now.
05/15/2019 • 2:27pm
my pace path, student profile, Daniel Bryan

The Theater Journalist

Daniel Bryan ’19, like any savvy journalist, landed an internship at NY1 by contacting leads. While there, he assisted with interviewing Broadway stars like Nicolette Robinson, Daniel Radcliffe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kerry Washington, and more!
05/09/2019 • 11:09am
my pace path, student profile, Cayley Plotkin

The Entertainment Manager

The Lion King on Broadway. Mr. Robot. Blue Bloods. Law & Order: SVU. What do all these iconic titles have in common? Cayley Plotkin ’19, who’s interned for some of the biggest names in the biz.
05/09/2019 • 11:07am
my pace path, student profile, Kirstie Mekhail

The Ad Marketing Maven

Kirstie Mekhail ’19 just wrapped up an internship at Nickelodeon, but she’s also worked social media in the restaurant business and PR and marketing for #MetGala designer Zac Posen—and she’s learned a lot.
05/09/2019 • 11:06am

Inside the Actors Studio: Willem Dafoe (NYC)

#GoT and Narcos actor Pedro Pascal will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Monday, May 13. He’s set to interview four-time Academy Award nominated actor Willem Dafoe right here on Pace's NYC Campus.
05/07/2019 • 10:16am
my pace path, student profile, nicole pivetti

The Brand Manager

Volleyball player Nicole Pivetti ’21 knows how to serve the looks. She’s interned twice for Max Mara, bringing her business savvy to the world of fashion, as well as her broad perspective as an international student from Italy.
05/02/2019 • 11:25am
senior testimonials

Senior Testimonials: Class of 2019

Study abroad. Comedy clubs. Tour guides. Three graduating seniors share the experiences that fundamentally changed their time at Pace. Take our survey to share your story, too!
05/02/2019 • 9:40am
pace magazine

Pace Magazine Is In!

The latest and greatest issue of Pace Magazine is now available online—in which new student spaces help re-imagine Pace’s role as a 21st century innovator, and much more. If you want to keep up on what’s happening in our community, this is where to start!
05/02/2019 • 9:37am
pace day, yankee stadium

Pace Day at Yankee Stadium (NYC)

We’re taking you out to the ball game on Tuesday, July 30! Join us when the Yankees face off against the Arizona Diamondbacks and get a special New York Yankees hat with the Pace logo when you buy a ticket.
05/02/2019 • 9:33am
student film screening

Student Film Screening: Spring 2019 (NYC)

Presenting: Pace on film! Celebrate with us on Wednesday, May 15, when students from the Film and Screen Studies Department unveil the work they wrote, directed, and produced themselves.
05/02/2019 • 9:31am
commencement 2019

Commencement 2019

The Commencement speakers have been posted, caps and gowns were distributed, and we’re prepping for the award ceremonies and receptions. You worked hard for this, Setters. The big day is almost here!
04/25/2019 • 2:56pm
my pace path, student profile, david sharif

The World Traveler

Political science major David Sharif ’19 has been tirelessly traveling the globe in his mission to raise awareness about autism. He’s part of the OASIS program here at Pace, eager to act as an educator and spokesperson.
04/25/2019 • 12:56pm
from the desk of the president

From the Desk of the President

With final exams right around the corner, Pace President Marvin Krislov shares resources and some helpful reminders to get you through to summer.
04/25/2019 • 11:34am
first-year students, academic advisor, meetup

Meet Your Academic Advisor (NYC)

Take a study break and meet your new academic advisor! On Wednesday, May 8, all first-year students are welcome to stop by for free dessert and face time with the expert who will be guiding you through your next three years at Pace.
04/25/2019 • 11:18am
beyond plastics, pollution

Beyond Plastics (NYC)

On Monday, April 29, meet the experts leading the grassroots movement against single-use plastic in NYC, and learn more about the latest issues surrounding plastic pollution and climate change. You CAN make a difference. Start now.
04/25/2019 • 11:13am
dance out loud

Dance Out Loud 2019 (NYC)

Starting Friday, May 3, PPA’s Commercial Dance students are steppin’ out to show off their skill in one of the most highly anticipated performances of the year. Dance Out Loud is non-stop fun and flair, and not a show you want to miss.
04/25/2019 • 11:11am
MCVA showcase

2019 MCVA Showcase (PLV)

Join students from the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts (MCVA) program on Thursday, May 9, when they present the culmination of their work! There will be lunch, a DJ, photo ops, plenty of activities, and awards.
04/25/2019 • 11:04am
2019 pace bioblitz

2019 Pace BioBlitz (PLV)

Break out your binoculars! On Friday, May 10, explore the diversity of life on the PLV Campus with trained experts in the field. There’s also bus transportation available for students on the NYC Campus!
04/25/2019 • 11:02am
my pace path, student profile, roxana savaria

The Fashion Influencer

YouTuber and fashion expert Roxana Saravia ’20 has been using her platform to inspire the next generation of Pace students. She also works on The Wendy Williams Show as a wardrobe intern. Talk about #influencer.
04/18/2019 • 12:46pm
hawaii, pacedocs, documentary

Hawaii: Living on the Edge in Paradise?

On Tuesday, May 7 (PLV), and Wednesday, May 8 (NYC), PaceDocs invites you to the screening of their much-anticipated documentary about Kīlauea’s volcanic eruption and the resiliency of the Hawaiian people.
04/18/2019 • 12:29pm
springback, spring carnival

Springback 2019 (PLV)

The dream of the ’90s is alive—at Pace! On Saturday, April 27, relive the nostalgia at the Programming Board’s annual spring carnival with rides, food, and plenty of ’90s music. It’ll be totally radical.
04/18/2019 • 12:23pm
finals prep

Finals Prep 2019

It’s time to hit the books! Check out the following extended hours for the Mortola and Birnbaum Library, and make some time to relieve your stress with Midnight Breakfast, a comedy show, and therapy doggos—all leading up to finals. You got this, #PaceU!
04/18/2019 • 12:16pm
business plan competition

16th Annual Business Plan Competition (NYC)

Submit your business ideas by Wednesday, May 15, in order to be eligible to win $500—plus bragging rights. Many winners of the eLab’s Pace Business Plan Competition have gone on to become founders. Are you the next CEO?
04/18/2019 • 12:12pm
ernst & young scholarship, accounting

Ernst & Young Scholarship 2019

Attention accounting majors: apply for the Ernst & Young Scholarship by Wednesday, May 15, for a chance to earn funding for your education. Up to $5,000 in awards!
04/18/2019 • 12:06pm
open mic night, plv campus

Open Mic Night 2019 (PLV)

Voice. Dance. Spoken word. Stand-up. On Wednesday, April 24, get ready for WPAW’s big event: Open Mic Night, where hidden talents on the PLV Campus will be on full display. Be there!
04/18/2019 • 12:03pm
this week in nyc, nyc campus

This Week in NYC

Don’t get FOMO, get on these exclusive NYC events: from Take Back the Night to a Stonewall uprising talk to a United Nations sustainability panel to the Science Gala, you won’t want to miss out.
04/18/2019 • 12:00pm
paws and breathe, professor spirit, therapy dog

Paws and Breathe (PLV)

Unwind with animal therapy on Monday, April 22, when Pace’s very own Pawfessor Spirit arrives to guide you through proven breathing techniques to combat stress! This pupfessional wants all the pets, please.
04/18/2019 • 11:51am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Goes Full Glam (PLV)

Hair and makeup tutorials to fight stigmas in the beauty industry. Denim Day to raise awareness about victim blaming. Planting wishes to see them “grow true.” All that and more on the PLV Campus this week, where Setters work to make the world a better place.
04/18/2019 • 11:45am
senator pete harckham

Sit Down with a Senator (PLV)

On Thursday, April 18, IGNITE your passion for student activism at a town hall with New York State Senator Pete Harckham on the PLV Campus! Opening remarks will be made by President Marvin Krislov and Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD.
04/11/2019 • 4:47pm
student profile, my pace path, Richmond Landicho

The Marketing Manager

President of Setter Stage Richmond Landicho ’20 interned twice for NBCUniversal: once for integrated marketing and then for the Late Night team. But it was a mistake he made that ultimately led to his success. Also? He’s a black belt in taekwondo. Yeah.
04/11/2019 • 10:20am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Slides Into Spring

Tropical Masquerade. Dunk tanks. Life-sized hamster balls. Slip ’n slide. Backyard BBQ. Pool party. It’s spring on the PLV Campus, which means plenty of outdoor activities. Jump in!
04/11/2019 • 9:14am
lavender awards

7th Annual Lavender Awards (NYC)

So many fabulous people create and facilitate space for the thriving LGBTQA community at Pace, and on Friday, May 3, we’ll get to honor their dedication. Show your support for their efforts toward inclusivity at the annual Lavender Awards!
04/10/2019 • 4:37pm
island vybez fashion show

Island Vybez Fashion Show (PLV)

Culture. Style. Extravagance. On Saturday, May 4, the Students of Caribbean Awareness will host their annual fashion show, and it’s set to serve all the looks. Wear your best and watch as your fellow Setters hit the runway.
04/10/2019 • 4:28pm
julie weldon

A Talk with Julia Weldon (NYC)

Join actor and musician Julia Weldon on Monday, April 15, for an exclusive talk about their experience being queer, nonbinary, and trans in the entertainment industry. A Q&A will follow!
04/10/2019 • 4:24pm
new york concerti sinfonietta

New York Concerti Sinfonietta (NYC)

We’re turning it up on Thursday, April 25, for one of the most famous orchestral works in Chinese history, as well as selections of Western chamber music. Ready for a little night music? Join us for this live performance!
04/10/2019 • 4:18pm
senior testimonials

2019 Senior Testimonials

Graduation is just around the corner, but before you go, leave your legacy behind for the incoming Class of 2023. Share your favorite memories at Pace and some of your parting words of wisdom for the next generation of Setters!
04/10/2019 • 4:02pm
student and faculty research days

2019 Student and Faculty Research Days

See the incredible research conducted by Pace students! On Wednesday, May 8 (NYC), and Thursday, May 9 (PLV), participants will showcase their work at Pace’s annual Student and Faculty Research Days. You can also sign up to be part of next year’s event.
04/10/2019 • 3:55pm
opportunity zones

Opportunity Zones (NYC)

On Tuesday, April 23, Pace President Marvin Krislov will host a half-day conference with many influential members of the financial, not-for-profit, and government sectors to promote investment in low-income communities. Be part of the change.
04/10/2019 • 3:51pm
student success stories

Setter Success Stories

Pace Setters are setting the pace all over the world. From the Model United Nations in Rome to the CEAIE Teach in China program to the Eastern Colleges Science Conference in Orlando, FL, their successes are global. Check out what they’ve been up to!
04/10/2019 • 2:57pm
blue and golds award ceremony

Blue and Golds Award Ceremony (PLV)

On Friday, May 3, we’re celebrating the Setters who make Pace so great! Join us for this special ceremony recognizing the incredible dedication from students and student groups on the PLV Campus.
04/10/2019 • 2:50pm
pace fit, student-run business

Meet the New Pace Student-Run Business

They’re open the earliest, and they’re creating a lot of buzz: meet Pace Fit, the brand new student-run business on the PLV Campus! Swing by for plenty of smoothies, shakes, snacks, and more. Yuuuum.
04/04/2019 • 3:01pm
inside the actors studio, david oyelowo, jane lynch

Inside the Actors Studio: David Oyelowo

Award-winning actress and comedian Jane Lynch will be hosting the next Inside the Actors Studio on Tuesday, April 9. Request your free tickets now! She’s set to interview celebrated actor and producer David Oyelowo.
04/04/2019 • 12:35pm
my pace path, student profile, infiniti bowie

The Entertainment Journalist

At first, Infiniti Bowie ’19 wanted to be an actress, and almost attended the same program as Anne Hathaway. But her journey to PR and, ultimately, landing an internship on The Dr. Oz Show, is a story that resonates with anyone who ever felt uncertain about their chosen career.
04/04/2019 • 12:27pm
bus, thornwood town center

Visit Thornwood Town Center (PLV)

Get in, Setters. We’re going shopping. Every Thursday throughout the month of April, you’ll get the chance to visit the Thornwood Town Center for stores like CVS, GameStop, Italia Brick Oven Pizza, and more.
04/04/2019 • 11:15am
knowing your voice

Knowing Your Voice (NYC)

You’re invited to the Christian Fellowship at Pace’s inaugural women’s conference on Saturday, April 20! Dynamic speakers will share their stories to empower, educate, enlighten, and inspire women across generations. All are welcome.
04/04/2019 • 11:12am
faculty art show

Faculty Art Show (PLV)

Join the Art Department on Wednesday, April 17, for an exclusive exhibit of original art by Pace faculty to commemorate the new Choate House Gallery! There will be hors d’oeuvres and a raffle of an art supplies basket.
04/04/2019 • 11:01am
commencement photos

Submit Your Photos for Commencement

Interested in having your favorite college memory captured in the 2019 Commencement video? Submit your Pace pics by Monday, April 22, for a chance to be included in a video shared right before the ceremony for everyone to see!
04/04/2019 • 10:57am
birnbaum library, national poetry month

National Poetry Month at the Library (NYC)

The Birnbaum Library is celebrating the 2019 National Poetry Month with a screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, test print pop-up shop, poetry reading (and popcorn!), and much more. Show some whit, man, and enjoy the festivities.
04/04/2019 • 10:52am
clash of the schools

Clash of the Schools (NYC)

Hit the court on Tuesday, April 2, when SGA hosts a basketball game to end all basketball games. Schools will go head-to-head for a chance to win cash. It’s CHP vs. Dyson vs. Lubin vs. SOE vs. Seidenberg on the NYC Campus!
03/29/2019 • 9:55am
apollo night

Apollo Night 2019 (NYC)

The Apollo Theater has come to Pace! On Wednesday, April 3, students will perform for prizes and bragging rights—all determined by you, the audience. Who will become the next Pace legend?
03/28/2019 • 2:21pm

Screening: Keep the Change (NYC)

On Tuesday, April 9, join the Pace Community and OASIS alumna Samantha Elisofon '14 for a special screening of Keep the Change, a film written for and starring actors on the autism spectrum.
03/28/2019 • 2:19pm
my pace path, student profile, Brennan Bodin, Madison Terry

The Fashion Biz Visionaries

Brennan Bodin ’19 and Madison Terry ’19, executives of Profashionals, recently caught the attention of tech giant Adobe. They got to host an AdobeLive event all about personal branding—but this dynamic duo didn’t always mesh.
03/28/2019 • 1:05pm
AJR, music group

A Conversation with AJR (NYC)

It’s official: Pace Music Group will be hosting AJR, the multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist brothers, on Wednesday, April 10. Come learn more about their rise to fame on YouTube, plus a Q&A session!
03/28/2019 • 11:52am
middle states april

Middle States Is Here!

Please join us in welcoming the Middle States Evaluating Team, who will be on campus Monday, April 1–Wednesday, April 3. Need a quick refresher on what you might be asked? We have just the guide for you.
03/28/2019 • 11:11am
pacecast, pace podcast

PaceCast: Health and Wellness

President Krislov talks with CHP Professor Christen Cooper, EdD, RD, Dyson Professor Jane Collins, PhD, and the Counseling Center’s Dr. Richard Shadick about health and wellness at Pace.
03/28/2019 • 10:52am
poetry month

Poet-Tree Month (PLV)

Celebrate Poetry Month starting Monday, April 1, by writing a poem and hanging it on one of the trees in the Mortola Library! It doesn’t have to be Leaves of Grass, but by all means, start harvesting that inspiration.
03/28/2019 • 10:49am
coffee with your community

Coffee With Your Community (NYC)

Grab a cup of coffee with Pace faculty and staff on Thursday, April 4, during an open forum discussion! This is your opportunity to share your comments and concerns with administrative leaders in an effort to make Pace a better place.
03/28/2019 • 10:39am
queer gala

Third Annual Queer Gala (NYC)

Dancing. Food. Fun. You’re invited to attend the Queer Gala on Saturday, April 6, an inclusive and empowering event for all LGBTQA+ Pace students and allies.
03/28/2019 • 10:36am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Tie-Dyes T-Shirts (PLV)

Yoga. Spring BBQ. White tie party. Step and stroll show. Paint your flag. Tie-dyeing. These events on the PLV Campus are sure to put a spring in your step!
03/28/2019 • 10:30am
Out of the Darkness Campus Walks

Out of the Darkness Campus Walks 2019

We invite you to walk with the Pace Community on Friday, April 26 (NYC), or Saturday, May 4 (PLV), to raise awareness about suicide and eliminate stigma surrounding mental health. No one is ever alone. Join us for this important initiative.
03/26/2019 • 3:18pm
student profile, my pace path, Danielle Gehrlein

The Global Educator

Danielle Gehrlein ’21 is a student affairs representative for SOE with a passion for teaching that started when she was just 10 years old. She volunteered with kids that age in Ghana last summer, teaching subjects like English and math.
03/22/2019 • 9:55am
blue and golds award ceremony

Blue and Golds Award Ceremony 2019 (PLV)

Now’s your chance to nominate the people and organizations working to enrich the PLV Campus every single day. Who do YOU think should be recognized for their Pace pride? Apply by Monday, March 25, at midnight.
03/21/2019 • 4:26pm
athletics, spring 2019

Athletics Roundup: April–May 2019 (PLV)

Pace Goes Pink, Blue Out, Senior Day, and more! The Pace Athletics lineup is looking strong for April and May. Come out to show support for your Setters before the semester is over.
03/21/2019 • 4:17pm
asds repertory season

2019 ASDS Repertory Season (NYC)

For seven weeks, graduating students in The Actors Studio Drama School will be showcasing the culmination of their intensive study, and you’re invited! Starting Wednesday, March 27, enjoy theater like you’ve never seen it before.
03/21/2019 • 4:01pm
spirit week 2019

Spirit Week 2019

Setter Jam. Relay for Life. Open Mic Night. Softball. Spirit Week starts on Monday, April 1, on the NYC Campus and Monday, April 8, on the PLV Campus. Are you ready for all the amazing events we have in store for you?
03/21/2019 • 3:50pm
undergraduate research program

2019 Undergrad Research Program

Are you interested in working with a professor in your field? What about diving into scholarly or creative research? Apply by Monday, May 20, for a chance to receive funding and present at Pace’s annual Research Day.
03/21/2019 • 3:39pm
schimmel center, schimmel theater, performances

Schimmel Center: April–May 2019 (NYC)

PPA presents a haunting spring play, Dance Out Loud returns, a weekend music fest, plus a special preview of what’s in store this summer. We’re so hype for the Schimmel Center’s latest lineup!
03/21/2019 • 3:35pm
one million acts of good

One Million Acts of Good (NYC)

Be an agent of change by joining SDACA on Thursday, March 28, to participate in the #OneMillionActsOfGood campaign! One small act of kindness can make a big impact. It all starts with you.
03/21/2019 • 3:28pm
career services, job fairs

Career Prep Roundup 2019

It’s officially spring, which means new beginnings—and job opportunities! Get help sprucing up your resume, network with employers in your field, and prep for the Job and Internship Fair happening on Wednesday, March 27 (PLV).
03/21/2019 • 3:22pm
writing awards

2019 Writing Awards (NYC)

And the winner is ... you’ll have to come to the NYC Writing Awards on Monday, May 6, to find out! In total, $15,000 will be awarded to Pace students for their groundbreaking work in categories such as fiction, poetry, screenplays, and more.
03/21/2019 • 3:16pm
spring advising period

Beat the Rush (By Appointment)

Schedule an appointment with your advisor before undergraduate registration begins on Monday, April 22. You won’t want to be stuck in (very, very) long lines!
03/21/2019 • 3:14pm
earth month 2019

Earth Month 2019 (PLV)

Earth Month is upon us, and the PLV Campus is celebrating in a big way! Join the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment for a tour of the Nature Center (and its animals!), tree planting, birding, and even a nature photography contest. You won’t want to miss a thing.
03/21/2019 • 3:05pm
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Reaches for the Stars (PLV)

Discussing immigration. Making edible (vegan!) cookie dough. Taking back the night. Crafting origami star jars. Here’s what’s happening on the PLV Campus next.
03/21/2019 • 2:19pm

The Marketing Executive

President of the Pace University Marketing Association (PUMA) Marquise Steward ’20 thrives on the competitive nature of the ad industry, but still struggles with accepting praise. That is, until he received some valuable advice.
03/07/2019 • 3:11pm

Purim Party (PLV)

Good eats. Great company. Get ready for PLV’s Purim party! Celebrate one of the happiest Jewish holidays on Wednesday, March 13, with a special drag performance by Lady SinAGaga (get it?).
03/07/2019 • 2:37pm
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Rates Dogs (PLV)

The therapy dogs are coming! 12/10 would recommend you be there. Also coming up: the Asian Student Union’s snack shack, Sigma Iota Chi’s taco night, a pageant for inner and outer beauty, and much more on the PLV Campus.
03/07/2019 • 12:40pm
relay for life

Relay for Life 2019

One community. One day. One night. One fight. On Friday, April 12, the Pace Community is kicking off its annual Relay For Life event. Sign up today!
03/07/2019 • 12:20pm
digital life, student exhibiton

Digital Life 2019 (NYC)

Explore the brand new NYC Tech Zone with President Marvin Krislov and Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD, on Tuesday, March 12! There will be a student art exhibition featuring the theme: Digital Life. Is technology truly necessary? Find out.
03/07/2019 • 12:11pm
executive in horizons, margaret "peggy" kim

Executive in Horizons 2019 (NYC)

Multi-award-winning executive producer Margaret “Peggy” Kim is the founder and CEO of iSTAND Media, and she’s coming to Pace! Be there on Tuesday, March 26, when she shares her industry expertise.
03/07/2019 • 12:07pm
summer funded internships

2019 Summer Funded Internships

Get paid work experience this summer by applying for a funded internship at organizations such as government agencies, nonprofits, and social enterprises. Info sessions are available on Monday, March 11 (PLV), and Thursday, March 14 (NYC).
03/07/2019 • 12:04pm
imagine it forward, beth comstock

Imagine It Forward with Beth Comstock (NYC)

Former CMO and Vice Chair of General Electric Beth Comstock is visiting on Monday, March 25, to discuss her 30-year career as a change maker. She’ll also sign copies of her new book, Imagine It Forward!
03/07/2019 • 12:02pm
visiting artist talk, Kyle Staver

Visiting Artist Talk with Kyle Staver (NYC)

Distinguished member of the National Academy of New York Kyle Staver is an artist known for her painting, pottery, and sculpture. She’ll be visiting on Friday, April 5, to deliver an exclusive talk about her work.
03/07/2019 • 11:59am
holi, festival of colors

Holi at Pace 2019

Celebrate the joyous Hindu spring festival with your friends! On Wednesday, April 3 (NYC), and Friday, April 26 (PLV), Pace is getting colorful—and you’re invited.
03/07/2019 • 11:48am
pace pitch contest

Pace Pitch Contest 2019 (NYC)

You won’t have to deliver your big idea in an elevator, but you could get the chance to pitch to a panel of judges. Apply by Monday, March 25, for your chance to win first prize: $1,000 in cash.
03/07/2019 • 11:36am
spring break 2019

Spring Break 2019

Pace students are packing for spring break, but some are prepping for some seriously cool trips: filming a documentary in Hawai‘i, studying health care in Costa Rica, and much more. Check out what they’ll be up to!
03/07/2019 • 11:30am
student profile, Julia Fatum, my pace path

The People's Chemist

Science enthusiast Julia Fatum ’20 has been experimenting with honey and other natural substances to create an antibacterial remedy. She’s also raising money to go to Panama to bring life-saving medical care to people in need.
02/28/2019 • 12:48pm
nyc subway system, nyc subway, pace university students

Next Stop: Pace

Pace University has been a vibrant and vital member of New York’s downtown community for more than 100 years. It’s time to make our presence here official. Sign our petition to the MTA to make Pace’s name a fixture in NYC’s subway system.
02/28/2019 • 11:33am
Student Satisfaction Survey

Student Satisfaction Survey 2019

We want your feedback! Tell us what we’re doing well and where we need to improve by checking your Pace email for an invite to complete the 2019 Student Satisfaction Survey. You could win a variety of prizes—just make sure you submit by Monday, April 29.
02/28/2019 • 11:07am
Chris O’Leary, executive in residence

Spring 2019 Executive in Residence (NYC)

Private equity partner at Twin Ridge Capital and advisor to KKR, Chris O’Leary ’81 first got his start as a Pace intern at PepsiCo. Join him on Thursday, April 18, to hear more about how he built a successful 35-year career!
02/28/2019 • 11:03am
pace mobile app design contest

Pace Mobile App Design Contest 7.0

Brainstorm. Design. Demo. Pace’s annual Mobile App Design Contest plugs in on Thursday, March 14, and the theme this year is wearable technology. Have an idea for an app? Get your team together for this all-day hackathon event.
02/28/2019 • 10:57am
Peter X. Finnerty

Pace Athletics Receives $1 Million Gift

A $1 million gift from B.J Finnerty will enable the establishment of the Athletics Fund, as well as support an endowed scholarship in honor of the late Peter X. Finnerty.
02/28/2019 • 10:52am
build a health pack

Build a Health Pack (NYC)

Drop off your hygiene product essentials on Wednesday, March 13, so Pace’s Pre-Professional Health Society can put together a health pack! Each one will be donated to a local community center.
02/28/2019 • 10:48am
learning diversity in college, oasis program

Learning Diversity Panel (NYC)

Join OASIS students on Tuesday, March 26, for an important panel discussion—led entirely by them—about the challenges and successes they have faced as students with learning differences.
02/28/2019 • 10:36am
middle states, march 2019

Middle States: A Refresher

What is Pace’s mission? Can you describe Middle States? You might be asked these and other questions when accreditors visit your campus starting Sunday, March 31. Prepare for this very important process by reviewing our tip sheet.
02/28/2019 • 10:32am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Rolls the Dice (PLV)

’90s game night. Hip hop history. The Pace Gala. Dessert sushi. Casino night. Feelin’ lucky, PLV? Step up to the betting table and enjoy all the events happening on your campus this week!
02/28/2019 • 9:54am
commencement, commencement singers and speakers

Take the Mic at Commencement

It’s your turn to grab the mic! Apply to be a speaker or singer at the 2019 Commencement ceremony by Friday, March 15. All graduating Pace students who would like to address the Class of 2019 are welcome to send in their materials.
02/22/2019 • 1:08pm
alyssa chambers, my pace path, student profile

The Lifestyle Beauty Expert

Founder of the lifestyle beauty brand ANOVA, Alyssa Chambers ’20 works to inspire young people to unapologetically express themselves. She got the chance to do just that when she auditioned for X-Factor.
02/21/2019 • 1:14pm
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Reps Their Flag

Rep your flag with the Students of Caribbean Awareness (SOCA). Go skydiving with High Definition. Cook up some sweet treats with Pace Cooks and Bakes. Show off your skills at Mortola Library’s game night. All that and more is happening on the PLV Campus!
02/21/2019 • 11:33am
wellness week

Wellness Week 2019 (NYC)

Overcome FOMO. Delete those DMs. Get HIV tested. All this week, we’re focusing on encouraging wellness—and you’re invited! Keep an eye on the Pace Insta account for a chance to win prizes, too.
02/21/2019 • 11:23am

2019 Black Student Union Events (NYC)

The Black Student Union (BSU) just dropped one heck of a Spring 2019 events lineup—from a black activist dinner to their annual art symposium to a weekend of plays, you won’t want to miss a thing.
02/21/2019 • 10:43am
women's empowerment

Women’s Empowerment at Pace

This spring, celebrate feminism at the Women’s Leadership Conference, Femmepowerment Summit, two theatrical experiences, and the newest sorority to come to Pace. Uplift women’s stories in 2019!
02/21/2019 • 10:35am
pace safety and security training

Pace Safety and Security Training 2019

Be prepared for a variety of emergency situations thanks to the Pace Safety and Security Training series. Learn potentially life-saving medical procedures, how to respond to unexpected hazards, and much more this spring. Stay safe!
02/21/2019 • 9:59am
greenpace awards

2019 GreenPace Awards

Do you know a person, department, organization, or club that deserves to be recognized for helping to make Pace a greener place? Let it be known! You have until Friday, March 29, to submit your nomination.
02/21/2019 • 9:22am
rosy-fingered dawn, art exhibition

Rosy-Fingered Dawn (NYC)

Bringing together twelve artists working in sculpture, painting, photography, and performance, Rosy-Fingered Dawn is the latest exhibition in Pace’s new art gallery. Enjoy the reception on Wednesday, February 27!
02/21/2019 • 9:13am
setter leadership awards, nyc campus

2019 Setter Leadership Awards (NYC)

The annual Setter Leadership Awards are almost here. Nominate outstanding individuals and organizations for their exemplary leadership by Sunday, March 3. Get the recognition you deserve!
02/21/2019 • 9:07am
laser tag, plv campus, pleasantville campus, 50/50

50/50 Takes Aim (PLV)

Ready for a game of laser tag? So are we! If you’re on the PLV Campus this week, you can expect plenty of competition as well as a screening of Crazy Rich Asians, BSU’s Black Excellence Dinner, and more.
02/14/2019 • 1:52pm
Film and Music Spectacular

Film and Music Spectacular (NYC)

Celebrate the empowering films that feature people with disabilities at Pace’s seventh annual Film and Music Spectacular on Thursday, April 4! Experience these incredible stories and uplift their important message with us.
02/14/2019 • 12:32pm
Seneca Forch, student profile, my pace path

The Spiritual Leader

Twice-elected President of the Christian Fellowship at Pace Seneca Forch ’19 isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty—or his suit dusty, given what happened on his first day interning for Proskauer Rose LLP.
02/14/2019 • 12:16pm
chopped, cooking competition

You’ve Been Chopped (PLV)

Think you can take the heat? Then get in the kitchen! Sharpen those skills in a cooking competition on Thursday, March 28, plus free food will be available on Wednesday, February 27, from the Mobile Food Pantry.
02/14/2019 • 9:52am
2019 Femmepowerment Summit

2019 Femmepowerment Summit (NYC)

Join us for Pace’s third annual Femmepowerment Summit on Friday, March 29, for an important leadership conference that encourages empowerment, education, and uplifting all women’s voices on the NYC Campus.
02/14/2019 • 9:51am
Why Facts Don't Change Minds, The Psychology of Science Communication

Why Facts Don’t Change Minds (NYC)

So you want to share your scientific knowledge, but need a compelling CliffsNotes version. Look no further! Learn the psychology behind effective communication on Wednesday, February 27.
02/14/2019 • 9:48am
call for submissions

Calling All Pace Artists!

Are you a stand-up comedian? What about a spoken word poet? How about an aspiring playwright? You’re invited to audition and submit for a number of exciting opportunities happening on both the PLV and NYC Campuses.
02/14/2019 • 9:40am
Kim Brandt, artist

Visiting Artist Talk with Kim Brandt (NYC)

Meet MoMA-recognized artist Kim Brandt on Wednesday, February 20, when she visits to workshop movement. You’ll be part of the process in creating performance art.
02/14/2019 • 9:31am
Poets @ Pace, jordan davis, wang ping

Poets @ Pace: Spring 2019 (NYC)

Enjoy an evening of verse-atile talent at this exclusive free poetry reading on Monday, April 15. There will be a book signing and refreshments!
02/14/2019 • 9:28am
Pride Prom 2019

Pride Prom 2019 (PLV)

Dress to the nines or go for business casual—whatever you feel comfortable in, celebrate LGBTQA pride with us on Friday, March 29, at Pride Prom!
02/14/2019 • 9:25am
valentine's day

Valentine’s Week at Pace 2019

Pace is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a ton of sweet events! Rock out at the Dez Duron concert, treat yourself to a spa night, and even eschew tradition at the anti-Valentine’s Day party (yes, really).
02/07/2019 • 1:36pm
student profile, cristina fonte, my pace path

The Future Educator

Vice President of the Future Educators Association Cristina Fonte ’21 knows how difficult teaching can be. She has some advice for when parent-teacher conferences go bad—and it’s applicable to everyone.
02/07/2019 • 1:18pm
poc creative writers' workshop

POC Creative Writers’ Workshop 2019 (NYC)

Join a community of writers to share your experience as a writer of color—no previous experience needed. The first meeting will be held on Monday, February 11. We want to read your stories!
02/07/2019 • 1:12pm
Cornel West, Robin Steinberg, mlk commemoration

A Commemoration and Conversation (NYC)

Join ōMA on Tuesday, March 5, for their 19th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration featuring a conversation with Cornel West, PhD, and Robin Steinberg, Esq.
02/07/2019 • 1:07pm

Welcome to 2019!

President Krislov discusses recent exciting developments on campus, and previews what lies ahead for what’s shaping up to be a great year for Pace.
02/07/2019 • 1:05pm
Out of the Darkness Campus Walk

Out of the Darkness Campus Walk 2019 (NYC)

We invite you to walk with the Pace Community on Friday, April 26, to raise awareness about suicide and eliminate stigma surrounding mental health. No one is ever alone. Join us!
02/07/2019 • 1:02pm
summer session, summer classes

Summer Session Signups

Artificial Intelligence. Media and Gender. US Economic Downturns. Whether you’ll be home, traveling, or on campus this summer, there’s a class for you! Get a jump on graduation by registering now.
02/07/2019 • 12:44pm
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus

50/50 Hits the Mat (PLV)

Hit the mat for yoga, make your own avocado toast, pet a few good dogs, and paint your stress away. All that and more on the PLV Campus this week!
02/07/2019 • 12:41pm
student profile, Mariah Simpson, my pace path

The Music Industry Activist

Mariah Simpson ’20 hopes to one day work for a major record label and advocate for women in the music industry. But for now, she’s interning at Viacom and working on shows like the VMAs, Catfish, and Are You the One?
01/31/2019 • 2:15pm
LGBTQA and Social Justice Center events

LGBTQA Center Spring 2019 Events (NYC)

The LGBTQA and Social Justice Center is back with drag queen karaoke on Thursday, February 7, and plenty of discussion groups throughout the semester. Stop by for their lunch series, T-Time, and more!
01/31/2019 • 1:32pm
state of the university, one strong pace

State of the University Address

On Monday, February 25, join President Krislov and the University community for Pace's inaugural State of the University Address.
01/31/2019 • 1:09pm
pacecast, student athletes

PaceCast: Student-Athlete Success

President Krislov hosts Setters Field Hockey Coach Kayte Kinsley, All Americans Paige Predmore ’19 and Halley Rose ’19, and Athletic Director Mark Brown to talk about victories on and off the field.
01/31/2019 • 12:53pm
middle states

Middle States Self-Study: February 2019

Our upcoming evaluation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is drawing near. Here’s how the Pace Community can best prepare!
01/31/2019 • 12:51pm
lubin empower hour, lubin business school

Lubin Empower Hour (NYC)

To celebrate their brand new space on the NYC Campus, Lubin students are invited to the first-ever Lubin Empower Hour on Wednesday, February 13 for a networking session. Come hungry—there will be pizza!
01/31/2019 • 12:49pm
Small Business Financing Workshop

Small Business Financing Workshop (NYC)

Savvy entrepreneurs know that financing is the key to starting—and growing—a business, but it can be hard navigating all the options. Join the SBDC on Tuesday, February 5, for a crash course!
01/31/2019 • 12:45pm
times higher ed us college student survey

Times Higher Ed US College Student Survey

Are you a #PaceU student who is engaged with the University community? Take this 10-minute survey for a chance to win! Four separate prize winners will be drawn throughout the survey period, each winning a $5,000 cash prize.
01/31/2019 • 12:42pm
executive in residence, lubin school of business, heidi davidson

Spring 2019 Executive in Residence (PLV)

Co-founder of Galvanize Worldwide, Heidi Davidson is a marketing and communications executive with more than 20 years of experience. Meet her on Wednesday, March 27, when she visits to share her expertise!
01/31/2019 • 12:37pm
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus, fortune cookies

50/50 Is Wrapped in Mystery (PLV)

Make (and unwrap!) your own fortune cookie for the Lunar New Year, look for clues at a Murder Mystery event, attend the two-day Black Business Expo, and so much more on the PLV Campus this week.
01/31/2019 • 12:28pm
Center for Community Action and Research events

CCAR Spring 2019 Events (PLV)

Building a resume workshop. Paid summer internship information. Government careers when you’re LGBTQA. This spring, the Center for Community Action and Research is offering a ton of ways to get involved!
01/31/2019 • 12:21pm
Office of Multicultural Affairs

ōMA Spring 2019 Events (NYC)

Social justice book club. Diversity collectives. Tours around NYC. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (ōMA) wants to inspire and empower you with all the events they’re offering this semester!
01/31/2019 • 12:13pm
greek week

Greek Week: Spring 2019

All this week, you’ll get the chance to learn more about the incredible fraternities and sororities that call Pace home. Recruitment starts now. Are you ready to go Greek?
01/31/2019 • 11:31am
active shooter training

Active Shooter Response Training (NYC)

Reps from the Department of Homeland Security are visiting the NYC Campus on Monday, February 11, to provide important information regarding active shooter response training. Know your ABCs: Avoid. Barricade. Confront.
01/31/2019 • 11:24am
blockchain, joseph lubin

Blockchain Panel with Joseph Lubin (NYC)

Crypto-what? Find out from the founder of ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin, when he visits on Tuesday, February 19, to share his wisdom on blockchain’s transformational impact.
01/25/2019 • 9:30am
schimmel center, schimmel theater, performances

Schimmel Center: February–March 2019 (NYC)

With nostalgic sing-alongs, iconic throwbacks, a legendary Daily Show collab, and astonishing performances that defy gravity, the Schimmel Center is hosting some serious talent this February and March.
01/24/2019 • 12:59pm
student profile, my pace path, daniella harris

The Lawful Advocate

As an ambassador for students with disabilities, Daniella Harris ’21 helps to promote a more inclusive campus through her work with Hillel. She even wrote an incredibly moving article opening up about her experience with hearing loss.
01/24/2019 • 11:12am
martin luther king jr., mlk commemoration

19th Annual MLK Commemoration (PLV)

What is justice? Who is the immigrant? Join author, speaker, and storyteller Gyasi Ross for his keynote address on Friday, February 15, commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
01/24/2019 • 9:58am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus, trampoline, bounce

50/50 Chills Out (PLV)

Kick off the new semester (and beat this weird weather) on the PLV Campus with game shows, therapy dogs, the Circle of Greeks fair, and the highly anticipated Pace Got Talent showcase.
01/24/2019 • 9:57am
athletics, lacrosse players, pace setters

Athletics Roundup: February–March (PLV)

This is one jam-packed Athletics lineup for February and March 2019! Come out to support Women’s and Men’s Basketball as they wrap up their season, and welcome the Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Baseball, and Softball teams.
01/24/2019 • 9:54am
career services, job fairs

Career Services: February–March 2019

Get market ready this spring by polishing that resume, prepping your 30-second pitch, and attending a Career Services fair. Recruiters are hiring in business, finance, entertainment, and much more! This is your semester to shine.
01/24/2019 • 9:48am
textbook tips and resources

Textbook Tips and Resources

Did you know that 80% of textbooks are available for rental? Or that the Pace Bookstore offers price matching for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more? Be sure to take note of these helpful tips when buying textbooks!
01/24/2019 • 9:45am
kathryn winsted, last lecture

The Last Lecture (PLV)

Learn how to take an entrepreneurial approach to your career with marketing expert Professor Kathy Winsted, PhD, on Monday, February 4. She’ll be delivering this lecture as if it were her last—don’t miss out!
01/24/2019 • 9:43am
winter warm up, welcome back events, sdaca

Winter Warm Up 2019 (NYC)

Welcome back, PaceU! You’re invited to hang out in the brand new Student Center with SDACA all this week. Be there for the ribbon cutting, arcade games, movie night, and so much more!
01/24/2019 • 9:42am
women's leadership conference, women's leadership, microphone

Women’s Leadership Conference 2019 (PLV)

Empowered women empower women. On Saturday, March 2, join us for a very special conference featuring breakout sessions, talks from experts, and the opportunity to connect with other women in the Pace Community!
01/24/2019 • 9:38am
study abroad fairs, plv campus, nyc campus

Study Abroad Fairs: Spring 2019

Forget FOMO. It’s never too late to study abroad! Learn more about your options at one of our info sessions on Wednesday, February 13 (PLV), or Thursday, February 21 (NYC).
01/17/2019 • 11:28am
campus involvement fairs, plv campus, nyc campus

Campus Involvement Fairs: Spring 2019

Setters are aca-amazing! Stop by the next Campus Involvement Fair to learn more about our 100+ student organizations on Wednesday, January 30 (PLV), or Thursday, February 7 (NYC).
01/17/2019 • 10:46am
alternative spring break 2019

Alternative Spring Break 2019

This spring break, lend a hand by helping to rebuild homes flooded by Superstorm Sandy. Info sessions start Thursday, February 7. Are you ready to make a difference?
01/17/2019 • 9:22am
ribbon cutting, master plan, pace university, nyc campus

Master Plan Ribbon Cutting (NYC)

The wait is finally over! On Monday, January 28, join the Pace Community as we officially open our revitalized spaces in One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row.
01/07/2019 • 9:21am

Athletics Roundup: December–January (PLV)

Get ready for an all-star lineup from men’s and women’s basketball and the swimming and diving teams! They’ll be defending our turf December 2018–January 2019, so bring your Setter pride to the Goldstein Fitness Center.
12/13/2018 • 11:27am
t-bone, setters, sneak peek

Sneak Peek (NYC)

It’s been a long time in the making, but on Tuesday, December 11, join us for a very exclusive sneak peek into the new Pace spaces.
12/09/2018 • 11:10am
meal deals, plv campus

Meal Deals: Fall 2018 (PLV)

Are you working up an appetite with all that studying? Stop by the Mobile Food Pantry on Thursday, December 13, enjoy sweet deals at the Pace Perk café, and take advantage of flexible options when you’re fresh out of Flex Dollars.
12/07/2018 • 9:18am
student profile, my pace path, charlotte coffin

The Problem Solver

Charlotte Coffin ’19 is constantly asking questions. It’s how her Local Hack Day team came up with fORAGER, an app game that challenges you to explore your environment and eat indigenous fauna—if you dare, that is.
12/06/2018 • 12:59pm
project studio student exhibition, art exhibit,

Project Studio Student Exhibit (NYC)

Pace’s brand new art gallery is now open! All this week, the student art exhibit will be on display, followed by a reception on Friday, December 14. Talk about cool and cultured.
12/06/2018 • 11:15am
lsat boot camp, pace law school

LSAT Boot Camp 2019

Do you use legal jargon in everyday life? Do you feel like whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously wrong? Sign up for Pace Law’s free LSAT boot camp on Wednesday, January 16, and Thursday, January 17.
12/06/2018 • 10:56am
poc collective master class

POC Collective Master Class

You’re invited to the first-ever POC Collective master class on Wednesday, December 12! Learn from experienced Pace faculty and staff about their career path and tune in remotely if you can’t make the meeting.
12/06/2018 • 10:55am
record, sony music, marketing panel

Sony Music Marketing Panel (NYC)

Looking to break into the music industry? Interested in how it all works? Get ready to plug in, because reps from Sony Music will be visiting on Wednesday, December 12, to discuss their work as well as internship opportunities!
12/06/2018 • 10:53am
tea spilling, town hall meeting, student government

Spill the Tea Town Hall (NYC)

Come to SGA’s town hall meeting on Monday, December 10, to voice any concerns, complaints, or questions you might have about your experiences at Pace. No need to wait for this tea to cool!
12/06/2018 • 10:52am
student film festival, film and screen studies

Student Film Festival 2018 (NYC)

Take a break from studying at the Student Film Festival! On Thursday, December 13, the Film and Screen Studies students will be presenting their original work. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the future of cinema.
12/06/2018 • 10:50am
student intern panel

Student Intern Panel (NYC)

Interested in landing an internship? Don’t know where to start? Look no further! On Monday, December 10, your fellow Setters will share how they secured a spot—and how you can, too.
12/06/2018 • 10:49am
leadership excursion, washington d.c., field trip

Leadership Excursion 2019

Field trip! Join Student Affairs for their third annual Leadership Excursion the weekend of Saturday, February 16. They’ll be exploring all the wonders of Washington, DC, so don’t miss the deadline to apply.
12/06/2018 • 10:48am
ana gasteyer, holiday tipple, schimmel center

Win VIP Tickets to See Ana Gasteyer (NYC)

Ready for the VIP treatment? The Schimmel Center is hosting an exclusive opportunity to win tickets to Ana Gasteyer’s new show. Enter this week! Two lucky Setters will be chosen on Friday, December 7.
11/29/2018 • 3:59pm
precious hose, student profile, my pace path

The Criminal Attorney

Precious Hose ’20 is a first-gen student who’s passionate about a lot of things at Pace: her on-campus work (like at the Environmental Center!), criminal justice, and inspiring the next class to dream big and get involved.
11/29/2018 • 1:55pm
finals week, finals resources, keyboard, notebook, smartphone

Finals Week 2018 Resources

You’re almost there! We know you’re swamped with studying. That’s why we put together a guide including stress management tips, hours your library will be open, self-care events (like therapy dogs), and much more.
11/29/2018 • 11:58am
happy holidays, holiday season at pace, holiday events

2018 Holiday Parties at Pace

‘Tis the season to celebrate, and Pace has got you covered. From holiday markets to live performances to a hot cocoa bar, we’re kicking off the winter break right.
11/29/2018 • 11:32am
dancespace, ppa, pace performing arts

DancesPace 2018 (NYC)

PPA’s commercial dance students let it all jazz, tap, and hip hop out for their annual showcase starting Friday, December 7. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind performance featuring the choreography by Pace faculty and guest artists!
11/29/2018 • 11:23am

Fashion Unfolded Panel (NYC)

Do you have your eye on becoming an influencer? Want to hear from experts who made it big on Instagram? Come on Friday, December 7, to learn how you can boost your follow count and grab more likes!
11/29/2018 • 11:21am
networking, handshake

Get Your Networking On (NYC)

With an alumni spotlight presentation, (free!) LinkedIn headshots, and a business analytics mixer, Lubin is making sure you end this year by properly preparing for 2019.
11/29/2018 • 11:18am

PaceCast: Giving Tuesday Edition

Even though #GivingTuesday has come and gone, it’s important to continue charitable giving. Enter: PaceCast, Pace’s podcast hosted by President Krislov, which is back with a special episode about the Pace donors who ensure student success!
11/29/2018 • 11:14am
recycling, going green

Reduce Waste at Pace (NYC)

Is your dorm getting cluttered? Bring all your old items to recycle on Thursday, December 20, and enjoy free refreshments. You can help us reduce waste at Pace one old notebook and worn t-shirt at a time!
11/29/2018 • 11:11am
ux talk with grubhub

UX Talk With Grubhub (NYC)

Hungry for knowledge? The UX team at Grubhub will be visiting on Wednesday, December 5, for a panel discussion covering everything you need to know about user experience.
11/29/2018 • 11:08am
50/50, pleasantville events, plv campus, dj, music

50/50 Mixes It Up (PLV)

You’re invited to jam with WPAW for their annual Open Mic Night! Mortola Library will also be hosting their highly anticipated Toast Day, Alpha Phi Delta is hooking us up with Casino Night, and more.
11/29/2018 • 11:06am
acoustic night

Acoustic Night 2018 (NYC)

Break out that old guitar because P.A.C.E. Board is hosting an incredible show on Thursday, November 29, where Setters will show off their talents. Anyway, here’s "Wonderwall."
11/20/2018 • 10:33am
merin joseph, leadership in tech series

Leadership in Tech: Merin Joseph (PLV)

Pace alumna Merin Joseph ’02 knows her stuff: she’s an executive vice president and chief information officer, IT strategist, and she’ll be visiting on Wednesday, November 28, to meet you!
11/19/2018 • 5:27pm
my pace path, student profile, Servando Martinez

The Corporate Attorney

From coast to coast (and even all the way to Austria), Servando Martinez ’19 is working to inspire people wherever he goes. He’s even dreaming of one day launching a nonprofit to help youth displaced by homelessness.
11/19/2018 • 4:57pm
its, computers, tech updates, technology

ITS Updates: Fall 2018

ITS is rolling out new updates before the semester ends! Get an Office 365 upgrade, note important dates, be sure to complete your course evaluations, and more.
11/15/2018 • 1:27pm
build-an-animal, stuffed teddy bear

Build-an-Animal (NYC)

Help the animals by building toy animals! On Monday, November 26, the Pace Against Animal Cruelty club will be sewing together all kinds of lovable stuffed creatures to benefit the nonprofit Animal Avengers.
11/15/2018 • 11:44am
chinese food festival

Chinese Food Festival (NYC)

Warm up this fall season at CSSA’s food festival! From steamed dumplings to spicy wings, you’ll get to sample authentic Chinese dishes on Tuesday, November 27. Talk about noms.
11/15/2018 • 11:42am
Lesley Ma, leadership in technology

Leadership in Tech: Lesley Ma (NYC)

Shift your skills into high gear: Cadillac’s executive leading brand IT strategy and innovation, Lesley Ma, is visiting on Tuesday, November 27. Get in the car, Setters, we’re going networking.
11/15/2018 • 11:40am
Peter and the Starcatcher, pace performing arts

Peter and the Starcatcher (NYC)

Journey with Pace Performing Arts to never-never land starting Tuesday, November 27, where you’ll discover the origin story of the legendary Peter Pan. No fairy dust required!
11/15/2018 • 11:38am
thank a donor day, writing letters

Thank a Donor Day 2018

Break out that pen (or keyboard), because the Pace Board of Trustees wants YOU! Write a thank-you note on Tuesday, November 27, for a chance to win a Visa gift card.
11/15/2018 • 11:37am
Isiuwa Igodan, student profile, my pace path

The Cultural Storyteller

Communication studies major Isiuwa Igodan ’19 is as passionate about reporting as she is about advocating for those in need. She experienced homelessness in high school, and now she’s using her platform to give back.
11/15/2018 • 11:35am
dogs, puppy, therapy dogs, 50/50, pleasantville events

50/50 Is in the Doghouse (PLV)

Therapy dogs are coming! Put your paws up for a packed week, PLV. There will also be a variety show, spa night, pizza party, and much more.
11/15/2018 • 11:32am
rohana sosa, student profile, my pace path

The Tech Entrepreneur

Rohana Sosa ’19 is always thinking about the way technology can have a humanitarian impact. She doesn’t just write code, though—she blogs about her work, too, and plans on writing a book to inspire young girls.
11/09/2018 • 9:28am
pride hoops night, basketball, pace athletics

Pride Hoops Night 2018 (PLV)

Sashay your way to the court, Setters! The men’s and women’s basketball teams are celebrating Pace LGBTQA pride on Wednesday, November 28, with a doubleheader and halftime drag performance.
11/08/2018 • 3:25pm
student in library

January Intersession 2019

Warm up this winter by earning three credits in just four weeks! Many classes are available online, so you can keep sipping that hot cocoa while you get a jump on graduation—all during winter break.
11/08/2018 • 2:41pm
pace athletics, field hockey team

How Winning Is Done

History was just made: Pace’s field hockey team capped off an incredible regular season and is now ranked the #2 team in the nation! Support your Setters on Tuesday, November 13, as they as they begin their quest for an NE10 Tournament title.
11/08/2018 • 1:00pm
tackle the tower

Tackle the Tower 2018 (NYC)

Ready for a challenge, Pace U? What about free pizza? Join President Krislov on Wednesday, November 14, if you think you can make it up 19 flights of stairs.
11/08/2018 • 12:24pm