Pace University students walking on the Pleasantville campus.

Campus Dining

Pace University Dining Services offers Students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators the convenience of various locations and healthy dining choices on our Manhattan, Pleasantville, and White Plains Campuses.

All full-time resident and commuter undergraduate students at Pace University are required to have a meal plan. Resident graduate students are also required to have a meal plan. The meal plan begins on move-in day each fall and spring and concludes on the last day of scheduled finals. The Meal Plan is structured as a declining balance plan.

*Effective starting 2021-2022 academic year, all incoming students, regardless of grade level, meal plan dollar (dining and flex) balances will rollover for the current academic year and must be used by end of the Spring semesters. Meal plan balances are non-refundable and unused funds will be forfeited. For students enrolled prior to July 1, 2021, the meal plan balances will continue to roll over until graduating or leaving the university, phasing out with the graduating class of 2024. Meal plan balances are non-refundable and unused funds will be forfeited.

For more information including dining locations, hours, nutritional facts, and events please visit the Pace DineOnCampus websites:

Health and Safety

Given the scope of our dining operation and the priority we place on protecting our community, we have in place an extremely rigorous program for food safety and hygiene which is backed by certified and trained Pace staff with current licensed qualifications, food safety audits from both New York City regulatory agencies and third-party auditors.

  • All Pace Dining Managers are trained and certified in food service safety. Managers must also be certified by the NYC Dept of Health and required to have a NYC Food Protection Handlers’ Certificate.
  • All Pace Dining culinarians are trained for proper food safety handling and are required to follow stringent safety protocols.
  • All Pace Dining Associates must undergo regular food safety training.
  • Pace Dining schedules unannounced food safety inspections by a third-party company in all dining locations to ensure all standards are maintained.
  • All equipment is regularly cleaned, disinfected and sanitized at the end of each shift.

Any guest who believes they may be experiencing a food-related illness should always contact Pace Health Services and report to us at or (212) 346-1283. If a complaint is received, staff begin a formal investigation immediately by conducting an advisement and introductory meeting to obtain all details of the incident, including food consumption tracking over the last 48 hours, presenting symptoms, food intolerances, and exposure to other ill individuals. The collected information is logged and an internal investigation is initiated. This includes:

  • Checking to see if any other complaints have been filed about the same food item or dining location
  • Thoroughly inspecting the location, reviewing the production log with the unit and executive chef
  • Inspecting the rest of the food product in the location for potential issues such as temperature, abnormalities, or discoloration
  • Contacting the supplier/procurement department to see if there were complaints about specific food supplies

Most importantly, we must all remember to continue to take steps to stay safe.

  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay home when you’re sick and avoid preparing food for others.
  • If you feel ill, contact your health care provider or University Health Care through the confidential Patient Portal or by calling (212) 346-1600. There is a nurse available between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.