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Combined and Sequential Degree Programs

Earn both a bachelor’s and a graduate degree in as few as five years with one of Pace’s accelerated accelerated Combined and sequential degree programs. In addition to saving time, you’ll also save on the equivalent of a year’s worth of tuition.

Students must work closely with their academic advisor throughout their undergraduate career to ensure they are meeting the requirements for both their undergraduate degree and their anticipated entry into the graduate portion of the combined degree program.


Interested students must first meet with their academic advisor. The advisor will review already completed undergraduate coursework to determine student’s eligibility to apply. It is recommended that students meet with advisement prior to their junior year or when they have earned 64 credits (though students interested in their junior year may still be considered).

If eligible, the student will complete a Change of Major Form with their Advisor, as well as submit an online application with the Office of Graduate Admission. Students must also submit all supporting documents as required by their intended program of interest, which may include a personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation.

Students will receive a decision on their admission application once their completed application has been reviewed by the Office of Graduate and approved by the Academic Advisor (and not before completing 128 credits).

Scholarship and Aid

Once a student becomes eligible to enter the graduate portion of the program, the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate Graduate status to receive the Financial Aid award available to them as a Graduate student. Students are encouraged to engage with the Office of Financial Aid office once they have been admitted to the Graduate portion of their program to ensure they have updated the FAFSA correctly, and that they satisfy all requirements for the new award.

Financial Aid awards differ between the Combined Degree programs and the Sequential programs, so be sure to review information applicable to your program of interest:

  • Students enrolled in a combined degree program at Pace University are eligible to retain 20% of their undergraduate Pace merit award during their 5th year of study (name changes to Graduate Trustee Recognition Award).
    • Please note that the above scholarship requirements are effective for all students entering the combined degree program in Fall 2024 and onwards.
  • Sequential (4+1) – Although merit-based awards do not carry for the 5th year, students are eligible to receive a Graduate Merit-based scholarship. Students are automatically considered for Graduate Scholarship of up to $7,000, depending upon academic qualifications and full or part-time status. Students enrolled in the 4/1 programs may study full or part-time and must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits to be eligible for Graduate Scholarships.

Students pay the undergraduate tuition rate during the first four years of study (or 128 credits, whichever comes first). Students then pay the graduate tuition rate once they are admitted into the graduate program and begin their study as a graduate student.