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Flex and Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars and Swipes

Flex Dollars

All full-time students will be given Flex Dollars as part of their meal plan. The Flex Dollar program enables students to use their Pace One Card in all our on-campus dining locations, bookstores, vending machines, and on the Westchester campus, at Pace Delivers. Students can also use Flex Dollars off- campus at local restaurants and eateries within the immediate areas of our New York and Westchester campus locations, and wherever Grubhub is offered. The amount of Flex Dollars varies according to each student's meal plan, and we offer meal plans with additional Flex Dollars (PDF) which can be requested by submitting a Meal Plan Upgrade Form.

Please note that, as part of the meal plan, Flex Dollars are non-refundable. *Effective for the 2021-2022 academic year, all incoming students, regardless of grade level, meal plan balances will rollover for the current academic year and must be used by end of the Spring semesters. Meal plan balances are non-refundable and unused funds will be forfeited. For students enrolled prior to July 1, 2021, the meal plan balances will continue to roll over until graduating or leaving the university, phasing out with the graduating class of 2024. Meal plan balances are non-refundable and unused funds will be forfeited.

View your available meal plan balance, including Flex and Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars at any time at the Point of Sale terminal in the Café, through the eAccounts website, or any Auxiliary Services office.

Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars and Swipes

Students can add Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars and Swipes as supplements to their meal plans.

Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars work the same as Flex Dollars. All additional funds added by students are considered Dawg Dollars. Dawg Dollars are refundable by request if unused, while Flex Dollars are not. Voluntary Swipes work the same as regular Swipes, and can roll-over to the following week up to a maximum of 30 swipes.

Students may add Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars and Swipes at any time throughout the semester. To add Dawg Dollars or Swipes to your account, use the Pace mobile app, visit Student Accounts, add funds online via credit card or check, or ask any Dining Service Manager at an on-campus dining location. Please note, funds added through our online platform after 6:00 p.m. Eastern will not be available until 9:00 a.m. Eastern next business day.

Should you have specific questions regarding the new program or experience any difficulties using your Flex/Dawg Dollars, please email Auxiliary Services or call 1 (877) 722-3431.

Currently Accepting Flex And Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars

Vending Machines

All Vending Machines on the New York and Westchester campus locations accept Flex and Dawg Dollars. The Pace One Card can be used at any vending machine location to purchase drinks and snacks. Dining Dollars are not accepted.


Our Grubhub options have expanded! Students, faculty, and staff can now use either Flex or Dawg Dollars on any Grubhub order from all food service establishments on- and off- campus. That means you can order on Grubhub not just in New York City and Pleasantville, but wherever Grubhub is available. The enhanced service–Grubhub+ and Grubhub+ Student–also includes special perks including the Grubhub point loyalty program and $0 delivery fee (service fees still apply on delivery orders). Get started today by setting up your Grubhub account with your Pace One Card. Read the Grubhub+ FAQ (PDF).

To set up your Grubhub+ account with your Pace One Card, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Grubhub app on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the Account tab, then select Campus Dining.
  3. Input your Pace University email and password to activate the account.
  4. Start ordering from your favorite restaurants.

Download Grubhub for iPhone Download Grubhub for Android