Pace University students walking on the Pleasantville campus.

Pace One Card

How do I obtain my Pace One Card?
The Auxiliary Services Office manages requests for Pace One Cards. Review Instructions for obtaining your Pace One Card on our One Card website.

What do I do if I lose my Pace One Card?
If you lost your Pace One Card, you’ll have to deactivate your card and request a new one. There is a $25 fee for replacement cards.

Meal Plan and Dining

What is the Meal Exchange Plan?
The meal exchange plan is a hybrid program that consists of meal swipes, declining dining dollars, and flex dollars. Meal exchange plans can be used throughout the school year, from the first day of the semester to the end of the semester. This hybrid swipe plan is mandatory for first-year residential students. Visit the Meal Plans page to learn more about the Meal Exchange Plan.

Do I have to have a Commuter Meal Plan?
All full-time undergraduate students are required to have a meal plan. Students who are fully remote for classes can complete a Commuter Meal Plan Exemption/Reduction Form to be reviewed by the department.

What are Flex and Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars?
Flex and Voluntary (Dawg) Dollars can be used at campus dining locations and at local restaurants, eateries within the immediate areas of our New York and Westchester campus locations, GrubHub+, campus vending machines, and campus stores. On the Westchester campus, they are also accepted at Pace Delivers, Pace Fit, Pace Mart, and Pace Perk.

How do I see how much funds I have left on my meal plan?
You can view your remaining balances online.

How do I add money to my meal plan?
You can add Dawg (Voluntary) Dollars or Voluntary Swipes online, at the meal plan office on each campus, or through Student Accounts.

Other Services

Where are the bookstores?
Spirit stores in every campus offer a diverse collection of books, supplies, textbooks, and other course materials as well as campus spirit merchandise.

  • New York City Campus Store
    One Pace Plaza, Main Lobby
    *NYC textbooks are stored offsite and must be ordered online to be delivered to your Residence Hall or home.
  • Pleasantville Campus Store
    Kessel Campus Center
  • Haub Law Campus Store
    Aloysia Hall

Are there lockers for rent?
Yes, Pace has lockers for rent in the New York City campus only. Review our General Services website for information about how to rent lockers on campus.

What is BankMobile?
BankMobile is Pace’s third-party refund distribution company. Review our Bankmobile website for more information about how to access BankMobile and select your refund disbursement preference.