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Welcome International Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Pace University! With more than 90 countries represented on our campuses in New York City and Westchester, the University strives to create an international community among its student body.

PATHWAYS STUDENTS: If you have been admitted to the Pace Pathways Program, do not follow the below steps. Instead, visit the Pace Pre-Graduate Pathways page.

As an International Student, please follow the steps below.

1.)  Be sure you have completed all of the steps outlined on the Accepted Student home page.

2.)  I-20 Information: All Non-U.S. Citizens and Non-U.S. permanent residents who do not currently hold a valid visa for academic study must obtain a valid F-1 visa that can be obtained once Pace issues you a Form I-20. If you have NOT received your I-20 Form, you may be missing one of the following documents:

  • Financial Affidavit- Complete the financial affidavit for the school or college you will be attending. Make sure both pages are filled in if you have a sponsor.
  • Official Bank Statement- Submit a bank statement, in English, with sufficient funds available for one year of study. The amount may be no less than what is listed on the Financial Affidavit for the academic year you are attending.
  • A Copy of Your Passport- You may email all these documents as a scanned pdf to the admission office of the campus to which you applied.
  • Transfer Recommendation- All International students transferring from a U.S. college or university must also submit the Transfer Recommendation Form in addition to the above requirements. Please have this form complete by the Designated School Official (DSO) at your current school.

All of the above documents should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admission at the addresses listed  below.

3.)  International Orientation- All International students are required to attend the Mandatory Immigration Information Session. You can register for through our online registration system. If you have not received your I-20 or you are confused about how to obtain an F-1 Visa, please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link on your right.

4.) Important information on your immigration status, obtaining your visa, and your arrival to the US: 

5.)  Contacts:

  • NYC Graduate Admission: for all admission related questions
  • Westchester Graduate Admission: for all admission related questions
  • Mira Krasnov (International Office): for all SEVIS and visa questions.
  • Andre Cordon (Director of International Admission): for any additional questions.

New York City Campus
Office of Graduate Admission
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY 10038
Phone: +1 (212) 346-1531

Westchester Campus
Office of Graduate Admission
One Martine Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606
Phone: +1 (914) 422-4283