Faculty Digital Toolkit

On the Faculty Technology Resources page, you will find links to important information and IT resources for faculty at Pace University.

Pace Systems

As faculty at Pace you are certain to need access to all of these systems sooner or later.

  • Activate or unlock your Pace Portal account, change or reset your password, update your security questions, and download free copies of software such as Microsoft Office on the Apps/Download/Account Management page

    Apps Download Account Management

  • Access a browser supported server-based computing system that enables the use of various software remotely.

  • Manage lectures, assignments, discussion board, grades, and use other online tools with Brightspace Classes LMS


  • Showcase your achievements (such as publications, presentations, community engagement, grants, etc.) on the Pace website. Digital Measures also includes a reporting tool to administer critical information pertaining to faculty achievements, assessment, and accreditation

    Digital Measures

  • Enroll and manage devices that uses the Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to access MFA-protected systems or services

    Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Communicate with your colleagues using Microsoft Outlook for Exchange integrated email and calendaring service that feature email calendar invites, scheduling views for multiple calendars, and shared calendars.


  • Pace University is required to verify the attendance of Federal Aid recipients because it impacts their financial aid eligibility. This process is called Enrollment Verification.

    Using Qwickly Qwickly Video Tutorial

  • Find out how ePortfolio enriches the student learning experience and allows faculty to creatively display their achievements. Users can add files to their portfolio that may be shared with others--their peers, professors, friends, family, and potential employers.

    ePortfolio Login ePortfolio Tutorials

  • Submit online ticket requests for areas such as Human Resources, IT, Registrar, Student Accounts, and get updates or track your ticket status

    ITS Helpdesk

  • Access a vast online library of instructional videos to improve your software, creative, and business skills

    LinkedIn Learning

  • Click on the Faculty tab to access class rosters, class schedules, personal information, enter grades, and more.

    Pace Portal

  • Access Pace's Office 365 cloud service to get premium Office apps, teamwork collaboration, and extra cloud storage all in one convenient subscription.

    Office 365

  • Learn how you can help in identifying students at risk and refer them to academic assistance, early enough to make a difference.


  • Register to receive time-sensitive emergency notifications via telephone (cellular or landline), email and text messaging

    PaceAlert Emergency Notification System

  • Use this online directory to find information such as your Pace username and email address. You can also find phone/fax numbers and location for faculty and staff

    Pace Directory

  • Download the Pace Mobile app to view the Pace directory, events, videos, images, and more

    App Store Google Play

  • To view the Events Calendar, check space availability, and/or request an event with Audio Visual Services

    Special Events

  • Find out about the latest IT related system outages, updates, and news

    System Status

  • Find out about Human Resources training initiatives in place to help foster your individual growth and skill development - both of which will increase your job efficiency.

    Technology Training

  • Learn features of Pace University Alcatel telephone system to get yourself familiarize with system.

    Telephone and Voicemail Tutorial

  • Find out about web based time & attendance application used by non-instructional staff to capture leave time (i.e. sick days, vacation, leaves of absence, etc.). Only accessible within the Pace Network.

    UKG Ready

  • Use this online storage system to upload and store documents for easy access and retrieval using the web. Staff receive 100 MB of free storage space.

    Web File System (WFS)

  • Access full-featured secure video communication service for online/blended classrooms.


Faculty Checklist

Review the New Faculty Checklist for important steps needed for account activation, access to systems, familiarizing policies, and more.

  1. Use the Pace Directory online directory to find information such as your Pace username and email address
  2. Activate your Pace account and set up your password, go to Account Activation
  3. Activate your Duo MFA account and download the Duo Mobile app, by going to Duo Multifactor Device Enrollment portal
  4. Access Pace Portal for information about your courses, grade rosters, benefits, etc.
  5. Access your Pace Email account.
  6. Access your Brightspace Classes LMS account.
    Note: You must be assigned a course in order to login.
  7. Access your OnTrack student success platform.
    Note: Faculty members are automatically granted access to OnTrack once they are assigned to a course.
  8. Access your ePortfolio account to add files and accomplishments to your portfolio.
  9. Register to receive time-sensitive emergency Pace Alert notifications via telephone (cellular or landline), email and text messaging.
  10. Access to the PACE-WIFI Network by visiting Configuring Wireless.
  11. Subscribe to our ITNotices Listserv, to obtain important IT-related updates and information.
  12. Pace students are responsible for reading and abiding by the University’s Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology
  13. Learn about Information Technology Services a variety of services and resources

IT Support and Services

Academic Technologies
The Office of Academic Technologies serves the Pace community by integrating and supporting various instructional technologies for teaching and learning. The staff educates faculty and students about the effective use of these technologies, including learning management systems, web conferencing, lecture capture software and electronic portfolios.

Document Services
Get all your printing needs such as University letterhead, memos, business cards, in addition to high quality print and digital solutions

Educational Media Services
The Educational Media Centers (EMC) provide audio/visual services and media support throughout the university. This includes assisting the faculty and students in their academic endeavors.

IT Training
Information Technology User Services department provides instructor-led training on key technologies being used at Pace. Many courses are offered during work hours that are free of charge and open to all employees. To register for a technology related course offered by the Information Technology Services Department please refer to the Training page and complete the on-line Central registration form.

ITS Computer Labs
The Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center (CRC) provides open-access computer labs for anyone with an active Pace account. Lab software offerings include many popular word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, graphics software and other packages as well as course-specific offerings for the Mac, PC, and for remote access.

ITS Help Desk
ITS representatives are available by phone, email, and live chat to assist you with any technology related questions or concerns. ITS provides remote, onsite and walk-in service for hardware and software issues for Pace owned equipment. You can contact the ITS Help Desk through the following mediums:

Note: The Walk-in Center is located inside the Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center on either the New York or Pleasantville campus. We strongly recommend that you call the ITS Help Desk first for assistance, or if you need to make a walk-in appointment with a technician.

Important tech tools

Digital Toolkit
The Digital Toolkit is a collection of self-help guides, tutorials, and resources geared to help students and faculty at Pace. The toolkit includes software and tools supported by ITS. It is a one-stop shop for self-service help, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting.

Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Pace University uses Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to access MFA-protected systems or services, for example portal.pace.edu. Duo MFA is second layer of security. When logging into these systems, you will be prompted to enter your Pace username and password, plus an additional 6-digit passcode. The passcode can be retrieved from the Duo Mobile app installed on a secondary device in your possession (e.g. smartphone or tablet).

The Duo Mobile app is free and will work with any Apple, Android, or Windows mobile device. You will be able to download the app from your device’s app store during the setup process.


General IT Security Guidelines
Identity thieves are constantly trying new ways to compromise your devices and to steal your personal information. Phishing schemes have increased significantly and are getting more sophisticated. Users need to be extra vigilant when checking email or going online. The steps below can also help you stay more secure.

  • Make sure you have the latest patches and antivirus updates on your computer and other mobile devices; including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Never give anyone your username, password, or any other personal info.
  • Do not open emails, attachments, or links from unknown sources.
  • Do not visit untrusted websites; this will reduce any chances of your computer or device getting infected with malware.
  • Physical security of your devices is also important; make sure you enable password PINs on your devices, in case they are ever lost or stolen.

Common Scams To Protect Against:

Be alert of the below scams that may originate from emails, text messages, phone calls, or social media.

  • Fake requests to update payroll bank information
  • Fake Job Opportunities
  • Communication threatening action and/or demanding payment
  • Requests to provide Duo passcodes
  • Requests for you to purchase gift cards
  • Fake retail notifications, such as communication appearing to originate from Amazon
  • Requests for sensitive data
  • Fake news attempting to generate an emotional response

Get more information about spam or phishing schemes by going to SPAM alert and subscribe to our ITNotices Listserv, which will also provide you with additional important IT-related updates.

Guest Accounts
Request access for visiting faculty, students, temporary staff or contractors.

IT Discounts
ITS offers Higher Education discount programs for Dell and Apple computers. In addition, many popular software programs are available at educational discounts.

IT Status
View a list of all current outages, as well as scheduled and recurring maintenance which may affect access to Pace systems and related applications. You can also subscribe to our IT Notices listserv from this page to receive our IT-related updates directly via your Pace student email account.

ITS Knowledge Base
The IT knowledge base is where you will find useful how-to articles with step-by-step instructions and information on a range of Pace systems, resources and FAQ.

ITS News
Obtain important IT related announcements and subscribe to the ITNotices-L email list to receive them in your inbox.

New Employee Orientation
Get an overview of the benefit options available to full-time employees of Pace University.

Pace Mobile
The Pace Mobile app brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the Pace University community. Stay on top of your events and get notified of important dates, deadlines & security announcements.

Service Catalog
Looking for a particular service? Search through the ITS catalog for system access, services, and offerings.

Supported Hardware and Supported Applications
ITS Client Support Office is a certified repair service center for Pace-owned Dell and Apple computers. Review which Pace system versions are supported and recommendations for hardware/software.

VPN and Remote Desktop
Staff can access their Pace desktop computer from another computer off-campus such as your home. Pace University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) software and Remote Desktop will allow you to remotely access your computer files and programs, email and calendar, and other network resources while not having to physically be sitting at your office computer.

Web and Video Conferencing
Educational Media Centers operate videoconferencing facilities at One Pace Plaza, the Graduate Center and Pleasantville and can assist you with the identification of an appropriate tool to conduct remote meetings, presentations and receive remote presentations such as guest lecturers.

Wireless Access
Visit this page to learn how to register and connect your mobile device to the Pace Wireless network.

Essential Pace Systems