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Students, Faculty and Staff may shop for home computers and software for personal use at the following sites. When possible, discount pricing has been negotiated with the vendors. If you will be purchasing a new Windows laptop or MacBook, access detailed information about the minimum recommendations for hardware specification to use with Pace systems. Note: Pace University provides these links as a service to our users and does not have any control over the purchasing process or availability of products. We also advise our users to use their own discretion when dealing with external vendors and their customer policies.


Students, Faculty, and Staff as indicated below.

Note: Alumni can check for any existing benefits and resources available to them.

How To Get This Service

Eligibility: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Through Pace's Apple online store Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff can obtain educational discounts for Macs and various Apple software.

Note: Some Pace University courses use Windows-based software in their curriculum. Therefore, students with Apple computers who are taking these courses must have the Microsoft Windows operating system pre-installed on their Mac in order to complete the course requirements. In order to install Windows on a Mac, students will need software such as Bootcamp (already included on Macs), Parallels, or VMware Fusion. Please visit our Supported Hardware page to learn more about our IT recommendations for computer purchases.

Mac. The perfect study partner. Buy a Mac for college and save with Apple education pricing, plus fast free shipping.

Additional discounts are available for Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the following link: Shop Now
  2. Select a device and customize your Mac
  3. 3 - Year Apple Protection Plan is recommended
  4. Click Add to Cart to view total

Phone: 1-800-MY- APPLE
Note: Mention to phone representative that Pace University has a Custom Store.

For more information:

Eligibility: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff receive exclusive discounts on Dell laptops and desktops which are even pre-configured to Pace specifications.

Eligibility: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff receive free or exclusive discounts on various software application packages (e.g. MS Office, MS Operating System, VMware Fusion, Parallels, Data Analysis Tools, and more).

Eligibility: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Please refer to the page to download your copy of MS Office.

Note: Faculty and Staff can download MS Office from ADAM for work related purposes.

Eligibility: Current Students and Faculty

Open to all Pace Students and Faculty, CDW-G is the virtual spot on campus to find great deals on computer gear.

Eligibility: Students, Faculty, and Staff

Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff can find great educational discounts on IT software, hardware, training, and more.

Eligibility: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff can find great educational discounts on everything you need with savings up to 85% off commercial software list prices.

Special discounts are available for Adobe products. To view a list of discounted Adobe products please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the following link: JourneyEd
  2. Select College
  3. Select New York
  4. Chose the appropriate Pace Campus
  5. Click on the red button titled Adobe Educational Discounts

Eligibility: Faculty and Staff

Verizon save 19% On monthly wireless access fees

The Verizon Wireless Employee Discount Program is now available to all new and existing Verizon Wireless Users. Please note: the existing cell phone account must be billed to a Pace employee in order for the discount to be applied.

Employees interested in taking advantage of the discount program can go to the following site for additional information: Verizon wireless discount

Employees who have questions about the Employee Discount Program can email our Account Support Liaison Christian Sarmiento.

Eligibility: Faculty and Staff

Special FiOS Offer for Employees!

Offers are available online only at the Verizon website. Orders placed by phone or any other method are not eligible for the above offer

Existing customers:

Existing Verizon customers may be eligible for monthly discounts of up to $10 per month on qualifying bundles. Please visit the Verizon site to start saving!

Eligibility: Faculty and Staff

To receive the Pace University ATTWS employee discount please do the following:

  1. Verify program eligibility by going to the following site: Check Savings Eligibility
  2. For users already on AT&T today, visit the AT&T website to validate and attach eligible discounts.
  3. Option to shop at retail stores:
    1. Shop at any store
    2. Have school ID & drivers license available
    3. Store will look up your eligible discounts

If you have questions or would like further details regarding this information please email Maureen Doddy at call at x22692.


For any inquiries about this service, or to submit a request, please click this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (Pace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

Contact the ITS Help Desk

Phone: (914) 773-3333
Toll Free: 1 (855) 722-3487