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4 and 6 Hour Research Assignments

Our 4-hour research and 6-hour research assignments allow students to practice your academic research skills while earning 4 or 6 hours toward your au pair J1 visa education requirement. The number of hours stated on the certificate is based on the average number of hours needed to complete the requirements of the assignment.

You will have one 7-week term to complete this 2-page (for 4-hour) or 3-page (for 6-hour) research assignment. However, should you complete the essay early, we will provide a certificate of completion within 2-3 business days. 

NOTE: Research assignments must be taken together with another in-person course.  Students may register for a maximum of one 4-hour or one 6-hour research assignment.  This option is for students who have some experience writing an academic essay.

4 hour research assignment

Price: $50*

6 hour research assignment

Price: $75*

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*Price is subject to change without notice.


Contact Us to register for the 4 hour or 6 hour research assignment.  Please include the title and date of the previous course you attended at Pace University with your message.  We require this information to approve you for the 4 hour or 6 hour research assignment.

Research Assignment Policy

Research assignments are due by the deadline communicated by our Admissions team in your registration confirmation message.  Students may request an extension of up to 3 days by writing the Admissions team before the research assignment due date in writing to  Requests for extensions after the research assignment due date will not be granted.  Research assignments received after the due date or approved extended due date will not be accepted and the research assignment hours will be forfeited.

Additional Policies

Please review all important policies related to au pair courses, including:

  • Course Completion
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Payment and Tuition Cancellation

For more information, please contact the English Language Institute.

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