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Marketing and Advertising Communication Skills

Course Description and Dates

Communication Skills in International Advertising

This is an exciting course relevant in today's world. It covers major concepts and issues in planning international and cross-cultural advertising campaigns.

Topics include primary and secondary research to assess cultural environments, setting objectives, budgeting, media, creativity, ethics, and social responsibility. Some aspects of multicultural consumers (i.e., race and ethnicity) within the U.S. and international advertising in the new media environment are also covered.

You will learn about a range of issues, challenges, and opportunities that exist in international advertising as you study comparative cultural, economic, legal, political, and social conditions in various countries and regions around the world. This course includes language support through content learning.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand and appreciate different cultures across the globe and within the U.S.
  2. Identify the basic principles and concepts in cross-cultural advertising.
  3. Identify data forms in different local markets (e.g., media and consumers) and critically analyze their implications for advertising in a global environment.
  4. Analyze and critique cases of current global advertising campaign projects.
  5. Examine, produce, and design media plans
  6. Design an international advertising campaign that applies cultural principles and concepts.
  7. Utilize English to write, discuss, and present cross-cultural issues and advertising campaigns

Hours/week: 5 hours
Offered: Spring 1, 2023
Length: 7 weeks during fall and spring sessions, 6 weeks during summer sessions

Communication Skills in Ethical Marketing

This course explores and analyzes ethical issues in the U.S. and global economy commonly faced by marketers and consumers.

You will examine concepts, behaviors, practices, and challenges relevant to the process of planning and implementing marketing and creating value via ethical processes, systems, and strategies. You will apply your ethical decision-making skills to real-life cases and explore a self-selected ethical marketing issue in detail.

The course includes a mixture of lectures, discussions, and a wide-ranging set of readings and examples addressing ethical principles in commerce and consumption. It also utilizes language support throughout content learning.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the role and importance of ethical decision making in the marketing environment
  2. Identify and understand the often “slippery slope” of marketing, public relations/communications, and promotion behaviors
  3. Utilize frameworks for ethical decision making
  4. Understand, communicate, and address ethical dilemmas clearly and systematically when they arise
  5. Present engaging/persuasive arguments and debates
  6. Utilize English to communicate effectively in writing and speaking
  7. Communicate the detailed analysis of marketing problems and alternative solutions in both verbal and written presentation reports.

Hours/week: 5 hours
Offered: Spring 2, 2023
Length: 7 weeks during fall and spring sessions, 6 weeks during summer sessions

Flexible Study Options

Spring 2023 Marketing and Advertising Communication Skills courses will be held on-campus in Westchester, as well as Online (HyFlex*).

Note that proof of COVID-19 vaccination or an approved exemption is required for all on-campus students. This requirement is only to access the university’s physical campus; online only students are not subject to this requirement. View upload instructions and other important information, including how to request an extension or exemption.

*These courses are delivered in a HyFlex model. In this model, the course is taught both on-campus and online at the same time by the same faculty member. The instructor will be in the classroom and teaching on-campus students while simultaneously live-streaming to remote students.


  • Diverse student population
  • Flexible study options
  • Gain useful professional skills as well as communication skills
  • Professional faculty
  • Interactive classes
  • Academic advisement
  • Full use of University facilities
  • Certificate available by request

Registration and Fees

Please note that the minimum English proficiency to be admitted to these courses is CEFR high B1+, TOEFL score of 70, or IELTS score of 6.0.

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