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Intensive English Program

Whether you study English to improve your academic success, achieve your career goals, or simply improve your life, ELI's course of study can help. Learn the essentials of grammar and writing; improve listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills; and enhance your vocabulary through reading.

With the help of an advisor, you can create your own program of study by choosing from a menu of courses. F-1 students must enroll in a minimum of 18 hours per week (4 Intensive English classes).

The ELI offers Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate level courses. It may take 7 or 14 weeks to complete each level (6 or 12 weeks in the summer terms).

Flexible Study Options

Summer 2023 Intensive English Classes will be held on-campus in New York City, as well as Online (HyFlex*).

*Our Online Intensive English courses are delivered in a HyFlex model. In this model, the course is taught both on-campus and online at the same time by the same faculty member. The instructor will be in the classroom and teaching on-campus students while simultaneously live-streaming to remote students.


Our Intensive English program features multiple levels of instruction. The results of your online placement exam and academic advisement meeting will determine the level you attend at our institute.

Course Descriptions

  • Improve conversational fluency and listening comprehension. This class focuses on communicating ideas in English. Audio, video and reading materials are used for conversation topics and for developing listening skills.

    Hours/week: 5 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions, 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • Learn grammar in the context of your own writing and through controlled exercises from the textbook. Learn how to correct your mistakes and improve your writing by editing and revising your papers.

    Hours/week: 5 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions, 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • Learn different reading strategies and skills to expand your vocabulary and improve reading comprehension skills. Read a variety of newspaper and magazine articles, novels and stories, and academic texts to learn how to apply these strategies and skills.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions, 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • This course covers major concepts and issues in planning international and cross-cultural advertising campaigns. You will learn about a range of issues, challenges, and opportunities that exist in international advertising as you study comparative cultural, economic, legal, political, and social conditions in various countries and regions around the world.

    At the end of the course, you will be able to analyze and critique cases of current global advertising campaign projects; examine, produce, and design media plan; and design an international advertising campaign that applies cultural principles and concepts.

    Hours/week: 5 hours
    Offered: Fall 1 2023
    Length: 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • This course explores and analyzes ethical issues in the U.S. and global economy commonly faced by marketers and consumers. You will apply your ethical decision-making skills to real-life cases and explore a self-selected ethical marketing issue in detail.

    At the end of the course, you will be able to understand, communicate, and address ethical dilemmas clearly and systematically when they arise; and present engaging/persuasive arguments and debates.

    Hours/week: 5 hours
    Offered: Fall 2 2023
    Length: 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • Develop the informal language and stylistic features needed for social interaction with their classmates and for a deeper understanding of their professors. The course focuses on interactions and language that is found in university lectures, materials and classroom/campus situations.

    Special emphasis is on learning the key differences in formal versus informal language use, vocabulary (idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, slang) and how language is used to express sarcasm and humor in American culture.

    This course is available during Fall sessions.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 7 weeks during Fall sessions

  • Gain insight into American culture, practice and acquire English by viewing and analyzing different genres of film and other audio-visual based media. You will use learning strategies and methods to gain insight into cultural norms in the United States, acquire vocabulary, practice pronunciation, listen more attentively, engage in discussion and write reviews.

    This course is available during Spring sessions.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 7 weeks during Spring sessions

  • This course is designed for students who wish to improve their overall ability to speak publicly in English in classrooms, meetings, presentations and formal situations. You will view good and poor examples of public speaking, analyze them, and learn what makes a good public speaking performance and practice each of those skills individually and as a whole.

    This course is available during Summer sessions.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions

  • This integrated English skills course is specifically designed for students with beginner, advanced beginner and pre-intermediate levels of English. Through live small group lessons Monday-Friday and additional independent, self-paced work, students will gain the necessary skills to speak and write more confidently in social and academic settings. This course includes grammar and writing, conversation and listening, reading and vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions, 7 weeks during Fall and Spring sessions

  • Are you an intermediate or advanced English speaker looking to take your English speaking skills to the next level? This course is designed just for you. With an equal emphasis on both grammar and pronunciation, you'll learn to communicate fluently and accurately in English in any setting - whether it's academic or workplace-related. Our comprehensive grammar instruction will cover everything from sentence structure and verb tenses to phrasal verbs and conditional statements, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to succeed in English-speaking environments. And our pronunciation instruction will help you reduce your accent and sound more natural and native-like, while also improving your listening skills. By the end of the course, you'll be able to communicate with confidence and achieve your language goals.

    This course is available during Summer sessions.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 6 weeks during Summer sessions

  • This advanced ESL Pronunciation and Grammar course is designed to help students further develop their skills in speaking, writing, and listening. Through engaging and interactive activities, students will focus on improving their English pronunciation, with a particular emphasis on areas of pronunciation such as: word and sentence stress, intonation, rhythm, and connected speech. In addition, students will study complex grammatical structures in English, including complex sentences, verb tenses, conditionals, reported speech, passive voice, and modal verbs.

    The course will include practical exercises to help students develop their ability to use English grammar and pronunciation accurately and effectively in various contexts, including academic, professional, and social settings. Through conversation practice, discussions, presentations, and written assignments, students will improve their communication skills and gain confidence in their ability to use English fluently and accurately.

    Overall, this course is designed to help English language learners take their English proficiency to the next level by enhancing their understanding of English pronunciation and grammar and giving them the tools they need to communicate effectively in a variety of settings.

    This course is available during Fall sessions.

    Hours/week: 4 hours
    Length: 7 weeks during Fall sessions

  • The Pre-Arrival English Preparation Course is an integrated skills course for students who are about to begin their studies with the English Language Institute at Pace University, or those who are unable to begin their studies immediately due to visa or travel restrictions.

    Get a jump-start on your studies by taking this course before you begin your on-campus classes at Pace!

    The Pre-Arrival English Preparation Course is fully self-paced and asynchronous. This means that you will be able to complete the weekly course assignments around your schedule.

    In this course, you will focus on exercises in Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary Expansion, Listening, Grammar, Writing, and Pronunciation. You will learn and practice communication skills for personal, academic, and professional/career communication. Emphasis is on comprehension and analysis of level-appropriate authentic language using level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar. This course will help you prepare for your first semester in the Intensive English Program so that you can start your class with confidence.

    The minimum English proficiency to be successful in the Pre-Arrival English Preparation Course is CEFR B1, TOEFL score of 55, or IELTS score of 5.5.

    Hours/week: 6 hours
    Length: 6 weeks, offered every semester

    Summer 2 2023 Course

    Pre-Arrival English Preparation Course (Self-Paced)

    Dates: July 11–August 21, 2023 (all course assignments must be submitted by August 21, 2023)
    Schedule: Self-paced with weekly assignment completion deadlines
    Registration deadline: July 24, 2023
    Hours: 6 hours per week (36 hours total)
    Location: Online – fully self-paced
    Price: $300

    Register for the Pre-Arrival English Preparation Course

The ELI courses are taught by outstanding teachers who helped me adjust to American culture more quickly, get more out of my academic courses, and learn about the cultures of students from all over the world.

—Guzal R., Uzbekistan


  • Diverse student population
  • Personalized schedule based on your proficiency level
  • Professional faculty
  • Interactive classes
  • Academic advisement
  • Full use of University facilities
  • Certificate available by request

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