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Application Procedure

All documents submitted in support of an application for admission are the property of Pace University and will not be returned. Incomplete applications will be held for 3 months. After 3 months the incomplete application and all materials will be discarded. A new application and registration fee will be necessary to apply again to the English Language Institute.

Step 1:

All Applicants

Step 2:

All Applicants

  • Complete an online placement exam
  • Attend online Academic Advisement to determine English level and select courses
  • Pay for course(s) by the payment deadline included on your final bill

Step 3:

Form I-20 Applicants

Students that wish to enroll in the ELI as a full-time F1 student visa holder must submit a formal application to receive the Form I-20 which is necessary for the F1 visa. If you do not know whether you should apply as an F1 Student or use another visa such as a Tourist or Work visa please visit our Visa Information page.

To receive a Form I-20 Form, you must submit the below documents:

The completed affidavit of support must be submitted with required financial supporting documentation indicating the availability of sufficient liquid funds in US dollars readily available for education expenses student is expected to incur during the length of their selected program.

You may add these documents to your application or upload them to our secure file system. Please do not email application documents.

Financial Support Requirements

The US government requires documentation from international students showing you can pay to study at Pace University ELI and to live in the United States during the time you are registered to study here.

This financial documentation can be ONE of the following:

  • A copy of your personal bank statement.
  • OR a copy of your parents’ or other sponsor’s bank statement AND a signed affidavit of support stating that this person or institution will pay for your tuition and living expenses.
  • OR a letter from your government or its scholarship agency saying they will pay for your tuition and living expenses.

All financial documentation must be in English and preferably includes USD conversion. Documents may not be older than 3 months from the date your I-20 application has been received by Pace University ELI.

For example: If you are studying 7-weeks of Intensive English while living off-campus, you need to show at least US $6,500. ($2,640 estimated tuition + $2,915 living expenses + $235 books and supplies / personal expenses + $245 health insurance + $255 standard fees).

Longer stays, programs with more study hours per week, and students living in Pace University residence halls require a higher minimum balance on your financial documentation. Our Admission Team can help you determine the minimum amount of funds you need to present to receive your I-20.

Below are a few examples of common study plans:

  • 6-weeks Intensive English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $6,000
  • 7-weeks Intensive English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $6,500
  • 12-weeks Intensive English or Pre-Academic English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $12,000
  • 14-weeks Intensive English or Pre-Academic English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $13,000
  • 21-weeks Intensive English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $19,500
  • 28-weeks Intensive English or Pre-Academic English
    • Minimum proof of financial support = $26,000

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Transfer Student Requirements

If you are currently a student at another language school, you may transfer to Pace's English Language Institute by getting permission to transfer from your previous school, following (1)-(6) and submitting a completed SEVIS Status Verification Form (PDF). You must also submit a copy of your current I-20, I-94, F-1 Visa, and US Address.

Upon determining that you have the minimum English proficiency to participate in the ELI at Pace University programs and receiving your application and financial documents, an I-20 form will be mailed to you to apply for a student (F-1) visa at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. To allow for sufficient time to process and mail your admissions material, we advise you to submit your application, at least, six weeks before you wish to begin your studies.

Please note that students who have completed a degree in the United States are not eligible to transfer to Pace University ELI and maintain F-1 status in our pre-University level English programs.

Please contact us with any questions.

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