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New Student Account Setup

If you need help setting up your Pace University Student Account, please make an appointment with a member of our Admissions Team. Please try to follow the steps listed here before making an appointment.

Account Setup

Step 1: Activate Your Pace Account

Part 1: Find your Username on Pace Directory

  • Go to the Pace directory
  • Type in your first and last name and select Only Students from Person Type on the left side menu
  • Click Search
  • Click on your name to see your username

Part 2: Activate your account and create your password

  • Go to
  • Under Can't Log In? click Account Activation
  • Enter your username
  • If you have never logged in, your password will be your initials from your first and last name (lower-case), followed by a hyphen, and then your date of birth in MM-DD-YYYY format.

For example, if your name is John Smith, and you were born on January 3, 1990, your default password would be js-01-03-1990

Once you log in, you must create a new password for yourself. Use numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols,and at least 12 characters.

  • After you create your password, please set up 2 security questions

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Step 2: Setup Duo Multifactor Authentication

All students must enroll in Duo Multifactor Authentication.

Duo Multifactor is a two-factor authentication that enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

You can enroll one or more Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices smartphones,tablets) for Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) by going to the Pace Duo website.

Enroll in Duo Multifactor Authentication

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Step 3: Review Your Class Schedule

NOTE: Your schedule will be available for you to see 30 days before your class starts.

New York City and Westchester (In person) Students

  • Go to Pace Portal
  • Login with your Pace username and password
  • Click on the Students tab in the Pace Portal
  • Go to the Registration & Scheduling section under the Navigation section
  • Click the Register for a Class link
  • Click Register for Classes on the next screen
  • Select the term/session you wish to view from the drop down menu
  • Click Continue to access your course schedule

Online Students

  • Go to Classes
  • Login with your Pace username and password
  • Click on your course
  • Look for the Meeting Information and Announcements section to view your Zoom link and Zoom password

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Do you have a question about your schedule?

Contact the English Language Institute for assistance with your class schedule.

Extra Step For In Person Students

If you are taking classes on campus, there are two more things you need to do. You do NOT need to do these if you are only taking online classes.

Step 4: Upload Pace University Security Photo

All students studying in person in New York City or Westchester must upload a photo for security purposes. The security photo will be used to create a Pace ID card used to access campus.

You do not need to use a passport photo. However, if you take your own photo, please be sure it is similar to the passport photo style on the link below.

Go to the Online Photo ID Submission website

  • Click the login link
  • Login with your Pace username and password
  • Click Profile (top left)
  • Click Submit New Photo
  • Upload your photo/take a new photo (click add photo or drag photo into place)
  • Click submit
  • Check your Pace email for two messages:
    Message 1: Receipt that your photo was uploaded
    Message 2: Approval that your photo has been accepted, or, notice that your photo did not meet the requirements and you will need to upload a new photo

Students studying in New York City or Westchester may pickup their ID card at the ID Office during regular office hours. Learn how to get an ID card

Online students do not need to upload a Security photo. If you register for an on-campus course in the future, you will need to upload a Security photo to receive a Pace ID card and access campus.

Are You Having A Problem Uploading Your ID Card?

It is important that you follow steps 1-4 to participate in your classes at Pace University ELI.

We Invite you to watch a 30 minute Pace Systems Training Video Tutorial as a supplement to these Account Setup Instructions.

Important Websites

  • Access Pace Student Email

    *Preferred internet browser: Google Chrome

    How frequently do you need to check your Pace email? Daily!

    Pace email helps you to:

    • See announcements from the ELI Office and your ELI Instructors
    • Send emails to your Instructors or the ELI Office
    • Communicate with your classmates

    You can download the Microsoft Outlook app on your smartphone to access your email easily.

    Your Pace email address is your username followed by For example, if your
    username is dl75877n, your email address would be

  • Access your Classes account

    *Preferred internet browser: Google Chrome

    How frequent do you need to check Classes? Daily!

    All ELI students will need to access Classes to complete assignments and activities for your course. In Classes, you will:

    • See your course location and/or Zoom access link (if applicable)
    • Check information and announcements from your ELI courses
    • Communicate with your instructor and classmates
    • Submit assignments to your instructor
    • See grades for individual assignments (not your Final Class Grade)
    • Download homework

    Classes is an online extension to your ELI courses. For learning resources for courses, please visit the Pace Learning resources webpage.

  • Access the Pace Portal.

  • Submit your ID photo

    If you aren't sure what to do, learn how to get an ID card.