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Bundle Your Courses to Earn Badges

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a way for you to demonstrate your expertise in an area of study. You can add them to your social media profiles and online resume to let current and future employers, colleagues, members of your profession and your friends know your achievements and abilities.

This is the best way to let the people who count know your level of professionalism and skill. In a highly competitive job market, a badge showcases your achievements and tells relevant people in your industry that you have stayed competitive and have the essential skills needed to take you career to the next level.

How does it work?

All intensive courses in our Career Skills Development Series / Professional Skills Series taken after March 1, 2021 are eligible for one or more badges. Each badge represents a core skill area in the workplace.

To receive a badge, all you need to do is successfully complete three eligible courses.

What badges are available and how do I earn them?

There are three badges you can earn.

How do I collect my badge?

When you complete three eligible courses, your badge will be available to you through the Credly platform. We will email you the Credly information, which allows you to create an account, accept the badge, and then can include it in on your LinkedIn page, other social media, or in any communication where you’d like others to be aware of your achievement.

When they click on the digital badge, anyone can see the skills and competencies that you demonstrated in order to receive the badge. You can click even deeper and discover active job listings right now that require the skills need to earn the badge.

To register for a course to start to earn a badge, view our Career Skills Development Series.