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Are you an accredited program?
Yes! Pace University is an accredited university by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

How many credits are your courses worth?
We are a non-credit program and quote our courses in hours. Generally, many Au Pair agencies count 12 hours of class as equal to 1 credit. Some agencies count 10 hours of class as equal to 1 credit. For this reason, we recommend that all au pairs confirm with their LCC or advisor/coordinator how many credits they will earn for attending a course at Pace University.

How can I get my 60 or 72 hours?

Do you have a special price for Au Pairs?
Yes! Au Pairs can take advantage of our community rate pricing that allows certain students to study at a special rate. Au Pairs are eligible to study at the community rate at our Westchester, New York City, and Online campuses.

How does the Community Rate Waitlist work?
We have a limited number of community rate spaces available in our Intensive English, Pre-Academic English, and English for Lawyers programs. Au Pairs who want to take advantage of the community rate can submit their request using our Community Rate Waitlist Form and completing a Placement Exam. Once you have finished the form and your Placement Test, our Admissions team will contact you as early as 3 weeks before the session to confirm if a space is available.

Does your program give a certificate?
Yes! Au Pairs who successfully complete a course will receive a digital certificate that includes the course title, dates, and the number of hours attended. The digital certificate will be sent to the email used to register for the course the week after your class finishes.

Full details are on our Policies page.

Are these classes only for Au Pairs?
All of our classes have international students, tourists, permanent residents of the US, professionals, and Au Pairs studying together.

Do you have any options for a small number of hours?
Yes, Au Pairs studying at the ELI can add-on a 4-hour or 6-hour research assignment to their course.

Will I receive a Pace University ID card?
Au Pairs who attend one of our 2, 6, 7, 12, or 14-week English courses on-campus in New York City or Westchester will receive a Pace University ID card to access campus.

Full details are on our Policies page.

Can I study in New York City and Westchester?
Yes! Au Pairs can take classes at both of our New York campuses. Once you are admitted to the ELI you are admitted to all campuses.

What can I do if I have more questions?
For more information, please contact the English Language Institute.

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