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International Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program strives to make incoming international students feel welcome and help them transition to life in the U.S. and at Pace University.


  • Match new international students with returning, international or domestic students
  • Integrate students into the university community, engaging them in campus life outside the classroom
  • Create cross-cultural friendships


  • Attend programs and events sponsored by Pace International
  • Contact each other by phone or email at least once every two weeks
  • Meet with each other at least three times per semester


The Fall 2023 International Buddy Program has officially launched. Apply to be part of the International Buddy Program by completing an application below:

Suggestions for Activities with Your Buddy

  • Attend Thursday Tea and Coffee at Pace International
  • Attend a university event
  • Participate in an off-campus excursion coordinated exclusively for buddies
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Go to a movie
  • Go for coffee
  • Visit a museum
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Study

Buddy Testimonials

“I became a buddy last year and so far it has been a great experience. I have been matched with students from France, Australia, and India. It is always entertaining and interesting when we gather together during the weekend because it feels like we are having a United Nations meeting. By having friends from all different places, I get to experience different cultures and learn new languages. Moreover, I feel achievable and proud of myself knowing that I can share my knowledge with others and help new students adjust to their new homes. Last semester, I was matched with an exchange student from Australia. We became friend instantly. We explored New York City during the weekend, watched Deadpool on the premier day, and ate different cuisine food. I shared with him my Pace experience and he taught me different things that Australians do. It was a great sadness that he had to leave when the semester ended but we’re still in contact through social media, he even invited me to Australia sometimes so that he can show me around. Before that, I was matched with a Parisian girl who speaks fluently 5 languages. She taught me the basics of French and Spanish, we went on a French food exploration together. Overall, because of International Buddy Program, I have become a global citizen and a more open mind person.” – Sammy Thai, Vietnam

“I believe in Serve, Share and Prosper. Most of the international students don't have their families in USA or at least New York. Thus having a person who can connect with them, guide them from affordable rental apartments to grocery stores, places to visit in vicinity, places to eat, network and enjoy can help them get comfortable in the new environment quickly, not feel homesick, struggle less and catch on their studies easily.” – Saima Khot, India

“The Buddy Program benefited me as it allowed me to interact with a very special individual who I had actually met before in my previous high school however did not interact with then, being in different grade levels. The program allowed us to reconnect and both feel as if we had a buddy at Pace, a relatively new environment for the both of us...Overall, it was a great experience.” – Helene Brunaes, Norway and Singapore


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