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J-1 Academic Training

Pace University’s sponsored exchange students on J-1 visas have the opportunity to engage in paid or unpaid internship which is directly related to their major field of study. Academic Training (AT) must be authorized via SEVIS system by the school sponsoring the J-1 visa.

J-1 Academic Training is employment that is critical or integral to a J-1 exchange student's academic program at Pace University. Academic training must be a direct application of the student's coursework and/or research to a professional position in the student's field of study. The student's academic advisor or director of the program must evaluate an academic training request as effectively connected to the student's field of study

Academic training may be pursued while studying (pre-completion) or immediately after having completed the program of study at Pace (post-completion). Pace University policy states that students on exchange programs will be eligible for Academic Training after they have completed at least one semester of study. You must apply for post-completion academic training within 30 days of completing the program at the latest or before your program end date. You may work full-time during post-completion academic training.

Duration of Academic Training

The length of time for which you can be authorized for Academic Training depends on the length of your program of study as listed on your DS-2019. Students are eligible for Academic Training for the length of the J-1 program, not to exceed 18 months. See the Academic Training Guidelines (PDF) and Academic Training Application Procedure (PDF) for more information.

Application Procedure

Log in to ISS Connect. Navigate to the Requests tab, and click on Academic Training (AT).

  • Academic Training is employer-specific. You are required to have an offer of employment before ISS can process an employment/internship authorization for you.
  • Your academic advisor or program director must complete the Academic Training Employment Recommendation (PDF).
  • Upload both documents to your Academic Training (AT) request in ISS Connect.
  • After you have submitted your request in ISS Connect, ISS will review and process a new DS-2019 with employment authorization for AT.

Once you have authorization for Academic Training, apply for a Social Security number (SSN) if you don't have one. An SSN is required before you can be paid.

Travel while on AT will require a visa renewal.

J-1 students and their J-2 dependent family members must maintain health insurance while in the U.S., including while on post-completion Academic Training. Failure to maintain health insurance is a violation of the J-Exchange Visitor Program regulations.