Pace International student in front of a row of world flags

Join the Pace Community!

There are many ways international students can join the Pace Community – from seeking your degree to an exchange program for a semester or year. Find your path below and make Pace part of your future!

Global Pathways

Global Pathways is a bridge program combining English language instruction and academic course work, offering international students a path into undergraduate and graduate degrees at Pace University. Learn more about Global Pathways!


Prospective first-year and transfer undergraduate students interested in earning an undergraduate degree from Pace, please contact Undergraduate Admission.


Prospective graduate students interested in earning a graduate degree from Pace, please contact Graduate Admission.


Students interested in an exchange semester or year at Pace and are currently enrolled at one of Pace’s Exchange Partners, are eligible to apply through their home school study abroad coordinator. Please see the process for Incoming Exchange Students.

Lubin School of Business

Pace's Lubin School of Business offers a variety of programs, including a Semester Abroad at Lubin, through the Center for Global Business Programs (CGBP).

F-1 Non-degree

International students can attend Pace University for one semester or two and obtain an F-1 visa for pursuing a non-degree program.