Pace International student in front of a row of world flags

Financial Aid for International Students

Pace offers limited financial support in the form of academic merit scholarships to freshmen international students admitted to the University. An application for merit scholarships is not required. Your application for admission serves as your scholarship application. Applicants are notified of any award in their acceptance packet. International students cannot apply for financial support after they are admitted. Pace University will consider an academic merit scholarship, based on the past academic performance, when evaluating the student's application for admission. Learn more about scholarships and grants for freshman students.

International graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic abilities may be eligible for Dean’s or President’s scholarship; eligibility is determined by the time of admission. International graduate students who have shown academic accomplishment in the past, skills, and related experience are qualified for graduate assistantships (full or part-time). Learn more about graduate student scholarships and grants.

There are also international student loans available.