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Program Completion And Extension

Program Completion

An F-1 STUDENT who has completed their degree program and/or Optional Practical Training is granted a 60-day grace period before he/she is required to leave the U.S.

A J-1 STUDENT who has completed their prescribed course of study and/or Academic Training is granted a 30-day grace period before he/she is required to leave the U.S.

Program Extension

If an F-1 student needs more time to graduate than is listed on the current I-20, a program extension must be filed. This must be done at least 30 days BEFORE the program end date listed on the I-20. AN EXTENSION cannot be done after the completion date.

Instructions for requesting a Program Extension

Your academic advisor must confirm your expected program completion date and the reason you need additional time to complete your degree requirements. Log in to ISS Connect. Navigate to the Requests tab, and click on Program/I-20 Extension. Complete all requirements in the request, which include submitting an electronic Approver Form to your academic advisor and uploading evidence of financial support.

Failure to file a timely application will result in loss of F-1 status.