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Programs for Professionals

Advance your language fluency and further your career by developing valuable skills. Enhance your professional skills, learn English specific to your industry, improve your communication skills, or foster cross-cultural communication skills.

Courses are highly practical, interactive and are specifically designed to bring the business world into the classroom and simulate learning in the real world. Our instructors bring expertise and experience in diverse professional and business fields as well as English language teaching.

Continue on your “path to fluency” and career advancement at our locations in downtown Manhattan, Pleasantville, Online or at your own company’s premises.

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Why Choose Us?

  • All courses are highly practical and focus on improving the day-to-day business skills and challenges that professionals face, such as telephoning, conference calls, meetings, presentations, negotiating and business writing. Instructors bring the business world into the classroom and simulate learning in the real world.

  • Courses are designed to challenge the client and follow our Four-Step Methodology, including:

    Needs Analysis

    We assess your language level and conduct an in-depth needs analysis to determine your goals and objectives and construct a program best suited to meet your objectives.

    Program Design

    We design a curriculum and develop materials tailored to your individual needs and objectives to maximize your learning experience.

    Program Implementation, Monitoring and Feedback

    We monitor your progress and elicit your feedback throughout the program to ensure that progress is being made and results are being achieved.

    Program Evaluation

    Results are measured and goals are achieved. We provide a final evaluation describing the clients progress and recommendations for further study.

  • All English for Professionals instructors have expertise and experience in both professional and business fields. All trainers have advanced degrees in TESOL and related fields, and have many years of training experience. All instructors have taught English as a second language abroad and appreciate the challenges of learning a second language and adapting to a new culture.

  • Pace University has been a prominent leader in business education since 1906. Building on its reputation and commitment to excellence, the EFP Program provides its clients with the opportunity to achieve their goals, while continuing their path to fluency and preparing them to contribute to their professions and their world.


These short intensive 2-day classes are conveniently scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. Gain skills and knowledge that will help you take your career to the next level. Designed for future or early-career professionals who want to advance and are looking to improve their professional skills.

A wide range of topics are available. Courses are eligible for digital badges!

Highly practical language and culture training for international employees in your company or employees working in an international environment.

Programs are totally customized to your needs and can be delivered at your company or at one of our convenient campus locations downtown Manhattan or White Plains. Focus could include clear and accurate speech, business communication skills, cross-cultural communication, business and professional writing.