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Seidenberg School of Computer Science ISP

The Seidenberg School of Computer Science serves as the technology heart of Pace University. Seidenberg provides a standard of excellence in technology education for its students on which they can build remarkable careers.

Programs Offered


Gain skills for the tech workforce of the future, where you can join a growing set of highly skilled cyber warriors that serve and protect people and their data.


Design for pre-intermediate and intermediate level students who wish to improve their English in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this class will focus on field-specific topics and vocabulary while practicing English receptive and productive skills.


Build and code software—apply current technologies in the design and implementation of computing solutions, learning how to manipulate coding for the cleanest, most efficient result.

Software Development

Learn about software development throughout its life cycle, from the management, design, programming, and development, delivery, and maintenance of software systems. Topics can include system and software design/architecture and development, software management and evolution, and management of human resources in a software development environment.