Students take a selfie in front of NYC skyline.

English for Tourism

Course Description

Our English for Tourism program is designed for students to learn and practice English language related to tourism and hospitality in ways that are accessible and convenient for them. This program is designed to provide practical ways of communicating important and valuable aspects of culture to tourists. Students will gain the skills necessary to communicate booking accommodations and explain services to guests. Emphasis will be also be placed on effective marketing methods for Western tourists.


  • Gain general knowledge of vocabulary around holidays, sightseeing, accommodation and methods of travel
  • Develop the ability to communicate comfortably in English to explain services they can provide, complete bookings, explain itineraries, and describe health and safety regulations
  • Be able to engage in conversation with tourists and provide information about local culture and traditions
  • Be able to design tour itineraries and write brochures, website information, and advertisements
  • Improve confidence in dealing with foreign visitors

Sample Calendar

This program can be custom designed to be any length with any and all topics below. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Week One           Learn practical ways of communicating important and valuable aspects of culture to tourists.
Week Two Study the process of planning itineraries and methods of travel.
Week Three Learn and practice effective marketing methods for Western tourists
Week Four Learn and practice both conversational speaking and public presentation in English.
Week Five Learn and practice customer service in different situations such as in a restaurant, in a hotel, or in different methods of travel.
Week Six Explore cultural differences in communicating with tourists