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Academic Conduct Committee

Academic Conduct Committee operates as follows:

  1. Two Academic Conduct Committees, one in New York City and one in Westchester, report to the Provost’s Office.
  2. Each Academic Conduct Committee consists of 6 faculty members and 5 students.  The faculty members serve for terms of two years, which are staggered so that each spring, three faculty members shall be elected be elected by the NYFC.
  3. Except for the Chair, service on the Committee shall begin on the first day of the fall semester and continue through May of the spring semester.
  4. The function of the Committee is to carry out the duties contained in the Academic Integrity Code.  The Committee serves as a hearing committee and may also participate, if requested by the Chair, in other matters such as reviewing, promoting, and communicating information about the Code policy.  Committee members may advise the Committee Chair, who has additional roles outlined in the Academic Integrity Code.

Allocated: 6 members

Currently has: 5 members

Committee chair: Lisa Farber

Current committee members: (Fall 2019 - Spring 2021)

  • Meaghan Brewer (English)
  • Erika Crispo (Biology)
  • Tiffany Henley (Public Administration)
  • James Lawler (Information Technology)
  • Esma Paljevic (Nursing)