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Admissions and Retention

As stated in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the admissions and retention committee consist of the following:

  1. The Committee on Admissions and Retention shall be composed of the following:
    1. 15 elected voting members of the NYFC;
    2. Members of the admissions and program infrastructures of the University as determined by the NYFC, as non-voting members.
  2. The duties of the Committee on Admissions and Retention are:
    1. To make recommendations to the NYFC on admissions and retention;
    2. To consult with the staff of the Department of Enrollment Management and Dean for Students concerning unusual conditions that may arise regarding admissions and retention;
    3. To act in an advisory capacity to the Admissions Office, especially to ensure that appropriate admissions standards are maintained;
    4. To oversee and advise on retention initiatives;
    5. To nominate NYFC representatives, chosen from the membership of this committee, to campus or university-wide admissions or retention advisory committees.

Allocated: 15 members and 2 alternates

Currently has: 15 members and 1 alternate

Committee co-chairs: Zafir Buraei and Anna Shostya

Committee members: (Fall 2019 - Spring 2021)

  • Inbal Abergil (Art)
  • Susan Berardini (Modern Languages)
  • Eric Brenner (Biology)
  • Zafir Buraei (Biology)
  • Deborah Fain (Marketing)
  • Amy Freedman (Political Science)
  • Ric Kolenda (Public Administration)
  • Julie F. Lawrence-Edsell (Performing Arts)
  • Elmer-Rico E. Mojica (Chemistry)
  • Walter Raubicheck (English)
  • Ipshita Ray (Marketing)
  • Namchul Shin (Information Technology)
  • Anna Shostya (Economics)
  • Rita Upmacis (Chemistry)
  • Ying Wang (Modern Languages)
  • Todd Yarbrough (Economics)

1st Alternate: Mex Xu (Mathematics)

2nd Alternate

Materials for April, 2008 meeting:

Materials for December, 2007 meeting: