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As stated in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the Nominations committee consist of the following:

  1. The Nominations Committee is composed of 5 voting members of the NYFC elected in April of odd-numbered years.
  2. This Committee shall accept all nominations for the Executive Committee submitted to it, and shall prepare a single list of candidates for the positions of the officers of the NYFC and shall report all nominations at the November meeting in even-numbered years when the officers of the Executive Committee stand for election.
  3. This Committee shall have the responsibility for soliciting nominees for all NYFC Committees as well as NYFC representatives for University committees. The Committee shall propose a slate of nominees to the Secretary for open committee seats by the April meeting of odd-numbered years, and those nominees will be added to the list of self-nominations and other nominations, and combined into one ballot for committee elections at either the April or May meeting (as described in Article VII.1). Neither the Secretary's report nor balloting on these nominations will identify the originating source for any nomination.

Allocated: 5 members

Currently has: 5 members

Committee members: (Fall 2021- Spring 2023)

Committee chair: Joanne Knoesel

  • Marcus Braga-Alves (Finance)
  • Lin Drury (Health Professions)
  • Shamita Dutta Gupta (Mathematics)
  • Joanne Knoesel (Health Professions)
  • James Reich (Philosophy and Religious Studies)