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Kenan Faculty Development

As described in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the Kenan faculty development committee consist of the following:

a) The Committee on the Kenan Faculty Development Fund is composed of up to 10 elected voting members of the NYFC.

b) The function of the committee is to consider, each semester, requests by faculty for faculty development funding from the Kenan Trust Fund.

Currently has: 10 members and 2 alternates

Allocated: 10 members

Committee chair: Anna Shostya (Economics)

Current committee members: (Fall 2023 - Spring 2025)

  • Joanne Knoesel, Nursing (CHP)
  • Anna Shostya, Economics (Dyson) - Chair
  • MyoJung Cho, Accounting (Lubin)
  • Namchul Shin, IT (Seidenberg)
  • Susan Berardini, Modern Languages (Dyson)
  • Ying Wang, Modern Languages (Dyson)
  • Adrienne Kapstein, Performing Arts (Dyson)
  • Andres Villagra, Modern Languages (Dyson)
  • Brandyn Heppard, Philosophy & Religious Studies (Dyson)
  • Inbal Abergil, Art (Dyson)


  • Freddy Huang, Accounting (Lubin)
  • Eric Osborne-Cristenson, Economics (Dyson)


The deadline to apply for Fall 2023 is October 27, 2023 (for faculty development activities between July 1 and January 31). The deadline to apply for Spring 2024 is April 1, 2024 (for faculty development activities between January 1 and June 30). Completed applications can be emailed to Anna Shostya at ashostya@pace.edu with "KENAN-NYC-last name" in the subject area.