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Academic Resources Committee

As stated in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the Academic Resources Committee consist of the following:

  1. The Committee on Academic Resources is composed of up to 15 elected voting members and 2 elected alternate members of the NYFC. The University Librarian; the Director of the New York Library; the Director of Academic Computing, and one representative from the Provost's Office and one representative of each Academic Dean's Office will serve as ex officio members of the committee.
  2. The primary duties of the Committee on Academic Resources are to make recommendations to the NYFC on matters found below:
    1. To develop more effective and general use of the Learning Resources of the University, including, but not limited to the Library, Educational Media, the Academic Computer Laboratory, and other instructional technologies;
    2. To assist in the improvement of the physical plant and equipment of the Library, Educational Media and Academic Computing;
    3. To advise Learning Resources staff on maximization of benefits from the University's Learning Resources by faculty and students;
    4. To communicate faculty interests and concerns on issues relating to technology to the NYFC and to the administration;
    5. To maintain, edit, and publish the Faculty Resource Guide.

Allocated: 15 members, 4 alternates

Currently has: 15 members, 4 alternates

Committee co-chairs: Marcus Braga Alves and Luke Cantarella

Current committee members: (Fall 2021 - Spring 2023)

  • Inbal Abergil (Art)
  • Daniel Barber (Philosophy & Religious Studies)
  • Marcu Braga Alves (Finance and Economics)
  • Luke Cantarella (Film & Screen Studies)
  • Burcin Col (Lubin)
  • Zhaohua Dai (Chemistry)
  • Ronald Frank (History)
  • Pamela Fuentes-Peralta (Women’s & Gender Studies)
  • Pradeep Gopalakrishna (Marketing)
  • Nancy Reagin (HIS/WGS)
  • Gina Scutelnicu (Public Administration)
  • Kaustav Sen (Accounting)
  • Michael Strobel (Seidenberg)
  • Janice Winch (Management)
  • Mingming Zhou (Finance)


  • Brenna Hassinger-Das (Psychology)
  • Soyoung Kim (Marketing)
  • Chongyu Lu (Marketing)
  • Meng Xu (Mathematics)