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Public Relations

As described in the NYFC Constitution, duties and membership of the public relations committee consist of:

  1. The Public Relations and Public Functions Committee is composed of up to 10 elected voting members of the NYFC. The Executive Director of University Relations, the Vice President for Enrollment Planning, and the V.P. for Enrollment Management (or the people filling the equivalent offices) serve as ex officio members of the committee.
  2. The duties of the Public Relations and Public Functions Committee are:
    1. To make policy recommendations to the NYFC on matters found in section ii, below;
    2. To act in an advisory capacity in the fields of public relations, marketing and advertising;
    3. To act in an advisory capacity with regard to the honorary degrees and awards.

Allocated: 10 members

Currently has: 10 members and 2 alternates

Committee co-chairs: Ellayne S. Ganzfried and Ipshita Ray

Current committee members: (Fall 2021 - Spring 2023)

  • Linda Carozza (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Andrew Coggins (Management)
  • Leigh Anne Donovan (Marketing)
  • Pritha Dutta (Management and Management Science)
  • Ellayne S. Ganzfried (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Yegin Genc (Information Systems)
  • Adam Klein (Communication Studies)
  • James Lawler (Seidenberg)
  • Conrad Nankin (Marketing)
  • Ipshita Ray (Marketing)


  • Andrew O. Coggins Jr. (Management)
  • Jeffrey Rebudal (Arts and Entertainment Management)