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Provosts, Past and Present

Provosts/Executive Vice-Presidents for Academic Affairs at Pace University

Joseph Franco

Joseph R. Franco

Terms: August 2022 - present
Discipline: Psychology

Vanya Quiñones, Ph.D., Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vanya Quiñones

Terms: July 2018- August 2022
Discipline: Neurobiology and Biopsychology

Nira Herrmann, Ph.D., Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Nira Herrmann

Terms: July 2017-June 2018
Discipline: Mathematics and Statistics

Provost Uday Sukhatme

Uday Sukhatme

Terms: 2012-2017
Discipline: Physics

Harriet Feldman College of Health Professions Dean

Harriet Feldman

Terms: 2010-2012
Discipline: Nursing

Provost Geoffry Brackett

Geoffrey Brackett

Terms: 2007 - 2010
Discipline: English

Joseph Morreale

Joseph Morreale

Terms: 2003-2007
Discipline: Economics

Provost Marylin Jaffee Ruiz

Marilyn Jaffe-Ruiz

Terms: 1998-2003
Discipline: Nursing

Provost Richard Podgorski

Richard Podgorski

Terms: 1993-1997
Discipline: English

Provost Irving McPhail

Irving McPhail

Terms: 1992-1993
Discipline: Education

Provost Joseph Pastore

Joseph Pastore

Terms: 1984-1991
Discipline: Business

Provost Jack Schiff

Jack S. Schiff

Terms: 1968-1984
Discipline: Business