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Distinguished Professors

Distinguished Professor Process

The title of Distinguished Professor is the highest honor Pace University bestows upon a faculty member who has a clearly established and sustained record of extensive, extraordinary contributions in scholarship/creative works, teaching and service, and making an exceptional contribution toward the continued advancement of the University.

For details about how to nominate a colleague for this award please review the Distinguished Professor Policy (PDF) - updated August 2021. Self-nominations are not accepted.

To support the Distinguished Professor Advisory committee’s review, please use the CV Template provided in Policies and Forms.

Nomination Process: Nominations for the title of Distinguished Professor should submitted by June 1 to Nominations received after June 1 will not be considered. A nomination letter (at most five pages in length) must be written and submitted by a department chair, school dean, other Pace faculty members, or designated representative following consultation with or initiation of the matter by the department faculty.

  • Distinguished Professor Review Timeline for 2021-2022 (PDF)


    June 1 Nominations Deadline: Nominations for the title of Distinguished Professor should be received by June 1 of each academic year. Nominations should be sent to and must include the initial nomination letter. Nominations received after June 1 will not be considered. Self-nominations will not be accepted.


    Notification is sent to nominated candidates.

    Distinguished Professor committee members are chosen by the Provost’s Office and Calendar invites to Distinguished Professor committee of deliberations meeting date are sent.

    By August 31: The Candidate notifies The Faculty Center ( if they wish to pursue application for Distinguished Professor.


    By October 1: The Candidate submits the names, contact information and qualifications of 5-10 external evaluators who can provide analysis of the nominee’s accomplishments and goals for the Distinguished Professor term to Dean or designee. Evaluators are identified and chosen by the nominee in collaboration with the Dean. Letters from external evaluators are confidential and solicited by the Dean’s office. These letters are due December 1.


    By December 15: On behalf of the candidates, Deans (or designee) submit candidates’ full dossiers to Nominees must work with their school dean (or designee) to develop the required dossier materials. The below requirements are gathered/developed by the candidate:

    • A comprehensive curriculum vitae of the nominee formatted according to a Pace University standardized template (found on the Provost website, Policies and Forms), describing all pertinent research, teaching, and service activities;
    • A 3-page statement prepared by the nominee that speaks to the award criteria provided in the “Criteria for Nomination” section of this policy document;
    • Submission of at least 3 but no more than 5 select publications/creative works as supporting evidence for the award criteria;
    • A 3-5 page statement of the nominee’s goals or work plan for their five-year Distinguished Professor term;
    • 2-4 letters of support from Pace faculty. These letters are solicited by the nominee in collaboration with the Dean;
    • Summary of student course evaluations.

    The below requirements are gathered by the School Dean (or designee):

    • The Nomination letter;
    • Dean recommendation letter;
    • 5 letters of evaluation from external colleagues who are experts in the nominee’s disciplinary area and can evaluate scholarly impact. These letters are solicited by the Dean’s office. Names of evaluators are chosen by the nominee in collaboration with the Dean.

    By December 23: Distinguished Professor cases are created in Interfolio.


    By January 6: Distinguished Professor committee and Provost’s Office receive access to the Distinguished Professor cases in Interfolio.

    Last Wednesday in January Annually: Distinguished Professors Committee Deliberations meeting (90 min).


    By February 28: Evaluations, using the appropriate form, from the Distinguished Professor committee are due to the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs.


    By March 15: Recommendation letter from Associate Provost of Academic Affairs is due.


    May: After Board of Trustees meeting, Candidate receives notification of the award from the President of Pace University.

  • The following formatting guidelines apply to the following documents in your application: Criteria for Nomination 3-page statement; Workplan 3-5 page statement; Summary of student course evaluations; Nomination letter; and Dean recommendation letter.

    • Heading on each page: Last name, First initial top right corner
    • Font size: 11 PT
    • Spacing: 1.5 lines
    • Page margins: 1 inch all around
  • Bridget J. Crawford

    Bridget Crawford, Elisabeth Haub School of Law

    Bridget J. Crawford is a professor at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. Prior to joining the Haub Law faculty in 2003, she was a practicing attorney at Milbank LLP, where she specialized in taxation and estate planning.

    Professor Crawford is a graduate of Yale College (BA), the University of Pennsylvania School of Law (JD), and Griffith University (PhD) in Brisbane, Australia. At Pace, she teaches courses in taxation, trusts and estates, corporations and partnerships, and feminist legal theory. She is one of 26 professors profiled in the book What the Best Law Teachers Do (Schwartz et al., 2013). Her published work includes seven books and more than100 articles, including The Unconstitutional Tampon Tax, 53 U. Rich. L. Rev. 439 (2019), co-authored with Haub Law Professor Emily Gold Waldman.

    Professor Crawford has been honored multiple times by graduating students at Haub Law as Outstanding Professor of the Year. She also is a prior recipient of Haub Law’s Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Goettel Prize for faculty scholarship, and the Ottinger Prize for Faculty Achievement. 

    Iride Lamartina-Lens

    Iride Lamartina-Lens is the professor of Spanish language, literature, culture, and translation in Dyson College’s Department of Modern Languages on the New York City campus. She received a BA from Brooklyn College and MA and PhD from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She is a 2003 recipient of the Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence, and the first editor outside of Spain to be awarded the prestigious Premio a la Mejor Labor Editorial (Award for Best Editor 2015) by the Dramatists Guild of Spain (AAT), for the annual drama translation series, Estreno Contemporary Spanish Plays.

    Professor Lamartina-Lens has an established national and international reputation as a scholar and translator of contemporary theater of Spain. She has published numerous articles in the field, co-authored several critical Spanish theater anthologies that are widely used in academic courses throughout the nation, and contributed a substantial number of book chapters, encyclopedia entries, prologues, and introductions included in academic manuscripts or anthologies on contemporary Spanish theater. Many of her translations have been published and, more importantly, staged at commercial and university venues both in the United States and abroad, including in South Korea and India.

    Since her arrival at Pace in 1984, Professor Lamartina-Lens has been a teacher and scholar intent on linking classroom learning of foreign language with scholarship, and on cultural and linguistic immersion. She has taught and organized more than 20 faculty-led Pace study abroad courses throughout Europe and Latin America and mentored undergraduate language students to translate and publish theatrical texts.