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Office of the Provost

Sabbatical Leave

The major purpose of sabbatical leaves is to provide opportunities for the faculty's continued professional growth and intellectual achievement through study, research and writing. The number of sabbatical leaves granted during a given academic year depend upon the availability of funds, as well as the ability of the school and/or department to maintain its teaching schedule.

Sabbatical leaves will be granted only for clearly defined and well-advanced scholarly projects in the areas of research, writing and publication. The University's decision to grant a sabbatical leave will be based primarily on evidence that the faculty member's project will contribute to his or her professional standing and, upon return to the University, will enrich that individual's teaching and/or research capabilities.

A faculty member who has completed seven or more years of full-time teaching at Pace, who has not had a paid leave of absence during that time, and who currently holds an appointment at the rank of professor, associate professor or assistant professor is eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave. In addition, the faculty member must agree to return to the University for at least one academic year of full-time service immediately following completion of the leave.

Faculty members granted sabbatical leaves may not accept a full-time teaching assignment at other institutions unless such an assignment is considered essential to the scholarly project. Work toward a graduate or professional degree does not qualify as an acceptable project for a sabbatical leave, except for post-doctoral or equivalent study.

The rate of compensation shall be full base pay for one semester leave or half base pay for a one year leave. If a faculty member on leave receives compensation or a financial grant from an off-campus source, beyond base salary and additional costs, the sabbatical leave compensation for the University may be adjusted in accordance with the amount received from other sources. All fringe benefits to which a faculty member is entitled shall be continued while the faculty member is on a sabbatical leave. If a faculty member is paying for additional life insurance or family health coverage, such benefits may be continued, provided the faculty member pays all premiums in advance.

A period of at least seven years shall elapse between the end of one sabbatical leave and the beginning of another.

Sabbatical Applications are due to the Office of the Provost no later than February 1st for a sabbatical leave to be taken in the following year. Applicants must consult with the Deans’ Office for school/college’s internal deadline dates.