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Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leaves of Absence

Policy on pages 53-54 of the Faculty Handbook (PDF).

The major purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide an opportunity for a faculty member's continued professional growth and intellectual achievement through study, research and/or writing. The number of sabbatical leaves granted during a given academic year depends upon the availability of funds, as well as the ability of the College or School and/or department to maintain its teaching schedule.

Sabbatical leaves will be granted only for clearly-defined and well-advanced scholarly or creative projects in the areas of research, writing and publication or creative activity. The University's decision to grant a sabbatical leave will be based primarily on evidence that the faculty member's project will contribute to his or her professional standing and, upon return to the University will enrich that individual's teaching and/or research capabilities.

A faculty member who has completed seven or more years of full-time teaching at Pace who has not had a paid leave of absence during that time, and who currently holds an appointment at the rank of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor is eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave. In addition, the faculty member must agree to return to the University for at least one academic year of full-time service immediately following completion of the leave.

Faculty members granted sabbatical leaves may not accept a full-time teaching assignment at other institutions unless such an assignment is considered essential to the scholarly or creative project. Work towards a graduate or professional degree does not qualify as an acceptable project for a sabbatical leave except for post-doctoral or equivalent study.

The salary rate of compensation shall be full base pay for a one-semester leave or half base pay for a one-year leave. If a faculty member on leave receives compensation, salary or a financial grant from an off-campus source, beyond base salary and additional costs, the sabbatical leave compensation or salary from the University may be adjusted in accordance with the amount received from other sources. All fringe benefits to which a faculty member is entitled shall be continued while the faculty member is on a sabbatical leave. The University will continue its contributions to an employee's benefits program on the basis of the salary the employee would have received if the employee were not on sabbatical provided the employee also continues personal contributions at the rates specified for employees. If a faculty member is paying for additional life insurance or family health coverage such benefits may be continued provided the faculty member pays all premiums in advance.

A period of at least seven years shall elapse between the end of one sabbatical leave and the beginning of another.

  • BOTH semester-based (100% pay) and full year (50% pay) sabbatical application will be accepted for academic year 2022-2023.

    All evaluation forms/letters, post sabbatical reports, and lists of committee members should be emailed to The Faculty Center at (this is a Pace internal email address.)

    Sabbatical Timeline:

    • October 1: Applications should be sent to department chairpersons (or associate deans if applicant is a chair) no later than October 1 for sabbatical leave to be taken in the following academic year.
    • October 15: Faculty returning from Sabbatical in the Fall submit the post sabbatical report to the Provost’s Office, Dean, Chair, The Faculty Center.
    • By November 5: The Department Chair/AD sends full Sabbatical applications to The Faculty Center. This includes the letter of recommendation and a Sabbatical Applicants Ranking Form (using the template) if there are multiple candidates from a department.
    • By November 5: School Dean’s Office provides a list of committee members (if there is a committee) to The Faculty Center.
    • By November 12: Cases are sent to School based Sabbatical Review Committee (if there is one) and the School Dean.
    • By December 6: The School based Sabbatical Committee submits evaluation of each sabbatical applicant (using the standardized evaluation template) to The Faculty Center.
    • By December 20: Sabbatical applications are reviewed by their School Deans (using the standardized evaluation template). The Sabbatical Applicants Ranking form (if there are multiple candidates from a school) and the standardized evaluation template are submitted by the School Deans to The Faculty Center.
    • By December 23: Via Interfolio sabbatical applications are sent forward to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs has until January 31 to make sabbatical recommendations to the Provost.
    • January 31: Approval recommendations are made by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and sent to the Provost for final approval.
    • February: After the Provost makes final decisions, the Provost’s Office sends approval/disapproval letters to the sabbatical candidates, with a copy to their School Dean and Department Chair.
    • March 15: Faculty returning from Sabbatical in the Spring submit the post sabbatical report to the Provost’s Office, Dean, Chair, and The Faculty Center.
  • Below are materials that need to be provided to Chair/Associate Dean by October 1:

    (Note: do not email or carbon copy these materials to Ally Kimmel nor The Faculty Center Your full application will come from your Chair/AD.)

    1. Sabbatical Application (DOCX)
    2. Sabbatical FACT Sheet (DOCX) (fill out the form and have it verified by Dean’s Office)
    3. CV (follow the University CV template (DOCX))
    4. Sabbatical Proposal (DOCX) completed according to these instructions:
      • Summary
      • Outcomes
      • Abstract
      • Activities
      • Background
      • Results
    5. External letter(s) of support from a colleague, book publisher, journal editor, or art gallery owner, etc. (optional, may strengthen your application)

    Here is a sabbatical checklist (DOCX) of documents needed to be submitted.

  • In addition to the material submitted by the candidate above, the Chair or AD is responsible for submitting the below documents by November 5:

    (Note: please send the full application in one email, if possible.)

    1. Letter of Recommendation(s) (DOCX) for each candidate from Chair or AD
    2. If there are multiple candidates from a department, then a Sabbatical Applicants Ranking Form (DOCX) is required

    The School Dean is also responsible for submitting the letter of recommendation and the Sabbatical Applicants Ranking Form (follow the same templates as Chair/AD) by December 20.

  • Post-Sabbatical Report (DOCX)

    Post-Sabbatical Reports are due upon return from Sabbaticals. These reports are sent to Provost’s Office, Chair and Dean, and uploaded to each case in Interfolio. Faculty are also expected to present their research/sabbatical project at an event hosted by The Faculty Center during the year returned from sabbatical.

    • Due October 15 (if candidate is returning from Sabbatical the following Fall)
    • Due March 15 (if candidate is returning from Sabbatical the following Spring)