Pace University students walking side by side

Conversation Group Program

Welcome to the Pace University Conversation Group Program! Improve your English, share your culture and meet new people. This special program offered by Pace's International Academic Support department gives Pace students the opportunity to meet and practice their speaking skills.

My partner is a really good friend of mine now. Since I met her, we feel close to each other and she also introduced me to her friends. I'm really appreciated that. She always tries to help me get over my bad feelings like when I feel homesick, stressful about my exams and other things. In person, she is nice and kind.

—Anh Nguyen, ELI Student

Information for International ELI students

The ELI Conversation Group Program is an opportunity for current full-time ELI students to improve their English conversation skills. Practicing English outside of the classroom environment is extremely important in improving your proficiency. By speaking with native English speakers you will:

  • Increase your daily vocabulary
  • Learn common idioms and expressions
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Learn about American culture
  • Build your confidence in speaking English

If you are a current ELI student and would like to participate in the ELI Conversation Group Program please visit the International Academic Support website.