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Office of Internal Audit

The Office of Internal Audit provides independent and objective audit, advisory and investigative services designed to add value, improve internal controls and strengthen the University’s operations. Audits are generally performed from an annual risk-based audit plan, as well as at the request of the Board, University Management, Deans, or Department Heads. Internal Audit collaborates with the Office of General Counsel, Department of Public Safety, and Human Resources to conduct investigations.

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)Internal Audit Protocols (PDF)Whistleblowers Policy and Procedure (PDF).


  • High ethical and professional standards
  • An assessment of the design and operating effectiveness of financial, operational and compliance controls
  • An assessment of the accuracy, reliability and integrity of financial records and reports
  • Identification of and recommendations for mitigating business risks
  • Partnership and proactive communication with management
  • Communication of value-added outcomes to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees and senior management
  • Promotion of fiscal responsibility and accountability at all levels
  • University Internal Hotline

Ethics Reporting Hotline

Maintaining ethical standards is the responsibility of every member of the Pace community. Those ethical standards are embodied in the University’s Guiding Principles of Conduct and other policies as well as federal, state and local laws. Pace University employees are expected to adhere to high standards of professional and ethical conduct in carrying out their duties. This includes avoiding conflicts of interest and commitment, appropriately accounting for financial transactions, properly using University property and resources, adhering to internal control protocols, complying with internal and external audit requirements and complying with intercollegiate athletics rules. The University believes that early identification and timely investigation and resolution of possible violations of ethical standards are critical to maintaining a sound and ethical business and educational environment.

Members of the University community have many options within Pace for reporting violations of University policies and federal, state or local laws. You are encouraged to discuss any concerns you may have about such violations with your supervisor and\or the University administrator who has authority over the area in which your concerns arise. Other alternatives include contacting Human Resources, the Affirmative Action Officer, Safety & Security, Internal Audit (914) 923-2761, or University Counsel (212) 346-1274. Also, please be advised that the University has an Official Grievance Process for employment related issues, including discriminatory harassment which is handled by the Affirmative Action Officer.

The University has also created a toll-free hotline number to allow the University community to anonymously and confidentially report suspected violations of University policies and federal, state and local laws. The University’s toll free hotline phone number is 1 (800) 821-2456.

The hotline does not replace or supersede previously existing reporting options. Staff and other members of the Pace community may still report their concerns through the traditional reporting channels. Furthermore, the hotline is not designed to capture reports related to academic matters such as grading and academic integrity. Those reports should be directed to the appropriate Academic Department Chairperson, Dean and\or the Provost.

Pace University pledges to use its best reasonable efforts to promptly and discretely investigate all reports of suspected violations of University policies and federal, state and local laws and to take appropriate corrective action whenever it concludes that improper conduct has actually occurred. The University also pledges that it will neither take nor allow anyone acting on its behalf to engage in any retaliatory action against anyone for reporting in good faith actual or suspected violations of University policies or federal, state or local laws.

The University’s Whistleblowers Policy & Procedure policy is included herewith. Whistleblowers Policy and Procedure (PDF).

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