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Lost or Stolen Paychecks

If you are not yet enrolled in direct deposit and your paycheck is lost or stolen, immediately notify the Payroll Office and request that a stop payment be put on your check. The Payroll Office will assist in determining the check number as soon as the form is submitted.

You are required to complete a Stop Payment Request (PDF). Indicate the reason for the stop payment as indicated on the form to describe the circumstances under which the paycheck was lost or stolen.

If your paycheck has not been cashed, the Payroll Office will replace the check as soon as the Stop payment form is received. The replacement will usually takes 3-5 business days.

In the event that the check has been cashed, you will be notified by the Payroll Office to further clarify that the request for stop payment was processed for the correct check.

Affidavit of Forgery

In the event that your check has been cashed, and you have no record of having cashed the check, the following steps are taken:

The Payroll Office will send you a copy of the cancelled check.

If the endorsed signature is not yours, you will be asked to go the Payroll Office at 100 Summit Lake Drive, 3rd Fl, Valhalla, NY 10595, to complete the affidavit of forgery certifying that the signature on the check is not yours, that it was not authorized by you, and that you did not receive any part of the proceeds of the check.

The forgery papers will be submitted to the bank of issuance and the Comptroller’s Office for investigation.

You will receive a replacement check at the end of the investigation when the Finance account is reimbursed. This process takes at least two months.

The Affidavit of Forgery certifies your signature and address and that if you find the lost check, you will return it to the Payroll Office. You can obtain this form from the Payroll Office. Fill out the form, have it notarized, and returned to the Payroll Office.