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Purchasing and Contracts


The Purchasing and Contracts office aims to become the center of knowledge, expertise and excellence in the field of procurement as well as contracts management. Our objective is to ensure that all funds committed to purchase goods and services obtain optimum quality, service, and value for money including delivery, customer service, and overall supplier performance.

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  • The Bank of America MasterCard program is a one card solution which will enhance convenience by eliminating the need to carry two separate cards. In addition, the new program will offer a paperless reconciliation process utilizing the new online Travel & Expense reimbursement system, Chrome River, which has been recently introduced to the University community. The new reconciliation process provides the ability to attach and store receipts electronically.

    Applying for a Business Card

    After reviewing the Business Card Program Policy and Procedure Manual, please sign and forward the New Card Agreement Form to your Manager and Business Rep. Send the completed form to the Purchasing department via email at Please note cards will not be issued for agreement forms without all required signatures.

    How to Apply:

    Please be advised that as of January 2016 all Bank of America cardholders will be reconciling their credit card expense transactions that have posted via the Chrome River system.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing department at Ext. 22642 or email them at

    Amazon Business Account

    Pace University has created a centralized Amazon Business account that will streamline the way you do business with Amazon using your Pace University purchasing card.

    Through the Amazon Business account you will have immediate access to:

    • Automatic Tax Exemption (some third party sellers may still charge tax)
    • Free Two-Day Shipping on orders over $49
    • Business Pricing and quantity discounts on select items
    • Business-tailored search and browse functionality
    • Access to expense receipts delivered directly to your business email address for uploading to Chrome River
    • Access to a specialized Customer Service team for Pace University business customers only
    • And more!

    To begin using Amazon Business you must be invited to join the central Amazon Business account. If you have not received an invitation and you are a purchasing cardholder please email and request an invitation.

    Should you have any difficulty using Amazon, Amazon Customer Service may be reached by phone at (888) 281-3847 or by email at

    Helpful Resources

    If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing department at Ext. 22642 or email them at

  • The Bank of America Fleet Card Program establishes a convenient way of paying for fuel that allows the University to manage fleet vehicle assets and purchases for vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively.

    The Bank of America Fleet Card Program is for use by authorized users only to make fuel purchases on behalf of the University for University Fleet vehicles. All University Fleet vehicles have a designated fuel credit card assigned for use only with that specific vehicle. The fuel card to be used to purchase fuel only.

    The Bank of America Fleet Card Program is guided by the Bank of America Fleet Cardholder and Administration Policies and Procedures for Pace University-Owned and Assigned Vehicles.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing department at Ext. 22642.

    Helpful Resources

  • Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc. is a not-for-profit buying cooperative established by members of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) to provide goods and services to members at the best possible value. E&I leverage’s the purchasing power of more than 1,800 member institutions to significantly reduce the cost of acquisition and supply. The Cooperative lowers the cost of purchasing by:

    • Lowering the upfront purchase price through aggregated purchasing power
    • Optimizing the procurement process by creating contracts that comply with applicable procurement standards
    • Reducing the total cost of acquisition by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of members and supplier partners to establish best practices.

    As a member institution Pace University takes advantage of the E&I purchasing power. The following vendors have been contracted through the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing:

    • B&H Photo
    • CDW-G
    • Complete Book
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Federal Express
    • Ferguson
    • Grainger, Inc.
    • Henry Shein
    • VWR Scientific
    • Wesco

    In addition to E&I, Pace is also members of NIPA & NJPA Cooperatives. Through these Cooperatives Pace participate in the following contracts:

    • Connection
    • Carolina Biological
  • What is E-Procurement?
    E-Procurement market place (SciQuest) is a web based application that allows users to purchase products/services from vendors. E-procurement provides faster handling of purchase orders with quick, simple access to contract or negotiated pricing through on-line catalogs that eliminates paper as well as the need to copy and file requisitions.

    How can I get an access to E-Procurement?
    To get access, it is recommended to attend an E-Procurement Training first, then have your budget representative place a help desk ticket in your behalf with the specific index you need access to.

    Where I can get E-Procurement training?
    You can register from our FIS website page at Finance Training Registration Form.

    What is the difference between a "Punch-Out", "Hosted" or a "Non-Catalog" purchase order?

    • Punch-out: This takes the user directly to the vendor’s website where they are able to choose from a full catalog of items the vendors has to offer.
    • Hosted: This will allow you to shop from the catalogs that have been established by selected vendors. These are selected items that have been chosen for our catalog shopping.
    • Non-Catalog Form: This form is used to purchase items that are not available in our catalog or punch-out shopping areas. It is used for general purchases, service contracts, print orders and more.

    How can I copy a cart?
    Copying Carts: This allows the user to copy a requisition that has already been approved to a new cart. The user is allowed to add additional items or remove items once the copying process is complete.

    How can I view my requisitions?
    Viewing Completed Requisitions: This is used to view detailed information regarding a requisition the users has just entered.