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Enterprise Information Systems

The Enterprise Information Systems office supports all systems utilized within the Finance & Administration division with a concentration on the following:

  • Train employees from all University functions to utilize our administrative systems properly
  • Continue to automate functions by research, testing, implementing, and supporting the decentralization of current central processes.
  • Serve as liaison, team member and/or facilitator in all current and future projects related to technological improvements in the area of Finance and Administration.

To gain access to our systems, please create a help desk ticket.

Administrative Systems

Banner Finance
Banner finance is web based financial management system used to record and report financial transactions based on financial activity at the University. It is used by budget representatives and budget managers to obtain and gather information related to budgets, revenues and expenditures. Banner finance comes in two different flavors: Finance Self Service Banner (FSS) and Internet Native Banner (INB). Both options are accessible through the Pace portal.

Chrome River
Chrome River brings simplicity and ease to the expense reimbursement process.

  • Receipts will be scanned or take a picture with your mobile phone, submitted, and approved electronically
  • Secure online paperless environment
  • Approve T&E’s from anywhere using your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Monitor every step of the reimbursement process from your computer
  • Helpful Resources

Total Contract Manager
Total Contract Manager is designed to track and monitor contracts through the various points of process and approval to ensure that Contract Managers/Originating Units can monitor the status of contract approval at every stage of the process.

E-Procurement Marketplace
E-Procurement market place (SciQuest) is a web based application that allows users to purchase products/services from vendors. E-procurement provides faster handling of purchase orders with quick, simple access to contract or negotiated pricing through on-line catalogs that eliminates paper as well as the need to copy and file requisitions - access via our University Portal.

Employee Dashboard
Access your Pay Advice and Employment Summary and W2 statements prior to 2024 via our University Portal.

Employee Self-Service is upgrading as of June 8th. Please see below training guides/videos reviewing the brand new interface:

Graduate Assistant Contract Application
Initiate a graduate assistantship contract. Learn more about the hiring process for a graduate assistant on our HR website.

Kronos is a web based time & attendance application used by noninstructional staff and students to capture leave time (i.e. sick days, vacation, leaves of absence, etc.) and to more efficiently enter time worked for the processing of semi-monthly payrolls. Users have the ability to review, change, or approve employees’ time, as well as use.

PMDP & Goal Setting System
Access the Performance Management and Development Process (PMDP) system to view prior performance reviews, complete current year review and write and/or update performance goals.

Separation System
Separation for all employee types should now be entered using new Separation System.

Supervisor Information Management System
Updating supervisor/employee relationship information in PMDP/Banner can now be done by users via Supervisor Information Management System (SIMS).

UKG Ready
The UKG Ready is the HR and Payroll system encompassing the following processes: Recruitment, Separations, Payment Actions, Timekeeping, Employee Self-Service (Address Update, Contact Update, Address Update).