CCRP(R) Schedule

CCRP® Cycle 17 registration is currently open for early registration and will be offered in an online self-paced mode only.

Students will have until the end of June 2020 to complete the program and certification exam. For more information, see the schedule below.

Schedule - Cycle 17

  • This program cycle will be offered in an online self-paced mode only. Registration will open in early January 2020.
  • The entire three-course program consists of 26 online recordings, each about three hours in duration. Students can view these recordings as their schedules permit and review any one recording in several tranches. All course readings are provided online.
  • Students register, pay for, and complete each course one at a time. Course One consists of eight recordings and Courses Two and Three each consist of nine recordings.
  • While there is no homework per se, a set of essays are due upon completion of Course One and a paper due during Course Three.
  • Professor Bob Chersi will be accessible to answer any questions during the program.
  • The certification exam can be taken online or at the Pace University downtown New York City campus. A two-week notice is required to schedule a proctored exam session and the exam must be taken no later than June 30.

Cycle 18 will be offered in fall 2020 both in-person and online. Students will have the option of completing Course One online during summer 2020.