Lubin students standing in the Financial District near One Pace Plaza

Lubin Pace Path

Launch Your Career Before You Graduate

The Lubin Pace Path (LPP) is a dynamic program dedicated to providing our students with a one-of-a-kind professional experience in business education. The program provides a uniquely integrated educational experience in and out of the classroom that incorporates professional work in fields related to our students' academic and career goals. The program is currently mandatory for Lubin students on the Pleasantville campus and optional for Lubin students on the New York City campus.

What LPP Means For You

Lubin Pace Path graduates enter the workplace better prepared and with better prospects for getting a job in the career of their choice than students at other schools. This program is backed by one of the largest internship programs in the New York Metropolitan area, supported by career-relevant experiences and career-focused course work, and is delivered within a four-year time frame with no additional cost or time needed to graduate.

The LPP has had a great impact on my life. I was able to get ahead of the game and successfully navigate many academic and career challenges. By focusing on my resume and knowing what activities would help build my skills and knowledge, I was able to develop myself as an asset to the business world. LPP helped me to know myself better and allowed me to diminish any fear of starting on my career path. I was able to learn the principles and concepts that can help me succeed.

- Stephanie Trupel '17, Manager, Data and Reporting Analytics, Charter Communications

Internship Experience

Students are required to complete at least one internship during their time at Pace. During their internship experiences, students will be paired with a faculty member that will oversee the internship from an academic standpoint. This relationship allows students to grow both academically and professionally during their experience. Students may earn anywhere from 0-6 credits through their internship experiences.

Internship Application Internship FAQ

Professional Standards

Standards are promoted and practiced in all Lubin classes to maximize student professional experiences and performance: class readiness, participation and communication, presentation, and professional readiness.

Student Professional Standards in Lubin Classes (PDF)

Outcomes of the LPP Program

Students will:

  • Develop a college completion and career plan
  • Achieve quality written communication skills in a business context including resumes, cover letters, and business documents
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills in a presentation of their research or internship work
  • Activate logical reasoning skills in decision-making
  • Exhibit professional conduct and standards in school and in professional contexts
  • Apply behavioral skills appropriate to business and professional situations


    1. BUS 255
    2. Professional Standards
    3. Two (2) Required Professional Experiences
      1. Internship Experience
      2. On-Campus Leadership/Co-Curricular Experience
      3. LPP Qualifying Courses
  • Part of a well-rounded, professional education includes participation in on-campus organizations, clubs, athletics teams, and other school-based activities. This experience is a great opportunity for students to take charge and gain immeasurable leadership experience. Students will have the opportunity to complete part of their professional experience requirement through co-curricular involvement.

    Student Co-Curricular Application Advisor Co-Curricular Application

  • Many Lubin School of Business courses implement real-world learning scenarios within the classroom. These classes encourage students to implement what they've learned in their business classes and apply their knowledge and skills in a way that will benefit them immensely upon graduation. There are LPP Qualifying courses within each discipline (accounting, finance, management and marketing) and each LPP Qualifying course will cover part of each students professional experience requirement. Check with Lubin Undergraduate Advisement for a current list of LPP qualifying courses. Here are some courses currently on the list:

    • ACC 375: Accounting Information Systems (Spring)
    • ACC 462: Auditing II (Fall + Spring)
    • FIN 357: Student-Managed Investment Portfolio (Spring)
    • FIN 330: Financial Planning (Fall)
    • MGT 307: Hotel Management
    • MGT 308: Travel and Tourism
    • MGT 366: Leadership Principles and Practices (Fall)
    • MAR 344: Customer Relationship Management (Fall – Odd Years)
    • MAR 348: Advertising Team Workshop II (Spring)
    • MAR 431: New Product Development (Fall – Even Years)
    • MAR 445: Advertising and Communications Strategies (Spring)
    • TAX 315: Practice, Procedure & Research in Taxation