man in business attire sitting in Lower Manhattan near Pace University's New York City Campus


Driving Education Strategically

The Executive Doctoral Program is different than a traditional PhD in business because it is uniquely designed for accomplished executives who seek the advanced knowledge, skills, and perspectives of doctoral education without interrupting their careers.

Program Mission

The mission of the doctoral program is to enable successful business managers and professionals to either extend their business careers or pursue academic careers by infusing them with theoretical knowledge to conceptually understand business issues and by developing their research skills to analyze business problems and create new knowledge.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Doctoral Program in Business are to enable students to:

  • Apply theoretical and analytical competency in one functional area or discipline base of business.
  • Exhibit analytical and research skills necessary to create knowledge and apply it to emerging business issues.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a specific topic area through the design, execution, and completion of a doctoral dissertation that contributes to the knowledge and practice of the field.