Teach You the "How" and Supporting the "What"

PES transforms knowledge and innovation into cutting-edge startups. The PES vision is to expose and offer students and alumni new opportunities as they take their first steps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Therefore, PES supports young entrepreneurs in two ways:

  1. By establishing an entrepreneurial sphere and community for Pace's students and alumni: Workshops, professional sessions for supporting the startup's growth at any stage, training, access to resources, and mentorship as needed to evaluate ideas and turn them into products and companies.
  2. By establishing a fully operational Studio: At the very heart of PES, students and alumni interested in establishing their own startups will find the Studio Program. Select teams work hand-in-hand to establish their companies, taking advantage of professional know-how and mentorship to build the product, structure the team, develop technology, validate market needs, establish a go-to-market strategy, and raise funds.

Take advantage of this opportunity!